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Ricky grabbed another cardboard box from the stack in the middle of his apartment, and set it on the couch. He began to fill it with the throw pillows that his mother had gotten Amy for Christmas last year. He grunted as the pillows sprung out of their box, refusing to be confined in such a small space. Using his teeth, Ricky snapped a strip of clear tape off of its roll as Amy strolled into the living room, balancing three boxes of her own.

"That is the last of John's toys" She exclaimed, stopping in the center of the room to take in a deep sigh of relief "I cannot believe he has this much stuff"

Sliding the box of pillows off of the couch, Ricky turned towards his wife "Is his room empty now?" He asked, carrying the box over to the wall where Amy was stacking John's boxes onto the rest of their things, already packed.

"Pretty much.. All that's left is his bed frame" She craned her neck to the ceiling, analyzing how much space was left between the stucco roof and their tower of cardboard boxes.

"That's good" Ricky replied, shuffling back over to the couch. He glanced around the room for a moment, planting his eyes on the empty armoire across the room "The couch is finished. Would you mind handing me the plastic cover sitting on that ledge?" He asked, gesturing across the apartment.

Following his gaze, Amy picked up the plastic sheet and met her husband next to the couch. Together, they shook it open until it was at a desirable length. "What time are your parents meeting us at the new place?" Amy asked as she stretched behind the couch to drape it with the plastic.

Ricky pushed the couch against the window. "Umm I'm not sure. I think she is just going to get the kids ready after Madeline wakes up from her nap"

"It was nice of them to take the kids today. I don't know how I would have handled all of this without them" She admitted, waving her hands in the air in reference to their surroundings "I'm just worried we're forgetting something..."

"Well we're basically finished packing right?" Ricky crossed his arms across his chest and sat on the arm of their sofa for the very last time

"I think so" she responded hesitantly, resting her hands on her hips "Let me see... The baby stuff is already in the moving van. The appliances are staying here, the food has been thrown out and donated, dishes are wrapped up and in their boxes" She pointed to the mountain of cardboard on her right "John's toys are packed..."

Sensing his wife's nervous energy, Ricky pushed himself away from the couch and into her arms. He stroked her biceps gently "And the kids' clothes are in the trunk of my car. Our clothes are in your van. Your dad is having the furniture from his store delivered as we speak and the kids are with my parents. Its going to be fine Amy" He consoled, pulling Amy towards the sofa. He sat down on the plastic, allowing his wife to cuddle up against him.

They sat there together, admiring their empty apartment. Looking at the door, Ricky could almost see himself opening it up for Amy and John the night of their first date as a family. He smiled and looked towards the armoire, almost hearing John's laughter as he lifted his son up to grab an easter egg hidden on top. Turning to the kitchen, He could make out the burning smell of multiple dishes, created by Amy and her lack of cooking skills all those nights she had unsuccessfully made them all dinner.

Amy's eyes glistened as she starred at the hallway towards John's room, imagining lazy afternoons with her son where they had lied in bed and read stories. She smiled in the direction of the front door, shedding a tear as she remembered bringing Madeline home for the first time. She patted the couch, desperately wanting to climb under its covers and make love to her husband just one more time.

"I'm going to miss this place" She finally spoke, dabbing her eyes

Ricky squeezed her shoulder kindly, still lost in thought "I know what you mean..." He said slowly "This is where we first slept together, conceived Madeline. Its where we started a family"

"I love you Ricky" Amy responded, starring affectionately at her husband "Thank you for doing this for me."

"Of course. We may be leaving behind old memories, but we aren't leaving home. Us. Together. That's what is important. You will always have a home when you are with me Amy. I love you" He whispered, leaning in for a kiss

She reciprocated the kiss, pausing as Ricky pulled away, standing up to offer her his hand "Shall we?" He chimed, smiling down at Amy as she grinned back up in his direction

"We shall" She mimicked, finally ready to leave the old apartment behind and allow the movers to finish up. She was finally ready to move forward. This was going to be a good change, a better change. Right?

Ricky led Amy towards the stack of cardboard boxes. He handed her a box of what he presumed was picture frames and fridge magnets. Grabbing a box for himself, Ricky opened the front door for Amy to pass through. She glanced around the apartment once more before scurrying out into the hallway.

Ricky leaned against the door frame of his apartment. He scanned the bare room one last time and took in a deep breath. Thinking of that first day Mr. Boykewich had handed him the keys to his very own place and how happy he had been. Now, we was a father to two and a husband to a fantastic young woman. He couldn't believe how blessed he was and how much had changed between now and that first night in his apartment. Ecstatic to see what was in store for the future, Ricky took in another deep breath and nodded his head. He turned around, walking out into narrow hallway, closing the door to leave his apartment but not his memories behind.

At the new apartment, cardboard boxes were strewn across the hardwood floor. Newspapers and styrofoam littered the living room, making it almost impossible to see the brand new carpet Amy's mother had purchased as a house warming present. Amy stood amongst the mess, pushing their brand new white couch into position.

"Its perfect!" Amy cheered, clapping her hands together "I am so happy my dad got a discount on this set, its so beautiful! And it fits perfectly with the light from the patio door huh?"

"Yea!" Ricky snorted, from his place in the kitchen. He was stretched over the microwave, busy fiddling with several power cords, belonging to several devices. "Success!" He shouted suddenly, cheering victoriously as he stuck the phone jack into its outlet plug "The phone is officially working!" He announced, turning around to face the disastrous living room "Now onto... everything else"

"All in good time babe" Amy giggled, kicking a pile of bubble wrap into the air as she danced over to the front door to pick up another box. Looking out the small front window next to the coat closet, Amy admired the wonderfully calm North Hollywood street, cocking her head as a silver car rolled into their driveway

"Ricky!" She called, straining her neck so that her husband could hear her "The kids are here!"

"Already?" She heard him call as she pulled on her flip-flops before running outside to greet her in-laws. Ricky followed closely behind, stomping into his sneakers, hot on Amy's heels. He jumped into place next to her on their wide asphalt driveway, squinting through the sunlight to wave at their son, who was eagerly undoing his seatbelt.

As Shakur turned off the engine of his Honda, Margaret side stepped out of the car. She smiled in both Amy and Ricky's direction as she unlocked the rear passenger door, helping John out of the car. He ran towards his parents "Mommmyyy!" He cried, sprinting into her arms

"Hi baby" She mumbled, stroking the back of John's head as she picked him up

"Doo wee liv hee now?" John questioned, cocking his head to the right as he pointed towards the condo

"Yes John" Amy replied "Do you like it?"

John frantically nodded his head "I wun too see my woom"

Laughing at his son's response, Ricky ran over to his father, busy pulling Madeline's carrier out from the back seat. "Hi dad" Ricky greeted, giving Shakur a hug before freeing him of Maddie's car seat "Thanks for taking the kids. It was a big help" He said to both parents as he carried his daughter back over to his wife and son

"Oh don't worry about it" Margaret waved her hand in the air, blowing off his complement "We were happy to do it. We are just so excited for you four"

"The kids were great Richard" Shakur replied "Maddie finished both bottles and fell asleep on the way here, so she should be good for a few hours"

"That's great news" Ricky said, putting Maddie's carrier on the ground to hug his mother

"Yea really! Thanks again! I have no idea what we would have done without you guys today" Amy exclaimed "Would you like to come in for a few minutes? Get a sneak peek?"

"Oh no" Margaret denied "We couldn't. Besides we want you guys to get settled first. Its probably a disaster in there!"

"You have no idea!" Ricky playfully rolled his eyes "So I guess we will see you soon then?" He asked, as his parents opened up the doors to their car. They both nodded their heads in agreance "Okay John... Did you say goodbye?"

"Bye bye" John waved from his place in his mother's arms. They watched as Ricky's parents slowly backed out of the driveway, honking "Au Revoir" as they drove away.

Amy groaned as she leaned over to place her heavy toddler on the ground. She took his hand and led him in the direction of the front walkway "Are you excited John?"

"Yea!" He shouted, jumping up and down as his father pushed open the front door to the condo. John ran inside ahead of his parents, overwhelmed with the excitement of their new apartment. Once inside, Ricky stretched to place Maddie's carrier on the hardwood floor, away from the clutter of the front hall.

John threw off his Velcro shoes and flung them in two separate directions before shrieking as he catapulted himself onto the living room's brand new sofa.

"John!" Amy whispered loudly, immediately running towards Madeline to comfort her incase she awoke from her brother's noise "You need to be quiet honey!"

"Yea John" Ricky remarked, placing John's shoes in the coat closet next to his own. He picked up a large sheet of newsprint and scrunched it into a ball "Just because this is a new place, doesn't mean the rules are different. We need to be quiet when Maddie is sleeping okay?"

"Okay daddy" John said glumly, scratching his nose as he licked his lips; embarrassed

"Its okay Ricky... he's just excited" Amy soothed, gently lifting Maddie into her arms who flinched and coughed in reaction to the disturbance. She drew in a deep breath and continued to sleep. "I'm going to put her in her crib"

Watching his mother exit the living room with his baby sister in tow, John turned towards Ricky, clawing open a taped cardboard box with his house key "Daddy" John said quietly, Ricky turned towards his son "Can we see my new woom now?"

"Sure John" He replied, tossing his keys into a pile of flattened boxes. He stretched his hand out to John, helping him jump down from his spot on the couch. Ricky walked John down the narrow hallway next to the kitchen, stopping outside of Madeline's room to open John's door.

Inside of Maddie's room, Amy placed her daughter in her crib. She lightly stroked Maddie's fragile head and smiled as she took in another deep sigh, her fingers slightly twitching, Leaning away from the basinet, Amy circled the room, admiring its design. The walls were painted a light pink with yellow balloons and lavender elephants dancing across the border that ran along the center of the wall, along the entire room. Amy left the room after closing the blinds that hung off of the window's frame. She quietly shut Maddie's door behind her, chuckling at the sound of her son in the room next door.

"Woah!" John screamed with enthusiasm, hardly able to contain himself. He spun around, checking out his room in all directions. Choosing what to investigate first, John slid into place next to his brand new toy bins, seated next to his room's large window. "I like my woom a lot daddyyy" John informed, running his fingers across the plastic furniture

"I'm glad Buddy" Ricky smiled from his spot on the edge of John's bed, nestled against the light blue wall adjacent to the window "All of your toys are still in boxes though. You can play with the ones in your backpack for now, but its going to take a few weeks to unpack everything okay?"

John pushed himself off of the floor and shuffled over to his empty closet "Okay... Where aw all my ca-lose?"

"They are in the back of my car" Ricky replied, walking up behind his son "I am going to unpack the cars while mommy works in the living room. Then I am going to go out and get us all some food. You can help me, or mommy... it doesn't matter"

"I wunt too hep you"

"Alright then. Meet me in the living room. I'm just going to check on your sister"

John did as he was told, running out of his bedroom and through the narrow hallway to greet his mother (busy unpacking dishes) in the kitchen. Ricky gave the door to Maddie's room a slight shove, glistening with joy as he admired her surroundings. He could hear his daughter whimpering from inside her crib and leaned into it to pick her up. Wiping away her tears, he exited the bedroom and strolled into the living room after his son

"Someone woke up from their nap" He announced, finding an empty spot on the sofa between a candle made of bees wax and a box of christmas ornaments. Ricky heard a groan of irritation from the kitchen and noticed John, busy at the kitchen table, eating a granola bar and drinking some apple juice from his backpack. Amy stormed out from behind the fridge, a roll of tape around her wrist.

"I wanted her to sleep for a couple hours. I need time to unpack" Amy complained, forcing her bangs out of her face

"Its okay Ames. I'll take care of her. Just do what you need to do" He said, lifting his daughter above his head as she cackled

"But then how are you going to unpack the cars?" She asked, raising her voice in competition with a strange noise, growing louder and louder

"Mommmyyyy!" John screamed from the kitchen "The phone!"

"Our first phone call already? Who could that be?" Amy questioned, running into the kitchen, to catch the call before it stopped ringing

"Its probably your mom wanting to see how things are" Ricky said distantly, sticking out his tongue to make his daughter laugh

"Ricky?" Amy said dryly, weakly walking back into the room "Its for you"

"Me?" He squeaked, not sure why his legs were starting to quiver. He handed Amy the baby in exchange for the phone and nervously held it up to his ear "Hello?"

Time stood still. His face grew pale. His stomach churned. The phone slipped out of his grip as his fingers went numb. The cordless crashed down on the cold hardwood floor. Its batteries flew out and rolled under the sofa. The line went dead. Dead.

"Ricky?" Amy whispered "What- Wh - Who was it?"

Ricky tried to speak but no words came out. A fiery rush of anger and hurt grew in his stomach. He tried to scream. "That was the hospital... My fath - Bob. He's.. he's dead

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