Task Giving To Them

A/N: Before you start reading this fan fiction story. Know that it wont be like the show of Tenchi Muyo OVA anime series...Well not really. For one, everybody's time-line will be different like Yosho and Washu; which you will see why. And second, there will be some characters roles changed. But then again this is just a fan fiction story, not the real series. Although I love Masaki Kajishima amazing work on all the series of Tenchi; like Tenchi Universe and the three movies. I'm not trilled with the ending to the Tenchi Muyo- 3 OVA or GPX for that matter. I can't believe his mother was really like that...I just can't. So that's how this story was born. Don't hate me for doing what I'm about to do. Cause like I said I do love Masaki Kajishima's talent, since I was 13 years old when I first read and watched the Tenchi anime series. I have loved his work. But with this story's running around in my head, so I had to write it.

I'm okay with flames but don't be too cruel...please. Well before I start the story I only have one more thing to say.

I don't own the Tenchi characters, they belong to Masaki Kajishima and whoever else that help make this anime series. The only thing I own is the fan fiction story and that is all...SO ON WITH THE SHOW!

The realms above the universes

With her feet barley touching the see-through subspace floors in her family's royal home, a 25 year old goddess rushed down the halls towards her parents' bed chambers, with her royal teal, purple and red robes, and long rich red mane flew behind her with the speed she was going.

Earlier she been going over what other planets she wanted to add to the planet her father, 'The all knowing being'- gave to her mother-'goddess of all things pure and innocent'; a gift to show his love to her when he had been courting her before they're marriage. Which she named 'Loving Earth' something sweet but also simple. For it was this planet that her mother and father spent many decades on before taking their place as rulers of their realm and all galaxies/plains and time itself. It was also where her parents help plant a 'life tree' from both their essence, Earth's and native earthling name Kazuya. Which the 'life tree' with the earth's soil born a immortal human clan called 'the Masaki clan'. A clan that will always protect and shield the world from outside harm. But since they created the clan before their children were born, none of their kids know about the 'Masaki's clan.

Her mother and father had put her in charge of creating more planets; where the fire-star(sun) her grandfather Haneul-Heaven itself- created, and her parents' planet(Earth). Inside the east the universe(there are east, south, west, and north of the universes, which her parents' ruled over from their throne in their realm; while letting her and her siblings control each of the universes ). She'd been at her east universe for about two galaxy shooting stars ago(20,100 earth days), before now.

For the goddess and her twin(who controls the south universe) were just entering their home realm after getting a unexpected call from their parents to come back home. When they felt their mind link with their younger siblings(who two of them control the west universe, while one control the north universe) get cut off as well as their mother's link slowly slipping away. Knowing what this meant the goddess rush off to find what was going on, while telling her twin to keep a eye on their aunt. Who not many galaxies(that would be 13,0000 earth days) ago tried to corrupt her's and her twin sister's minds, to help her become the new queen of their realm beside their father who took that right, after marrying their mother.

But because their mother's blood runs through their veins. Their aunt (goddess of all things envy and greed) couldn't control any of their mother's kids, just like she can't control their mother or their grandfather.

Now closer to her parent's main bedroom, the goddess open the door expecting to see the usual white/gold/blue decor colors that filled her parents' main bedroom. But she came face to face with a room bathed in blood as red and rich as her flowing hair. The goddess observed the room as she stepped in, seeing blood painting everything, a strong odor she never smelled before filled the room. Her heart tighten with the scene in front of her. What happen? She didn't know what to do but to close her emerald eyes and reach out for her family in the room with their link. Baby brothers, sisters... I feel you're weak presences all over the room. But I can't reach you...Why can't I reach you?

Because their life source is not here no longer... The young goddess reopened her eyes when she heard her father's voice. However she didn't understand why there's a strong sorrow and regret coming from her father's voice or why she couldn't find him or her mother anywhere.

Father I hear you. But I can't find you? She sent out to her father as she continued to search with her eyes for him and her mother.

Over here daughter... Moving her eyes around the big bedroom and trying hard to look over all the blood. She was about to call out to her father again, when she noticed movement in the far corner of the room , revealing her father slumped against the wall;with blood covering him to almost make him blend within the room. Now spotting one of her family members. The goddess started rushing over to him, that was until he made her halt in her step toward him. Please daughter stop! Don't come any closer to me! Keep your distance, for your own safety!

But father why? You're bleeding-

This is not my blood I'm covered in. I'm afraid to say... My mind is being tainted with. Right now I'm trying with all my power not to kill you where you stand...So please my first born don't come near me or you will end up like Seikishi, Seikijin and Shurifon!

Not only could she see her father struggle for control of himself, but she could also feel his pain and regret through their family link. Knowing now what had happen in the room, the goddess's body started shaking as she force herself to back up from her father. Which as she did she finally caught on the blood all over the room and coloring her robs that brush over the red floor. Was actually her younger siblings' and mother's blood. Desperate now, the goddess search around the room with her mind to find some life anywhere around her. It's Hopeless...I can't feel them. The young goddess lowered her eyes as they begun to water. Brothers, sisters,...mother...they're all gone-

Little Washu. The goddess lift her head back up, when she heard her father call his and her mother's nickname for her through their mind link. Your mother...She's not gone just yet...Go to her...before...she fades out of existence forever.

But where is she? Looking over the room Washu still couldn't see or feel her mother's link. I can't find her father? Mother please tell me where you are?

Your mother is using her life source to keep herself breathing...She's laying on the bed...where I left her...Please my Little Washu...don't let her die. Still feeling her father struggling with himself through their link. Washu moved over to the bed, that like the rest of the room was covered in blood.

Moving closer to the bed Washu could feel her mother's link, but it was getting weaker every second. Focusing on the weak mind link with her mother. Washu found her in the middle of the bed, laying on her back with her father's energy saber sticking out her chest. Seeing the energy saber still glowing, Washu could tell that because it was glowing green instead of her father's blue aura power. She knew now who was behind all this. Damn her back to grandmother Nukpana(hell herself)! Washu pushing her anger down, got on the bed; causing her royal robes to be drench more in blood that was flowing from her mother's chest wound all over the white silk bed sheets. She went to pull the saber out her mother's chest, but her father called out to her before she could.

Don't touch that saber!...If you do. Then your mother will die faster. Hearing this, Washu with sad eyes look over to her father, who was still fighting with himself as he now was gripping his teeth as another green saber form into his hand. Little Washu I don't have much time before I lose myself again. So listen very carefully and do what I say. Understand?

Yes father. Washu held back a strong sob trying to escape her throat as she listen to her father's orders.

I need you to tap into your power and reach inside your mother and pull out her life source, before it's gone forever. Although Washu heard her father's order she found as she was tapping into her powers, she couldn't bring her full power to the surface. Which had her crying to her father.

I can't do it father-

DON'T TELL ME THAT! YOU ARE MY ELDEST CHILD AND STRONGEST ONE TOO. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS... Washu's father pause as the urge to kill filled his head and body. But at the last second her father with a powerful war cry that shook the whole room, stabbed his new tainted energy saber into his wrist to pin him against the wall so he can't hurt anymore of his love ones. PLEASE MY LITTLE WASHU! SAVE YOUR MOTHER!

Washu could see that although her father pin himself to the wall. A part of him was trying to free his wrist, while another part was fighting to stay put. Seeing this Washu looked down at her mother's goddess form. Even with blood covering her whole naked body. Washu's mother was truly beautiful, what with her silk sliver flowing long hair, a goddess figure that both Washu and her twin was bless to inherit from her. But the most beautiful sight to Washu's mother was her rich bright big golden eyes. But those eyes right now was losing their shiny gold light to them. It's up to me to save mother...I can't let that devil of an aunt win! With more determination rushing in her body, Washu regain control of her emotions and reach deep inside her to pull her power to the surface. She didn't know how long it took, but when her mother's life link was slowly cutting off, she had reach her power and with her power now to the surface, she finally followed her father's orders.

Feeling the course of her power flow through her like the blood in her veins, Washu closed her eyes and made a red light surround her body as her left hand became a ghost like form from the elbow down to her finger tips. Keeping her eyes close Washu navigated her hand into her mother's body and didn't pull her hand out of her mother's lifeless form until she was grasping something that felt warm in her hand, believing that this was her mother's life source. Washu proved herself to be right when a strong golden shape ball in her hand started to shine strongly as she pulled it out her mother's body, which after she did, her mother's body vanished from existence. Still holding her mother's life source, Washu looked back to her father with tear filled eyes. Daddy what do I do now? She pleaded.

Washu's father knew that in a little while he wont be able to fight any longer. So he had to hurry and get his daughter away from there and fast. Now I want you to take your mother's life source and yourself and get out of this realm...She wont be happy until all of you are killed by my hands...If you're away from this realm, then I wont be able to hurt you-

But what about Tokimi? I can't leave my twin sister-

My little Washu I promise that no harm will come to Tokimi-chan... Now you need to get going, so you can hide-

But daddy what do you want me to do and where do I go and what about mommy's life source-


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Washu watched in fear as her father ripped himself free, which had a mix of red/green blood dripping from his now cut off stump, leaving his still pin wrist on the wall. His deep rich brown eyes were changing into glowing green ones. Seeing that it wasn't safe being there no longer, what with a crazy and creepy grin appearing on her father's lips as he started pulling out the stuck green saber in the wall. Washu placing mother's life source in her robes, fled from the room before her father could get his saber lose.

Using her awaking powers Washu speed faster then she ever could to her room and with amazing agility packed what she could and left. She was going to go to her parents' guarded planet(Earth) but knew that would be the first place her aunt would look, so with this thought, Washu choice to go to one of the planets that her and Tokimi made, before deciding against it too. Which had her going deeper into the universe, just to be safe. But before she fully left her home realms, she sent Tokimi a link saying goodbye.

Tokimi if you know what went down already then I don't have to go into detail about it...Be careful around father...and our aunt...Father gave me a task that I will succeed...Stay safe my dear twin sister...May we meet again.

After sending that last goodbye mind link to her sister, with tears falling from her eyes. Washu cut off her connection with her family as she went further into the galaxies, and as she went she changed her godlike form into a human form(but still immortal), to blend in with the whole universe. But Washu didn't know that it will be 600 years and 30 planets(north universe) later when Tokimi contacts her through her dreams, where she will not only discover that their father was still being control by their aunt who had him marry her and bare a child with her. She also find from Tokimi that their half sister Tsunami was just 5 years old, when their father broke the control over him and at the last moment split his life form into four life sources, but not before telling Tokimi what he wanted her to do with his split life sources and giving her the ability to see into the future, ability that was their mother's before her death.

Washu also knows that her aunt didn't find out until it was too late to stop him. However out of her anger she banned Tokimi from leaving their home dimensional realms, which left her south universe defenseless, and also since she couldn't kill her she curse Tokimi by making her the goddess of misfortune and changed her appearances to take the grief of her universe's pain and cries. Which had Washu shock to see her twin sister no longer looking like her, but completely different. Then if that wasn't bad, her aunt gave Tsunami the east universe to control(Washu's universe). Which Tsunami took over the last planet Washu created and placed a 'life tree' on the planet that she named Jurai, and even birth a son from the 'life tree' called Azusa which with Tsunami's power flowing through him. He became the Emperor of the planet as much as the space(in the east universe). And while this was happening Tokimi told her that their aunt with Tsunami's help split her life sources four ways just like their father. She told Washu that she wasn't sure where three parts of her life source was, but knew she created a being called Gaia and destroy Seikishi and Seikijin civilization- Senshi, which had the people desperate that they summonsed Shurifon's gifted people (that he named after him), from his main planet(Shur) leaving the north universe defenseless of no protectors as much as Tokimi's(south universe) to their aunt's killing spree. Which also explain why Tokimi could only reach Washu through dreamland. But although Tokimi was stuck in their home dimensional and was of unable to help her people, she did at the last minute saved a young man before he died like all his people(in the south universe). Which had her making up a game with Tsunami about finding the strongest fighter in their universe, and matching them up. Which Washu wasn't happy that Tokimi thought of this, but after she found that Tokimi already knew the result of how that match will end. She left it alone, especially when Tokimi told that this 'game' was to just hide her task their father gave her and Washu too, and she was going to accomplish by going through the dreamworld. Knowing all this Washu decide to keep her distance from Jurai at all cost. She didn't want to be drag into this pointless game. A game she was sure wouldn't end well or fare. But then again she wasn't the sister who was gifted to see the future...

to be continued. Next: Washu on Jurai