Chapter 1

Kirin Art School

"The most advance and major art school in all of Korea, Kirin Art School. It was made for any type of singing, dancing, and a little acting. The end results, the toughest school to make and the best thing that will ever happen to you if you make it in. Dead serious with no doubts...

Okay, so there is major doubts in my mind, but that's because to me that school can be the last thing on Earth with me and I still wouldn't like that school. To me, that school was a place where they lie to you that you are good. They give you a chance. They are nothing but mere poop in my eyes.

Why do I think that, you might ask? Easy, that school has not only promoted incredibly stars but also failed many kids who drops out from the college prep class. That has got to mean something to the world. If these teachers fail, then these kids will have no hopes and dreams and fail college!

Now do you get my drift? No? Oh well, it's you who is making the wrong desision. When I am right, I am not going to feel any pity towards you what-so-ever and I'm not going to even let you come near me. You will be dead to me."

"Yeah right, Yoki." Ryuu, a friend, smirk which angered me even more than it should. "You can't convince me to not go to Kirin Art School. That's my goal and you don't have to stay by my side."

"Yah!" I slammed the damn textbook on the ground and he sat up a bit straighter than he usually did. "Do you want to become dumb? That's gonna happen if you go to that liar of a school!"

"Whoa, calm down there." He acted innocent and shook his hands sideways. "Don't get all upset that you are losing your best pupil to the school you despise so much!"

"Calm down! Calm down! Are you seriously telling me to calm down? Do you have a death wish?" I exploded with a major attitude that not a lot of people see. "Y-You are telling m-me to calm down and do what?"

I could see him going paler than usual but I didn't care. He brought this upon himself. "Y-Y-Yoki, you k-know you are the b-b-best t-t-t-t-teacher I ever had a-a-and ever will g-g-get."

"Yah, don't you dare try your damn sweet talk on me this time! I've had enough, get the hell out or die in a hole and never come back!" I shouted in his face, not caring that my spit landed square on his beautiful face. "I don't want to even talk to you, much less even see you, Ryuu!"

I watch his face turn from scared to lonely, but I was to upset to care, after all, he was making me into the bad guy. I turned around and headed down to the clubhouse or my home. He watched me until he couldn't see me anymore as I disappeared down the stairs.

To me, he wasn't just my pupil nor a enemy who left to the evil school, but the star I wanted to grow and the baby bird I wanted to fly.