Normal P.O.V

. The sky was pitch black. There was not a single cloud to be seen. The stars were spread across the sky and illuminated the night like no other.

. In most cases people would've enjoyed a night like this one in Magnolia. They could've went out on a moonlight stroll. They could've lied on the soft green grass and watch the stars shine. They could've even gone out and taken their lover out to dinner on a terrace. Most people would've said Fiore was the world's safest country with all the wizards from all these different guilds protecting them from harm. They could've, if Fairy Tail didn't exist.

. That night on the streets of Magnolia a young woman was running as fast as she could. Her long brown hair was messy and a bit frizzy. Her forehead was sticky from all her sweat. She was in a short red evening dress which was now torn with holes all over it. She was wearing one gold earring on her right ear whereas her left was bleeding as if the other earring was torn out. As well as one of get earrings she was missing her right black high heeled shoe. Her left was missing the actual heel. Blood was trickling down her hands and left cheek and scratches and bruises were all over her body . She was breathless. She couldn't keep running and the thing that kept her running was pure fear because she was being chased.

. "Why?" she thought. "I thought he loved me. I thought we had something special. That we would always stand by each other's side no matter what. Not this," Black tears began to fall from her cheeks. Her make up was messing up. Before she could reach her hand to wipe her tear she fell to the ground on her knees. She held them both tightly and felt more blood coming out. She knew she scraped her knee and was now bleeding but ignored that fact. "I have to keep moving, before he catches me," she thought. She struggled to get up. She crawled to the nearest trash can and held onto it as she got up. She grunted as she tried to get up. "Damn. I think I broke my left leg," she said in between grunts.

. When she finally managed to get up she began limping. "Gotta.. Keep moving. Gotta.. Get.. Help," She kept limping more and more struggling to conquer her pain and exhaustion. She was heading to Fairy Tail. She figured they'd still be awake now, partying to their hearts content even at this late hour. When she finally reached Fairy Tail she limped faster towards the door, groaning after each painful step. She was almost at the door when red strings surrounded her, preventing her from moving.

. "No," she whispered. "I'm too late. Damn it. Damn it all!"

. "And since when have you had such vulgar language?" asked a man's voice.

. "Please stop this. I know you're not a bad person inside. I don't wanna die like this and I know you don't want to kill me. If I have done anything to make you angry with me just tell me. Please just don't kill me," Pleaded the woman.

. The man just chuckled and said "And just when did you know what I want?" he asked. He stepped out from the shadows and showed his face. He had short golden hair with his bangs on his left side and ruby red eyes. He had a gold piercing on his left ear. He was in a green tuxedo with his hands in his pockets. He looked like your average handsome teenaged boy.

"Emily, you are a beautiful woman like no other indeed. You were very interesting but my interest in you is like a flower. As you watch it grow and admire its vibrancy it begins to reach its peak. After that happens the flower begins to die and becomes useless and unwanted. That's exactly what happened to you," said the man. Then he raised his finger and put it in a snapping pose.

. "No please. I'll do whatever you want just please don't. I can become interesting. Please stop!" Emily cried.

. "Goodbye Emily," he snapped his finger.

. Emily screamed louder than ever. As soon as he snapped his fingers the read strings tightened around Emily until they crushed her and blood splattered everywhere. One splat of it landed on the boy's cheek. The boy reached his hand and the red strings turned into blood. The blood from the strings and Emily entered his hand and he drank it. He licked the blood of his cheek. He turned to face the giant guild.

. "Fairy Tail. Maybe I might find an even more interesting woman there," he said thoughtfully. After saying that he nonchalantly walked away with his hands in his pockets. He purposely stepped on his ex-girlfriend's remains and ignored all the blood now on his dressing shoes.

. "I'm gonna join Fairy Tail tomorrow," he said.

AN/ just if any of you want to know. Yes I deleted dreams and reality. The story wasn't my best so I'm starting over with this one. This was just the prologue. I might have the next chapter online tomorrow or maybe even later on today if my computer doesn't go crazy on me again and I have rewrite the story all over again a second time. So you'll just have to sit back if that happens, 'kay.