A/N: Okay, this fic is going to have three chapters. Once again, this Wheatley is based off of TickityTockers' design on YouTube. It is by far my favorite Wheatley design. Seriously, it's great. And TickityTockers is AMAZING with animation, I swear.

WARNING: This fic contains Chelley, Android!Wheatley and Mute!Chell

Disclaimer: No.

Every weekend, Chell made breakfast. She was a natural cook, unlike Wheatley. The android often felt bad that he could not eat, he wished he could taste the food she made. It actually looked good, and it smelled good(Wheatley hated his sensory receptors, the worked all too well).

But Wheatley had something on his mind other than wishing he could eat that morning. He had something important to do, something to tell Chell. But for some reason, it was one of the hardest things he'd ever tried to do. How could saying three simple words be so hard? Every time he tried to say them, he choked and stumbled over his words.

That day was different. The android was positive he was going to tell her, he was going to say those three simple words. He was not going to choke anymore. He was going to be a brave ol' Wheatley and just spit it out.

Chell was at the dining table, eating her breakfast. For an unknown reason, she hadn't made her breakfast that day like she usually did. She was just eating cereal, which was weird because she almost never did that on weekends. Maybe she was just tired?

Wheatley walked into the dining room and took a seat at the table. He smiled at Chell. Who just looked up at him with her mouth full of cereal, milk, and spoon.

"Good morning, luv," Wheatley greeted.

Chell gave him a little wave.

"So, ah, how are you this lovely morning?"

Chell put up a flat hand and sort of waved it in a way, holding it flat. She was just saying "It was alright".

"Has something bad happened?" Asked Wheatley, his smile fading. "What's going on? I knew tat cereal was a bad sign."

Chell had swallowed the food in her mouth and just smiled at him. She shook her head and continued eating.

"So, nothing bad has happened? Then what is wrong?" Wheatley was just confused now.

Again, Chell only shook her head.

Wheatley was going to press further until he remembered why he had even come to the table at all. He was supposed to tell her. Taking in a deep breath and adjusting himself in his seat, Wheatley cleared his throat to get his friend's attention.

Chell looked up at him, tilting her head slightly.

"Alright, luv, there is something pretty important I have to tell you," Wheatley said. "And I have been trying to say it for quite a while now but could never get it out. Alright, here I go. On three. One… Two… Three. I. No, no, no. That is too much time to think, isn't it? You think I'd learn the first time."

Wheatley wanted to tell her, he really did, but how would she react? What would she do? What if she laughed at him? What if he ruined their friendship? What if she ran away in the night and took all the money and left Wheatley in the little apartment and never came back? Questions flooded into his head every time he tried to say it.

Chell looked at him curiously, wondering what he was going to say. He had done it before, but he never got it out.

"You know what? I'll just tell you next time, there has got to be another way to approach this, and I am going to go on and think about it and then next time, I'll tell you for sure. Alright?" Wheatley grinned at her, stood up, and walked away, shaking his head and muttering to himself.

Attempt one: FAILED