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It was the end of third year, and aboard the Hogwarts Express sat the Slytherins. Ara was looking forward to going home; his father had promised him a trip into muggle London as a reward for doing so well on his finals. Ara was most definly a Daddy's boy. He had no problem saying that he had his father wrapped around his finger. Corvus may have been the right hand man of the Dark Lord, but he was willing to give his son anything.

His son enjoyed a few muggle things, and he was willing to indulge him. His son had talked almost non-stop about this hair salon he had read about. Corvus did not understand why they could not just go to the one in Diagon Alley, but he made the appointment for him at the salon. He also knew that Ara would want to go to the stores he seemed to favor. Now Corvus was a Death Eater, he was a pure-blood and he does not really like Muggle-borns and the like. But his son had discovered the joys of make-up and muggle cloths; this meant that he was going, willingly into Muggle London, so that they could shop. Really, he loved his son.

Ara was one of the first off the train, he had been sitting with Draco; they both were in the same house, and saw each other outside of school often. Both of their fathers were high in the Dark Lord's circle. He saw his father standing with Lucius; he hoped that they weren't going with them. He liked Draco, he really did, but he was tired of the boy. Ara had always been more mature than other kids his age; he believed that it came from being around adults instead of kids. He knew that he would be spending time with the Malfoys and other Dark families during the summer, as the Dark Lord liked having the Inner Circle around at all times; he just hoped that he was not having to play host to the younger members. He knew that all the Inner circle were housed at either the Riddle or at his house, so he knew that he would be seeing many of the Slytherin kids over the summer.

Ara came over to his father, and after greeting the other adults, he gave his things to Rizzie, who was waiting for him, and collected the bags for their trip into London. After saying good-bye, Corvus and Ara headed to the Floo network, and left for the Leaky Cauldron. From there Corvus called for a cab to take them to their hotel. He had found one near both the salon and the store that Ara was basically in love with, Harrods; Corvus had found himself there at least once a month, on runs for Ara.

Ara could not believe that his father had got them a suite at the famous Ritz in London, he was so excited. He got to stay at a muggle hotel; he knew that his father would complain and bitch, but he was going to have fun. As it was mid-day when they checked in; they went up to their room, which had two bedrooms and baths, with a living room. Ara knew that the salon appointment was in an hour, but he wanted to go now. So after begging Corvus to leave early, they arrived at the salon, about half an hour early.

Ara thought that the salon looked just like it did in the magazine. It was about a block away from the hotel; it looked like it was made completely out of glass. The reason Ara wanted to come to this salon was the owner and head hair-dresser, his name was Air. Ara knew that it was not his real name; he loved the pictures of the man's work, he even went as far as beg his father, to come and get his hair done. Ara could admit he was vain, it did matter to him how he looked; he knew that he was one of a few young men that used make-up every day. Ara knew that part of the reason his father let him wear the make-up get his hair done as often, was that he was going to marry the Dark Lord, and as such he could be more feminine.

Ara and Corvus walked into the salon, and after checking in were told to wait and they call Ara back when it was time; Corvus could not be believe he was here, and going to pay for it. But as any parent could tell you the price is worth it, all he had to do was look at Ara, and he remembered why he was there. Ara was bouncing around; he looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He was looking at all the different hair styles and colors. He was going to get both; his father told him he could get highlights. He could not dye his hair completely but he could get some color. Now all he had to do was decide what color and style, he knew that his hair was not long enough for most. He really wanted a pixie cut, that way he would get the bangs he wanted to hang over his face and it would not be too long. He knew that his father would be upset, but he was looking at getting a neon color.

After about fifth teen minutes he was call back. He was so nervous; he was finally getting to meet the man he was looking forward to. After getting his hair washed he was taken back to the chair. Air walked up and seeing that the young man in his chair was so young asked if he knew what he was doing. Ara told him that his father had brought him and it was a prize for doing well on his end of year exams. After being told that yes the young man could afford his services he asked what he wanted.

Ara was a little afraid of what his father was going to say when he saw, but this was what he wanted, so he was sure that he could get his father to love it or at the very least agree to it. As the appointment was going on Ara and Air discovered that they had a lot in common. Both loved color and bright things. As they were wrapping it up Air told Ara to come back before school and he would give him new highlights for the coming year; he really liked the young man, he was willing to go for the bold colors and respected his advice on color and style. Ara could not wait for his father's reaction. His father had settled the bill and gave a tip for Air.

Ara walked up front where his father was, he really loved his new style. Corvus was waiting for Ara to come up; he had no idea what he chose, but was looking forward to seeing, his son usually had good taste. Ara came out; he had gotten the pixie cut with black and neon purple highlights. Corvus was, to say the least, speechless. He knew that his son favored bright colors and had a thing for blurring the gender line. So the fact that his son looked like the cartoon fairies he enjoyed watching when he was little. The name Tinkerbell came to the for front of his mind.

After saying good bye to his new friend and making an appointment for a couple days before school was due to start, he and Corvus walked down the street to the new store that was having a grand opening sale. One thing Corvus was thankful for was that his son was he could find a sale, anywhere. So that is how Corvus found himself following Ara around a super store, one that was full of different types of make-up. Now he knew that there was more to make-up, but it was a hard lesson to come by.

Corvus remembered it like it was yesterday; Ara had came to him and asked for some make-up. They were on a trip to New York, he was running an errand for the Dark Lord and of course Ara came with him. Ara had been exploring the city, while his father met with different people. He had seen a group of young men wearing make-up; they looked like he wanted too. So once his father returned from his meeting, Ara got him to agree to buy him some make-up. Corvus soon found himself at the make-up counter of Macy's. Here he learned that make-up was a lot more than just choosing a color. He questioned himself as to why he was standing there listening to the woman explaining the application process; he turned to Ara and remembered why he was there. His son looked to be in love. Not with the woman, but with the products. They left soon after, Ara with a make-up bag full of different colors, Corvus with less money. Ara had used make-up every day since.

So he followed Ara around. Ara was in his element, he was surrounded by make-up. He knew that he needed to resupply for the next school year, and seeing as how his dad was not complaining, he was going to go all out. Ara loved the store, it was divided into sections; they started in eye make-up, here Corvus raised an eye brow he had filled half the cart with different colors and brands. After walking though the store for little over an hour, they were finally at the check-out counter; Ara had gotten all the make-up he needed to get though the next school year, as well as summer, he also several different make-up bags. Corvus loved his son, really he did, but sometimes he did not understand the boy. After all the time spent in the store he still wanted to go to more stores, but he had other plans. He needed to meet a man about a project for his Lord; he would head there as soon as he dropped off Ara at the hotel.

After three days in Muggle London, they were ready to head back to the Manor; Ara had shopped his heart-out, and as a result they had at least four more trunks than when they had arrived. His project was complete, and the result was positive. He knew that Ara was going to spend the rest of the summer complaining about the children of the other Death Eaters; it was part of the reason he allowed Ara to buy out almost all the stores.

After fighting with Ara, who was upset about going home, because he knew what it meant. They arrived back at Mortnoire Manor; only to be greeted by Lucius, who was waiting for Corvus to make the guest list. The Dark Lord had put them in charge of housing the many families of followers; they had been in charge of it for the past two years, ever since the Dark Lord started calling followers back. Corvus knew that this year they may have to add either tents or recruit a new manor.

After sending Ara up stairs to unpack, Corvus sat down with Lucius to look over the list of followers that the Dark Lord wanted to come. He knew that the Dark Lord would prefer to have all or at least most of the followers housed outside his manor. So it was up to Corvus and Lucius to decide who would be housed in the manor and who was going to be housed in tents. They were not regular tents. These tents were air conditioned, multi-room structures, they were basically small houses. They were lucky that Mortnoire had a large wide lawn. After looking at the list they decided that the Malfoy, Parkinson, Zabini, families along with the Dark Lord, Severus, Crouch Jr., and Bella. Lucius and Corvus both knew that including Bella in the group of that were to stay in the manor was going to cause problems. There were many who did not like her; she was an odd one, she also was obsessive with the Dark Lord. Which Corvus knew was going to cause fireworks of giant proportions.

Lucius left to gather his family, after sending the list and invitations out. The Dark Lord arrived first; he knew the importance of being there were the families of his followers arrived. He knew that with Bella out of prison he was going to have to lay down blanket ground rules. Corvus had expressed his doubts and fears of housing Bella in the stay area, let alone the same house, as Ara. Lucius, Severus, Corvus, and Ara were the only ones that knew for sure who the marriage contract with the Dark Lord was for. Rumors had gotten passed around the Inner Circle about who was the second party on the contract. Most believed that it was either Bella (1) or a foreign witch.

Corvus went up to prepare Ara; he knew that his son took his future very seriously. Ara's reaction was upset, to say the least. He explained to Ara that Bella was one of the first followers of the Dark Lord, and that she would act crazy; he told his son that he was not sure if she was truly crazy or if it was just an act. But either way he would do best just to stay away from her. Ara promised to behave and to try and avoid Bella. He knew that he was due to marry the Dark Lord at the summer of sixth year, shortly after his sixteenth birthday; Corvus promised his son that he would make sure Bella was put in her place.

The Malfoys arrived shortly after, and Ara was called down to start playing host; he would be the hostess of the conference for this summer. After ordering Razzie, the head elf, to put the Malfoy's things in the suite prepared for them. They would stay with them to greet the rest of the guests. The next to arrive was the Parkinson's, Pansy the daughter was contracted to marry Draco, was the biggest headache Ara had ever met. After three years of school with both, he knew that they were a perfect match. She was a talkative, loud, and had no sense when it came to cloths, everything she wore was pink. He showed them to their suite, and after telling them to come down to the parlor whenever they were ready, he left.

The last to arrive was Bella. She of course made a v-line to the Dark Lord; there was a tense moment of silence as she make her way to the Dark Lord. Corvus was thankful that Ara was checking on dinner, he for one did not think his son could have kept from saying something. Lucius was watching both Corvus and Bella. Bella was his sister-in-law, Corvus was the Dark Lord's second in command; he knew that Corvus would protect his son's claim to the Dark Lord, and Bella would try her hardest to win him. Lucius knew that with Bella out of prison his wife would be trying to help her win the Dark Lord. Cissy was bound and determined that her sister would be the consort to the Dark Lord; she and Bella had been planning this summer since her first day out.

Ara was in the kitchen, checking the work of the house-elves; everyone knew that they rarely made mistakes, but as this dinner would reflect on his family, he knew that he needed to double check everything. The dinner was going to be three courses, but each course would have at least five dishes. Razzie was in the process of setting the tables; Ara was going behind him placing the seating cards. He knew that he father wanted the seating to be perfect; he had warned him that if left to the followers they would be sitting in the wrong places, and a fight would be had for the seats next to the Dark Lord. After double checking the table, Ara went upstairs to change and get ready for dinner.

About an hour later Corvus and Ara called that dinner was now being served. The Dark Lord took the seat at the head of the table. Next on his right came Corvus, Lucius, his wife, Draco, Bella, the Zabini, and the Crabbes. On his left was Ara, Severus, Crouch, the Parkinsons, and the Goyles. Once the Dark Lord took his seat, the others followed; during the dinner everyone could see the tension in Bella and Cissy. Both were upset that a mere boy was the one sitting in the seat of the consort. The others noticed as well, but as the Dark Lord made no move to change the seating, they chose to ignore it. Ara knew that his sitting beside the Dark Lord was causing trouble, but he really did not care, his father had told him he could not openly challenge Bella. But he did not say anything about doing so quietly.

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