New story brought to you by Riverbkstar

Below is an actual written trailer of the story. Picture it as a little you tube video. The scenes skip quickly as they would in an actual video. The plot makes no sense on any means but gives you some little insight into what the story is going to be about. Please note, spoilers are not included and there is a lot more to the plot than I let on.


(Screen fades in)

(Ricky is leaning over crib in the dark) (Cries coming from crib)

Ricky: (whispering) Hey baby girl!

(Ricky picks up small infant from crib, starts to jiggle arms, to soothe baby)

(Screen fades out)

Font: You were there from the beginning –

(Scene flips)

(Amy and Ricky sitting on couch)

Amy: I'm pregnant

Ricky: Oh my God!

(Scene flips)

(Ricky and Amy stand side by side in living room)

Together: It's a girl!

(Scene flips)


(Ricky in living room, starts to run to bathroom)

(Amy huddled in corner, terrified, crying)

(Scene flips)

(Amy in hospital bed, Ricky sitting next to her)

Amy: What should we name her?

Ricky: I like Madeline…

Font: Will you be there now?

(Scene flips)

(Maddie is crying. Amy and Ricky lie in the dark, blood shot eyes, starring at the ceiling. Both pull pillows out from under their heads and stuff them over their faces)

(Scene flips)

(Ricky, sipping coffee in kitchen)

Ricky: This is ridiculous! She hasn't slept in three days!

Amy: Give it time.

Ricky: (Sternly) It's not that easy!

(Scene flips)

(John sitting on couch with Amy, holding Maddie in his arms, smiling at Ricky holding a camera)

Amy's voice: I don't know what we were thinking! It's just too hard!

(Maddie sleeping in carrier, Amy starring at her from across the room)

Ricky's voice: Things will get better right? They have to.

(Screen goes dark)

(Paradise by Coldplay starts to play)

(When she was just a girl, she expected the world, but it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep)

(Screen flashes in)

(Amy holding Maddie)

(Ricky pacing room, talking into cell)

Ricky: I understand that doc! But she's sick! Really sick!

(Screen flips)

(Everyone's outside, attending funeral. People dressed in black. Ricky stares at coffin, sunglasses covering his eyes)

(Music: Life goes on, it gets so heavy)

(White balloons released to beautiful blue sky.)

Crowd's voice: Happy birthday!

(Scene flips)

(Amy sitting on couch, crying into hands)

Amy's voice: You come back home okay? The army, it's a big deal. But I know you need to do this. To find yourself…

(Music: She dreams of para – para - paradise, every time she closed her eyes)

(Screen goes white) (Flashes in to Ricky, holding Amy)

Ricky: I love you!

(Screen flips)

(Amy and Ricky, in car, smiling at each other, turn back to see John and Maddie sleeping)

(Screen flips)

(Amy answers door)

(Screen goes black)

Man's voice: Amy?

(Loud truck's honking and sound of crunching steel and metal)