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Chapter Four

Serenity could not believe the nerve of Harry! He had been so insensitive, maybe if she had been looking at some of the male store clerks he might understand how horrible she felt. Unfortunately Serenity had no interest in flirting with other men, she had been with a couple and none of them seemed to be nearly as good as her Harry. Harry was an amazing guy (excluding the current moment) and Serenity knew better than to think she would ever find someone nearly as good.

That still didn't change that she was angry at him and would NEVER call him again. At least that was her goal for the evening. Serenity could never really go through with never talking to Harry again, she just wanted him to feel bad at the moment. Tonight would be spent with her crying into her pillow and calling his home phone just to hang up a couple minutes later. There had been one time Harry had come over, phone and all. And she had been scared out of her wits when she called him and heard the ring not even a couple feet away. It had been romantic and cute…and they spent the entire night together.

She didn't think she was going to do that tonight; Serenity was more or less content with just feeling sorry for herself. What did that blonde woman have that she didn't? A behind wasn't one thing…or a chest… really she had been about as flat as a bloody board! Serenity always felt she had a nice body, but maybe Harry's preferences were changing! Maybe he was suddenly into anorexia thin! Serenity could never do such a thing to herself, and she sure as Hell wasn't willing to let him go…maybe if she exercised she could slim down a bit.

What the bloody hell was she talking about? There was nothing wrong with her body… it was Harry. Serenity didn't need to change herself for Harry; she could win him back with her charm. Or sex…sex usually worked when it came to winning back a guy. Sighing she shook her head and went into the kitchen to pour herself some wine. Thinking about it was what was going to drive her mad, really she just needed to relax and wait for it to all sort out.

The phone rang as soon as she took her first sip and without hesitation she pulled it off the hook.

"Hello? Oh…hi mum…" she sighed, taking a seat. "No, I'm I can talk for a moment…"

"Oh lovely, I was wondering if you would be up for a visit this evening."

Serenity sighed; although she loved her mother dearly the woman could be very…irritating. She was a gossiper and loved sticking her nose everywhere but where it belonged. And she constantly meddled, as she did not like Harry all that much. So there was no doubt in Serenity's mind that if her mother wanted to visit that she would have a male suitor there with her as well.

"I have quite a bit of grading to do mum, and I'm actually really tired…perhaps some other time?"

"But Serenity I have met the most interesting man and I feel that you should-

-Mother I have already told you…I am with someone that I love a lot. I'm not interested in anymore of your "interesting" men."

"But, love, you could do so much better than that Potter boy! He doesn't have the financial support to take care of you!"

"I take care of myself, mum, and I have to go…someone is on the other line, love you, good-bye."

Serenity quickly switched over to the other caller. Even if it was some telemarketer she would take talking to them over financing than her mother.


Then again…talking to Harry was always nice. Even if she was angry at him, and that anger was quickly subsiding, it was lovely to have someone to chat with and possibly vent her frustrations to. Granted, Harry was one of those frustrations currently…maybe he was calling to make up. At the moment that seemed like the best thing in her mind, she missed him terribly.

"Harry…" she said softly. "What do you want?"

"I want you to come over," he said gently. "Please?"

"I'm…kind of busy…what do you need me for?"

"It's Severus…he's sick, and I don't know what to do. I thought that maybe you could help me take care of him. I'm shite on my own, Rennie…please come?"

Serenity felt her cheeks flush and she nodded into the receiver of the phone, even though she knew that he wouldn't be able to see it. If Severus was sick Serenity knew that she would have to make an exception. She cared for that boy dearly and wasn't willing to let him suffer because Harry and her were having a fight.

"I'll be there soon…bye."


Harry turned to Severus and smirked. His son was more Slytherin than anything, and usually it drove Harry to the point of madness. Deception was something he hoped to never have used against him when it came to his son, but at moments like these it was nearly essential.

"She's on her way…" Harry sighed. "So…what now?"

"Well the rose trail is set," Severus said going over his check list. "Wine is out….red's her favorite… the candles are lit, her favorite dinner is set, and you…look like a slob."

Harry glared.

"Go change so this isn't all a waste."

"You know-

-It's a ten minute drive from her place to here, so you better hurry up, Potter."

Harry growled in his throat but went upstairs anyway. He really wanted to make things better with Serenity. And some of the things she said while in Diagon Alley rang true. How did Serenity know that he truly loved her? There was no commitment there…he had done nothing to show that he was truly dedicated to her. And perhaps if they were engaged it would have fared better…maybe she would have known that there was no way he would be led astray. Which is what he hoped to do tonight, he had bought a ring and everything…without Severus knowing of course. Serenity and him had been through thick and thin, and she was the only person that could be with him and not focus on his past…she was set into moving into the future, hopefully this would be a big enough step in that direction for her.

"Hurry up, Harry!" Severus called from downstairs. "She just pulled up!"

Quickly as Harry he could he threw some clean clothes on and fixed his hair. Okay, that should be decent enough. It wasn't like he was filthy or anything, he had just dressed for a casual evening. Adjusting his tie he made his way to the dining room and looked over everything. It was beautiful…Harry never knew how romantic Severus could be. Hopefully when he was an adult, this wouldn't go wasted for a second time.

Hearing the door open, he quickly extinguished all of the lights with his wand and the candles that he had placed all over the house lit up. He smiled gently as a soft song began playing. If it were anymore perfect they would be in a Lifetime special. He would not mess this up, like he had done other things in his life. No, he would fix this and he would make Serenity see just how much he needed her and loved her.

He could hear her footsteps and each "pit-pat" resembled a beat from his heart. He was actually nervous about this. He could not remember the last time he had been this shaky, but then that all faded away when he saw her. Her red hair was in a long braid and she had curls dangling by her, heart-shaped, face. Her beautiful eyes looked around and he could see her lips quiver faintly…he hoped she would not cry, Harry wasn't sure he could bear it.

"I'm sorry, love," he said gently, going to take her hand. "Please forgive me?"

She wouldn't look at him, and as softly as he could he guided her face to upward so that he could gaze upon it. Still cupping her cheek, he stroked it gently with his thumb and kissed her tenderly on her lips. They shook as they met, and he hushed her warmly.

"Don't cry," he whispered. "It was my fault…and I want you to know that it will never happen again. I love you Serenity…with all my heart."

"I…I…" Serenity sniffled.

"I have something to ask you…"

He held Serenity's hand and lowered himself to one knee. Harry looked up and watched as Serenity's legs shook and she lowered herself down into a chair.

"I love you," he began. "And I want you to know that…you were right, I didn't make it clear to you before now. I want you to be my future Serenity…I want us to be a family, you, Severus and myself. I could make you so happy, sweetheart, if you let me. I know I don't have much right now, but I will treat you like a princess, and I will make sure you never want."

Serenity let out a sob as a small smile appeared on her face.

"Will you marry me, Serenity Aurora Marks?"

He took the small diamond ring from his pocket and held it up to her. It wasn't the most extravagant thing; he knew that Serenity would not want a big rock on her hand. He had bought something elegant and meaningful. He had even gone so far as having it engraved. You are protected by your ability to love. He wasn't sure if Serenity would understand it…but it meant a great deal to Harry….it truly did.

Harry watched Serenity, waiting for her answer, but all she did was look at him and cry. Merlin, he hoped that she wasn't trying to find a way to turn him down. He wouldn't know where to go after that. Did he wait? Harry was certain he had the patience to wait for as long as she needed him to, but how would he be able to look at her again, knowing that she had broken his heart into a million red shards?

"Serenity?" he whispered. "If…if you need time to think, that's okay. I know that I sprung this on you suddenly…I…I just thought-

-yes," Serenity said firmly. "Yes….yes, yes, yes, yes…I will marry you Harry James Potter."

Harry felt his eyes widen immensely and he slowly slid the ring onto her finger. He didn't know what to say now, to convey his happiness.

"Yes? Well…brilliant!" he grinned, widely. "Really brilliant!"

Pulling Serenity into his arms he held her on his lap and kissed her firmly once more. They were engaged…something Harry thought he would never, ever, accomplish. Then again, he had assumed he would die when he was a teenager. There hadn't really been time for girlfriends during that period of his life. Now, however, he had a fiancé…a beautiful fiancé that he would marry and live happily ever after with. And it was all thanks to Severus…this had been his idea, the entire dinner and everything…where was his son, now that he thought of it?

Severus had watched the exchange for as long as he could, and when he felt tears come to his eyes, he excused himself to the front yard and began walking. He was not jealous about Potter and Serenity. In no way did he resent their relationship…but seeing him kissing a red-head was just too much for him. He never thought it would hurt the way he did, knowing that he had been able to help Harry Potter woo his girlfriend, but not being able to do that with the woman he had loved. Why couldn't he have been charming and romantic when he was a kid? Then again, he supposed that no teenager really was.

Wiping the tears from his cheeks, he continued walking until he reached the graveyard. She was buried here…with him but Severus wasn't even sure if he could hate James Potter anymore. Had he really stolen Lily, or had he given her up? He had been a fool and put the dark arts before something light, and now it was too late for him to change it whatsoever. Lily Evans was gone, and would be gone forever. How could this be Severus's second chance without her, or was this God's way of making him move on from her completely?

Kneeling down at her grave, he gently rubbed his hand over her name. It had been his entire fault…all of it. He should have tried harder…he should have come faster…he should have been there and died for her so that she could have gotten away. Where was her second chance? Where was Lily Potter's second chance to live and see her son grow into the fine young man he was? Severus had stolen that right from her, because he was selfish and evil. Merlin…why wasn't he in a grave? That was what he deserved…that was all he deserved…to die alone.

"I'm so sorry…Lily…" he sobbed softly. "I…I am so sorry…"

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