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A flurry of emotion passed through Kirishima; shock, confusion, anger. He tried to convince himself that he was mistaken, that Yokozawa had possibly reopened the wounds somehow, and that his pupils just looked slanted, but his mind kept connecting the dots right back to the inevitable truth. Yokozawa was a werewolf. His grip on his Katana tightened.

"Hiyori. Go Inside." Kirishima commanded. Hiyori glanced up at her father. Her confusion evident.

"Daddy?" she questioned.

"Inside now!" Kirishima ordered and Hiyori quickly complied, running across the small garden area. She paused at the door, but the look on her fathers face told her not to stay there. As soon as she disappeared Kirishima turned his gaze to Yokozawa.

The blue eyed man's gaze held confusion, but it soon faded into understanding. He opened his mouth to speak but Kirishima beat him to it. "I should have realized it sooner." Yokozawa closed his mouth and remained silent, his muscels tense. "You lying naked in that forest, covered in blood. Bandits. Ha. What a pathetic lie. Your wounds how they seem to disappear. It's all so obvious."

"Sometimes it takes awhile for truths to set in." Yokozawa whispered closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath, before he began to shift. Kirishima watched as the man before him transformed into the very wolf from earlier. Sitting in place, Yokozawa met Kirishima's eyes. "So I guess all that matters now is, what happens next."

Kirishima bit the inside of his cheek and drew his sword. He knew what had to be done. "Your a danger to Hiyori. You can't exist."

Yokozawa watched, but didn't move. "If that is what you want Kirishima-san. I won't fight you."

Kirishima knuckles turned white as he bagan to advance toward the blue eyed wolf sitting before him. He stared into the blue eyes of the man he had accepted into his home, the man he had somewhat befreinded and shared the kiss with after his daughters makeshift tea party. He stopped before the wolf and raised the sword above his head. Yokozawa's eyes never left his, even as the sword fell.


Ritsu was fast asleep when Takano placed a blanket over top the young heir, and brushed a few strands of hair from his face. It was just passed noon and the "bodyguard" had to report to Lord Onodera about his son.

Moving quickly and quietly, Takano opened the door only to find the Kohinata heiress standing before him. She seemed shocked to see him there and blushed in embarressment. "Um Is Rii-chan there? He's supposed to accompany me into town today."

Takano stared down at the young beauty infront of him and felt a wave of bitterness in the back of his mind. How dare she claim what was his, how dare she and her family try to take Ritsu from him. He had half a mind to tell the girl no, but he quickly squashed it down, and moved aside. The girl saw Ritsu and blushed gently as she moved into the room, but Takano didn't stay to see what happened. He had a job to do and the sooner he did that the sooner he could get back to his mate.

However as he began to walk away, an odd scent hit him. At first he thought the scent was of strawberries, and if it had been he would have brushed it off, but this scent was underneath that smell. It was a scent of muskyness, and it was floating down the hall.

Pushing aside his thoughts of Lord Onodera, Takano began to follow the smell through out the house. It was everywhere, and at somepoints the smell of strawberries had been swallowed up by it. Eventually Takano came to a set of double doors where the smell was the strongest, but before he could examine further, the doors swung open and Lady Onodera appeared.

"Takano-san?" the woman greeted raising a thin eyebrow. "What is your business in my private quarters?" Her green eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Ah, I'm sorry Lady Onodera," Takano replied acting as nonchalunt as he could, "I was on my way to find Lord Onodera and seemed to have taken a wrong turn or two. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?"

The woman studied him for a moment, her green eyes so much like Ritsu's. "Can you protect my son?" her voice was so quiet Takano alomst missed her words.

"Excuse me?"

Lady Onodera turned to face him fully, "Can you protect my son? If Ritsu were in trouble would you throw your life on the line to save his."

Takano stared at the woman before him. She was tall and thin and at one point had been a great beauty, but the lines of age where beginning to show. Her walk was less gracefull than it once was, and her voice was more tired. Lady Onodera was an older woman, and Takano could see the love and care she had for her son. "A thousand times over."

Lady Onodera went quiet and a sad smile washed over her face. In a small, barely audible whisper she said, "You may need to." Before turning and walking away with out a word. Takano stared after her, unsure what had just transpired between the two of them.

A bell rang in the distance signaling the turn of the hour, and it snapped him out of his thoughts. He had to go see Lord Onodera before the Lord came to find him. Turning from the direction Lady Onodera had disappeared to he retraced his steps to the main hall and went to find the Lord. His mind swirling with confusion and questions that would have to wait.


"I-I can't do it."

The sword had stopped mere inches from Yokozawa's face, before it clattered to the ground a ways away from the pair. Yokozawa stared as Kirishima sank to his knees. Making a quick decision, Yokozawa slowly moved forward and rested his enormous head on the other mans shoulder. Kirishima stiffened at the contact but made no move to stop him.

Yokozawa shifted back to his human form and gently wrapped his arms around the older man. "I swear to you. I would never harm Hiyori or you. I...care for you both, more than I have ever cared for another." Kirishima said nothing. He didn't move, only breathed in Yokozawa's musky scent. "I blame myself for what happened today. I... I saw someone who hurt me, and Hiyori saw me in my other state... I ran, and she followed me. The moment I heard her scream. I... I've never been so scared in my life. I killed the wolves and..." Yokozawa never finished the sentence, his lips were taken by the other man and he was forcefully pushed down to the ground.

Taken by surprise, the wolf put up little resistance to the other mans advances, even as his haori was removed and a tounge slipped through his slightly parted lips, brushing forcefully against his semi enlarged k-9's. Yokozawa would be a liar if he said he didn't enjoy the kiss, or the hands that were beginning to wander about his body, especally as Kirishima palmed his semi hard member, but in the back of Yokozawa's mind he knew it couldn't continue, and so did Kirishima.

Neither made a sound as Yokozawa pushed the other male away. Kirishima stood and turned away from the wolf as Yokozawa replaced his haori and straightened his shirt. The human male walked to where he had discarded his sword and replaced it in it's sheath. He didn't turn around, couldn't, he had to remain strong, "If you choose to stay you may. I won't stop you either way." with that Kirishima walked to the door Hiyori had disappeared behind and disappeared.

Yokozawa stared after him for a few moments more before closing his eyes. A cold wind swirled around him and whispering softly he said, "I'm sorry." and when his eyes snapped open, they flashed yellow.

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