"Piper! Drew! The two of you can put Gaea to sleep for a while!" shouted Percy. The two started to chant mesmerizing sentences in Ancient Greek that had Gaea's eyelids droop lower and lower, until they heard and earthquake of a snore.

"Percy," started Piper. "The most she can stay asleep is about three months."

"That's enough for now," he replied.


It's been two days since Gaea was put back to sleep. It sounds like she's a puppy put to sleep in the pound, which brings sad thoughts to my head, but whatever. Ah! Stupid ADHD! Anyways, I was walking to Bunker 9 to finish the updated blueprints to the Argo II as well as install the new fingerprint entry system for the non-fire user (everyone except me.)

When I walked in the bunker, I tripped over the finger scanner wires. I quickly reassembled them and walked away whistling. On the table, I saw a blue photo album that said To: Leo, Uncle Benny. He's my mother's brother. Throughout the photo album were pictures of my mother from the time she was a baby until she was with me and I was about three years old.

To be honest, I teared up a bit. It the closest I felt to my mom in years. My body starts to heat up whenever I'm emotional (one of the reasons I never cried or showed fear) and the wall I was leaning against gave way. Now that I think back to it, I think it was made of the same technology as the entrance to Bunker 9.

I hit my head on the floor when the wall opened up behind me. Inside, I saw a kick ass supercomputer unit. No, I don't mean that shitty rectangular piece of crap that's associated with Dell Desktops, I mean this thing will take up all of Cabin 1 by its hugeness and is also the equivalent to Hephaestus Heaven!

As I approached the unit, a little handle popped out with an arrow pointing up labeled ON.

"I wonder how to turn this baby on?" I sarcastically asked myself as I yanked the handle upwards. I saw a square of light turn on above me, and a ladder drop down. I decided to climb it and see where it led. I soon found the screens to the big-ass baby, with the screen turned on. I looked at it and saw that a email/note had been written on it.

-Hello, my name is X.A.N.A. Three months ago, I was "destroyed" or "killed". Really, I was weakened so much that I had to sleep. Your power-up of this computer caused me to wake up and regain power. Thank you for doing so, and I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to destroy your world. Goodbye.

Great, I just woke up the computer version of Gaea. Now I might have run out of that place screaming, or I might not have. Let's just say that the next person I saw said, "Leo! Chill!"


It was science class when I heard my laptop beep. It wasn't a regular beep like an alarm or anything like that. No, it was a beep that until three months ago, I heard all the time. It was the beep that signified a tower has been activated.

Ulric, Odd, and Aelita had also heard it, and looked at me with disbelieving eyes. As soon as the teacher turned around to write something on the board, I pulled out my laptop and checked it out. "No, this isn't possible." I muttered to myself.

"Hey Einstein, isn't he dead?" asked Odd, referring to X.A.N.A.

"Yes, I saw it and my father gave his life to destroy him. Don't tell me his efforts were futile!" whisper-yelled Aelita.

"I don't know what's going on, all I know is that we need to head to the factory and fast!" I replied. Aelita locked eyes with me and I immediately understood the plan. She pretended to faint. Our teacher looked around and saw her, and gasped. "I'll take her to the infirmary!"

"We'll help!" offered Ulric and Odd. Since the X.A.N.A attacks, we 'went to the infirmary' so often, the teachers now needed us to prove we needed to go. The three of us picked up my pink haired girlfriend, and as soon as we were as much out of sight as we could be, we put her down and started to run.

"I texted Yumi," said Ulric. "I told her what happened and she replied, 'Impossible, but we are on our way!'"

"Great," I replied while heading down the sewer ladder.

"Does this mean we get to go back to Lyoko?" asked Odd, seemingly excited.

"I don't know. If we can prevent it, you won't, but if we can't.." I let that sentence hang.

"Cool, I wonder if we are still good at it." Odd gained some glares. "What? It's been three months! The only ones will be good at it for sure is Ulric, Yumi, and William because they take martial arts!" For the rest of the trip, all we heard from Odd were about Kankerlots and Krabs and Bloks. In a few short minutes, we were at the factory. We went down the elevator to the supercomputer unit, and I inspected it.

"It's still off," I said in disbelief. It was at that moment that Yumi and William chose to burst through the elevator doors.

"Off, but if its off, then X.A.N.A couldn't possibly be awake," said Aelita.

"I know. The only way to understand this completely is to turn it on and send you guys to Lyoko, except you, William. I need to run some tests to make sure X.A.N.A still has no influence. Everyone to the scanners!" I ordered. The last thing I heard was Odd shouting,

"Yes! Catman, defender of Lyoko is back!" On the supercomputer's screen I saw an email/note.

-I see your band of vigilantes are back. Well then, I've got some news for you. Another supercomputer unknowingly woke me up, but you, you gave me power. More power than I had before, so I thank you for that "Old Friend." X.A.N.A.

All I could do was read and pray for my friends. The four soon got to Lyoko safely and William was in one of the scanners while I ran tests when an object appeared on the screen. No, it couldn't be!