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Ch.9 Demons/Good-Bye for Now

Hana was at the spring with Ruwalk, Kai-Stern and Alfeegi. Tetheus had to check on something so he said he'll join them soon. Hana was stroking Silver as he was sleeping in her lap. Crewger was laying next to her. Hana let out a yawn. Crewger perked his head up and stares at Hana. "Didn't sleep well?" Crewger asked. Hana shook her head. She kept having Nightmares of Nadil. Alfeegi stares at Hana. "You okay, Hana?" Alfeegi asked. Hana nodded and yawned. "Just didn't get alot sleep is all." Hana said. She closed her eyes and took a quick nap. When she woke up, the officers were gone. Silver and Crewger were gone as well. "Alfeegi?...Ruwalk, Kai-Stern? Crewger?" Hana called. There was no answer.

Hana walked in the forest by herself, trying to find a way back the castle. She heard chuckling. She turned around and saw familiar red eyes. It was Nadil. Hana backed up a few steps until her back was against a tree. "Now...where were we?" Nadil asked. Hana was too scared to move. Nadil used demon magic, but Hana deflect it with magic of her own. She deflected most of his magic, but it hit her on the arm. "You...are coming with me back to my castle." Nadil said with an evil smirk. Hana cast an fog illusion and ran as fast as she could. She was far away from Nadil, so she stopped. She felt arms around her. She tried to get out of the man's grip. "Hana, calm down! It's me!" A familiar voice said. She turned her head and saw Tetheus. She buried her head against his shoulder, clentching onto his shirt. Tetheus didn't know what happened, so he wrapped his arms around her. "It's okay...it's okay." Tetheus whispered.

Hana then heard hisses in the forest. Tetheus glared at the forest. He let out a sharp whistled. Hana then heard clops from a horse. It was a black horse. Tetheus helped her on the horse then mounted on. When they were out of the forest, he wasn't suprised when Hana fell asleep. He smiled. "You must of used too much energy again." Tetheus whispered. He stroked her cheek lightly. When they reached the castle, Hana woke up. Tetheus helped her off the horse. "You okay?" Tetheus asked. Hana nodded. Tetheus knew she was lying. He kneeled infront of her. "Hana...did you see Nadil in that forest?" Tetheus asked. Hana knew she couldn't keep secrets around them, even from Tetheus. She nodded. Tetheus sighed. Hana then felt the horse nuzzling her from behind. Tetheus smiled. "I guess he likes you. Lord Lykouleon wanted me to give this to you, but Alfeegi told me something had happened, so I went out looking for you." Tetheus said.

Hana smiled at Tetheus. "...thank you." Hana said. Tetheus smirked and scruffed the top of Hana's head. He heard her laughing lightly. He chuckled under his breath, knowing that she was happy again. Before he left, he stares at Hana. "The horse's name is Shadow. Thought I would name it for you." Tetheus said. Hana smiled. Tetheus walked back inside the castle. Hana stroked Shadow gently. She took hold of the reins, then hopped on. She saw Alfeegi leaving the castle. "Alfeegi! Where are you going?" Hana asked. Alfeegi saw Hana with her black horse. "I'm going to town. I'll be back in a bit." Alfeegi said. "Can I come with you?" Hana asked. Alfeegi smiled. "Sure." Alfeegi said. Alfeegi had a darna while Hana was riding on Shadow.

During in town, she started to remember good times she had with the officers and Lord Lykouleon. She remembered how she was with the officers when the cherry blossoms were at full bloom. She was staring the blossoms on one of the branches. The officers were below her. She smiled as the petals flow in the breeze. Ruwalk saw her smiling. She pulled out a flute that Lykouleon gave her. She started to play a tune. Tetheus closed his eyes and smiled gently at the tune that Hana was playing. Ruwalk and Alfeegi stares at Hana. Kai-Stern was staring at the petals flowing in the breeze. When the she stopped playing, a single tear runs down her cheek. She was really happy here. The branch that was supporting her started to tilt foward, making Hana fall off. She felt herself in someone's arms. She opened her eyes and saw Tetheus. "You okay?" Tetheus asked. She smiled and nodded. He sighed and smiled. She stares at the blossoms with the officers. Hana then rest her head against Tetheus' shoulder, sitting between Ruwalk and Tetheus. The officers smiled at her. The memory soon faded away and Hana was knocked out of her daydreaming when her horse nuzzled the side of her head. She smiled and stroked top of his head. "Sorry, Shadow. I was daydreaming." Hana said. She was waiting outside for Alfeegi to get done with his errands. Shadow neighed softly. Hana smiled and kept stroking Shadow. Alfeegi walked outside. "You ready, Hana?" Alfeegi asked. He suddenly felt arms around him. "...thank you, Alfeegi." Hana whispered. Alfeegi hugged her in return, but still confused. Hana pulled away and stares at him. "For what?" Alfeegi asked. "...for all of the memories you and the others gave me." Hana said. Alfeegi smiled and hugged her. "...it was nothing, Hana. We just want you to be happy." Alfeegi said. Hana rememberd Kai-Stern saying that. Alfeegi and Hana then returned back to the castle.

When they got back, they saw Lord Lykouleon with the other three officers. "Did something happened?" Hana asked. Alfeegi shrugged. They saw a portal. Hana then noticed what the portal leaded to. "I...guess my time is up here?" Hana asked Lykouleon. He sighed and stroked the top of her head. "I'm sorry. I wish you can stay here with us, but you are from a different world and they need you there." Lykouleon said. Hana felt tears rolling down her cheek. "Will I see you guys again?" Hana asked. He smiled. "We will need you again someday, Hana. I promise." Lykouleon said. She hugged Lykouleon tightly. She felt a tight embrace from him in return. "We'll meet again someday, Hana. Just wait until then." Lykouleon whispered. hana nodded. She hugged the officers good-bye. She stares at Crewger and Silver. "I want you stay here until I return, Silver. Crewger, be a good boy, okay?" Hana asked. Crewger licked her face lightly. She hugged him lightly. She then hugged Silver. She stares at the portal. She took a step in and stares at them. She smiled at them. They soon disappeared. She was back on to the street where the house she lived at. She suddenly felt something in her pocket. It was a box. She opened it and saw four charms. A black diamond encrested cross, a white crystal, a shark tooth, and a yellow shining stone. She smiled. A note was inside the box. She opened it.


I thought that the officers should give you something so you can remember them. We will meet you again someday and we will need you again one day. I do consider you as my daughter...and the officers consider you as their little sister. Stay safe, be strong, and always be confident in yourself. If you ever feel alone, hold the charms close to you and you will feel the officers and myself there with you.

Till then,

Lord Lykouleon

Hana smiled gently and put the charms around her neck. She still had the Light Dragon Amulet around her neck that Lykouleon gave her. She stares at the sky. She smiled. "...I promise." Hana said. She walked onto the street, staying strong and confident. She walked inside the house she lived in. She saw her parents staring at her. She sighed and waited for about what they were going to say. When her mother came up to her, she closed her eyes tightly. The black cross that came from Tetheus shined and something had changed. "At least tell us when you are out for a while, Hana. Go to your room for now. Dinner will be ready in a little bit." Her mother said. She went to her room, which was the basement. Hana stares at the charms they gave her. She smiled. "...thank you, guys." Hana whispered. She then fell into a deep sleep, waiting for the day she will return to Dusis and as the Silver Dragon Knight.

The End!

I am now making a sequel for this story. I hope you enjoy this story!