E/O Challenge

WoW: Flu

Word Count: 100

A.N. Dedicated to my friend, the awesome AmberDreams.
For a little added entertainment, (should you need it) how many
uses of the w.o.w. can you spot?

There are times that Dean finds he just doesn't understand his little brother.

"Well…I'm completely flummoxed!"
"You're who now?"
"Flummoxed, confused."
"Yeah. I know what it means, but why's it coming out of your mouth?"
"Jerk…..See that? The EMF fluctuation shows us there's been a confluence of some
kind, leaving behind this influx of fluorescing effluvia...
*stage whisper* "You mean the glowy fart cloud"…
Clearly it's not a fluke."
"Are you still delirious from that flu?"

A sigh indicates attempts to ignore older brother.

"There has to have been some external influence here and...Dean?
Where're you going?"
"To find my brother. The one I understand. The one who doesn't
speak fluent flucking gobbledegook!"

Chick xx