Cast:Debby ryan as Katie Jones,
all original cast the same. Peyton list as Sassy Massy.(aka Massy Jones)
Ryan reynolds as David Jones (Father of the Jones)
And Bradley Steven Perry as Zack Jones.

Guess what?,it happend,Again? Yup the Rock came back. Due to our new neighbors who found it Well movers are werid,Espally if you have a crush on the Neighbors young child and who is Greedy and Sassy and INCUDING IF YOUR ALREDY DATING

Yeah ive been dating Hel. And Just when Loogie gets his mind off my sis. He falls in love with the neighbors ,Katie Jones and Massy Jones have broken the hot record according to Cole

Since Massy is Sassy,We called her Sassy Jones Boy is the only kid in that family that has no he got in the crowd

How did the Rock came back?but again I lost my memorie,So again here is another mixed up season of Shorts,Number 2 WARNER BROS. PRESENTS Ok no no no,Dont worry guys almost there! Ok no ep.1 so2 yet just ep2 for now.

Ok here we GO! (Big words say Episode 2 Rocks ressuretion) Ahh the First day if 7 Grade.I Rember was trying to persuade her Dad to move out and it was so loud,you could hear it on campus and here was just what happend (Rewinding) ,"Come on Dad! Lets move out. The Green box Stinks lets go! Find a new Job!" "No Massy Go to your if you dont. Ill,Ill,ILL BAN YOU FROM,? Uhh,umm,huh?"
And I noticed some Rock that was in her hand! It looked like rainbowish! "Oh no,Please dont say I wish!,Please dont say I wish!" I thought. But im a littile to DUMB! "YOU KNOW WHAT DAD! I WISH EVERY BODY COULD HEAR ME! AGGGGHHHHHHH" Yeah I forgot to say litrealy awhile ago didn't I.

I heard a knock on the Door.A Teenage girl was there."Must be Katie" I thought,Kate And Stacey have became BFFFN which bacislly means Best Friend forever for now, According to Stacey

Old walking to school. I cathed up with the blacks "Cole! Hel!" I screamed "Toe!" They yelled."So how was Summer" Cole said. "Great,Espelly with the new kid Z-" and then Hel inurruped me"Not Massy TOTALLY NOT SASSY MASSY!" "No I was gonna say Zack Jones, Her Sibling."Oh" Said Hel. "Yeah"Cole and I said at the same time.

Just then Nose,then the Shorts came,Like I almost forgot about Massy."Guys rember The Wishing Rock event last year" "Yeah" "I saw Massy have it" Just then Lug,Laser,and Loogie's Eyes Grew to popping out. And they stop walking "ok,Dont tell me you guys went hunting for the Rock" "We proberly did?" "Oh no WHAT HAPPEND THIS TIME" I said "It happend like this" said Loogie TO BE CONTINUED