Chapter 21: The Enchantress.

When Dawn came Grant woke Miles up and walked him out of the castle. Mile's night at the castle had been interesting. He enjoyed the company and surrounding the castle had to offer. What stopped it from being a best night he had in years was when he met Martha. Just meeting her was a unpleasant experience, but with that aside, as Elise promised, Miles received a nice meal and a warm bed. But sadly that had to end.

Grant had to make sure to get Miles away from the castle before he changed back into a crane to keep their secret. When they were away enough from the castle Grant looks at Miles. "Thank you for sending those notes."

Miles smiles. "Whatever breaks the spell." They both look up to the sky to see the sun creep slowly up. Miles sighs. "Well to bad that last night had to end." He looks to the prince. "Well thank you. And give Adam my thanks for being a great host."

Grant smiles. "I'll pass the message on."

Miles stretch before being engulfed in the blinding light, turning back into a crane. Once the transformation was complete, Miles flew off.

Grant watches the crane fly off and sighs. He scratches the back of his neck. "No what are we suppose to do?" He turns and starts to leave.

"You fight."

Grant stop and stiffs up. "I know that voice!" He turns around and saw the face he thought he would never find even if he looked. The Enchantress. The prince stares with wide eyes. "Enchantress."

She gives him a short bow. "Your highness" She stands straight. "I afraid that I must keep this meeting Brief."

Grant raises an eye brow. "I'm not sure if I'll understand so I wont pry for a reason. But why did you show yourself to me?"

The Enchantress looks at him. "I have come to you to warn you. Methis has crossed the last line to try to make Elise his. She has refuse to listen to any more of his marriage requests. But Methis will try a new method."

Grant gives her a confused look. "What is he planning on doing to her?"

"I can not say. But It will weaken her"

The prince's eyes wide. "What?! Can't you do anything?"

The Enchantress shakes her head. "His magic forbids me for interfering with the victims." She raises her hand to her face and a glowing ball appears in her palm. "Only you can save them, your highness." She let go of the ball and it floats over to Grant.

He then slowly takes it from mid-air and looks at it. "What's this?"

She looks to him. "This will revert you back to your fox form when it's time to face Methis. It will take effect when he will cast a spell upon himself. Then you will only have to endure the time he will have left on this earth before you change back."

Grant looks up. "But how-?" When his gaze was fully up he found that she has left him alone. He sighs in disappointment. "How will I know when it'll be time to use it and how exactly do I use it?" He rubs the back of his neck. The then turns back and returns to the castle.

Back with Sylvia and the rest of the group, they found the sorrowful fox away from the group. The Lynx looks up to the wolf. "We found her like that after we turned back. She wouldn't even talk to us." Fleur looks down sadly.

Vivien shakes her head. "He did something to her. I just know he did."

Sylvia looks to the doe. "But what exactly did he do to her?" She looks at the rest of the group only to get shakes of the head.

Foy looks up to the wolf. "All of us were in the group when Methis called her."

Miles Flies over head and lands in front of them. "And I'm back!"

Nole looks to the crane. "So what did the notes say."

Miles looks at them. "Alright. Here's what Grant and I found out. The only way for the spell to break, is when Methis dies. He can die in any way and the spell will break."

Lewis stares at Miles then snorts angrily before facing the mansion.

Sylvia, Vivien, and Miles holds Lewis back before the boar goes on a raging attack. Lewis struggles to get them off. "Let go of me! That sorcerer is going down!"

Miles holds the boar's snout. "No! You can't do that! Spell or no, you will still be held accountable for murder."

Sylvia struggles to keep Lewis on the ground. "Besides I think we should help Elise at the moment."

Foy looks at the struggling group. "Don't! The the situation will be worse than it already is!"

Miles looks at the boar. "Sooner or later, Methis will mess up. Grant will handle it when the time comes!"

Eventually Lewis got tired and fell on the ground huffing for air. The boar looks at them. "Fine ... But when he does mess up, I'll make sure Grant's fight will be easy."

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