A story for blackcatneko999.

I am a lame romance writer. Heartbroken and completely clueless could possibly be my wonderful definition. So, my hobby is to write everyone's happy endings. Currently, my typical shy girl is about to get the typical new friendly guy. Ah, but because I'm still depressed about my last break-up...her childhood friend shall now choose this moment in time to make his reappearance and declare his love for her! Take that happy-go-lucky girl!

"I have to get a life," I sighed as I pulled back from the computer. I cracked my knuckles and then proceeded to crack my neck, a force of habit after pulling away. I yawned and adjusted my glasses (I suffer from nearsightedness), looking at the time. I blinked a few times. "Wow...it's already five thirty...should probably go to sleep...nah, after I finish this chapter."

I flipped to another tab, clicking my e-mail. I logged in and scrolled through the messages. Hmm...

Re: I just saved money on -


LoanModific -


Find Your Soulmate -


I made sure it made its cyber journey to the cyber trash before logging out and closing the tab. I stared at the millions of letters on the screen as they blurred into a tangle of black and white. I rubbed my eyes and shut it off. Some sleep would be good right now.

" - mu? Are you dead? Should I call an ambula - "


"Oh! You're alive!"

"..t're you doin' here...?" I mumbled sleepily.

"Hm? Your mom told me I should check if you're still alive," he laughed. "She told me she called but you didn't answer. Naturally she called me next."

"...very reassuring..."

"It's already twelve, Amu," he pushed my arm. "You fell asleep on your floor by the way."

"Huh?" I lifted my head up, the catalog for groceries coming with me. Oh...must've just collapsed on the floor from pure laziness after I shut off the computer...funny, I don't remember that part..."Hehe," I looked at him tiredly and grunted. "You've never changed, Amu."

"Isn't your girlfriend concerned?" I muttered from the floor. "This is like, the fifth time you've come here in three days."

"My girlfriend?" He laughed, picking me up bridal style. "Ah, we broke up."

"Really?" I yawned.

"Yeah, I actually came here to say - "

"Don't worry Kūkai, you'll find someone. In the meantime...make me breakfast."

"Ehh? You're so demanding!"

"I'm gonna die from hu~nger..." I moaned dramatically.

"I got it, I got it," he stepped over a precarious tower of my manga and made his way past my pile of old magazines to get to the kitchen. "I'll only be a moment."

I turned over on the couch and pulled the blanket over me, snuggling into the cushions. Seconds later, I felt a buzzing vibration come from my pocket. I ignored it until it stopped. Then it did it again. I took it out of my pocket and put it on the desk beside me. I then went back to snoozing.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz.

"Argh!" I swiped it from the dresser and looked at it. It was Yaya. She must be crazy for calling me this early in the damn...afternoon. "What?"

"Amu! You actually picked up!"

"What's that - "

"Yaya was so worried!" she squeaked. "Yaya called you so many times she stopped counting!"

"I'm fine, Yaya, really," I reassured her.

"Yaya thought you finally kicked the bucket," she sniffled.


"O-K!" Kūkai came in with a tray of miscellaneous foods. "Brunch for a queen!"

"Ah? Kūkai's there?" Her tone changed immediately. "Are you two...you know...finally dating?"

"Eh? Dating? No." I smiled at Kūkai. "It's looks yummy."

"You probably haven't eaten in the last twelve hours so..." he chuckled and handed me a napkin.

"So thoughtful..." I sighed contentedly.

"Yaya will disappear now!" Beep.

I looked at it for a moment. I placed it back on the dresser and sat up with a smile. "Thanks so much for the food!"

"It's no problem at all," he put a piece of chicken (he's so amazing!) between the chopsticks and held it out to me. "Here."

"Yum!" I took the whole thing in one bite. "Uwah, as always, your chicken is the best!"

"No need to praise me," he patted my head. "Your smile always makes my day."

"You're so kind," I giggled happily.

"You're so cute," he replied with a grin.

"I wish," I sighed suddenly feeling the depression coming to eat away at my happiness. I began hastily finishing the food on my plate.

Kirishima Fuyuki. So kind. So athletic. You were so nice to everyone! My first boyfriend. And he had to go and fall in love with some other girl. Damn it! (That had inspired me to begin writing my bestseller love novels.) We were together for three months and two days...sniffle...

I chomped on the last bit of chicken.

Sanjou Kairi. I though you were fine! You didn't have to go off into the distant mountains or whatever to declare your manliness! As my second boyfriend, you were so organized and held me stay in line. I doubt you'll even come back...probably'll meet a nice cow milking girl wearing a ridiculous furry hat and wooden shoes...



"You're...beautiful, you know that right?"

I felt my eyes tear up. I took the tray and set it on the dresser before turning to him. I then proceeded to leap off the couch and latched onto him like a chimpanzee in joy. I hugged him, so thankful for a friend so kind as this. He really knows how to make me feel better.

"Kūkai..." I blubbered so happy. "You're the best friend in the entire world!"


"I'm so happy to have met you!" I continued on. "You're so kind to everyone! And you always take care of me..."

"Amu, I - "

"Nope! Don't spoil this moment for me!" I put a finger to his lips. "I don't think you can do anything to make this moment possibly any better."

I've wanted to hear these words forever from somebody! Maybe I'll be kinder to my happy-go-lucky girl...I must be really happy!

"But Amu I came here - "




He set me down on the couch. Then he reached into his pocket, fishing out his phone. He looked at me with determination upon his face. I looked at him. Maybe...wow! A girl he likes! I think he was trying to ask me about another girl. That's probably why he came over. I get tp play Cupid! I looked at him expectantly.

Bzz. Bzz.

Huh? A text from Yaya maybe? I swiped it quickly and flipped my phone open. I quickly viewed the unopened message.

I love you.

...huh? My eyes widened to saucers and I slowly looked up. Kūkai was fidgeting nervously and pink to the ears. I showed him the phone.

"It's Tadase."


"Tadase?" Kūkai furrowed his brow and looked at his phone. "Gah!"


"I have his phone!"

"What? Why?"

"I was at his house earlier..." to tell him I was going to tell you my feelings. I can't say that! On the other hand...why do I have his phone?

"T-then...the m-m-message was..." I stammered like an idiot. "...was a mistake!"

What? Don't tell me Amu's that stubborn. "Ugh, Amu."

"A-a mistake, I tell you..."

"It's definitely no mistake," Kūkai leaned down pressing his forehead to mine, "that I fell in love with you."

[A/N]: The end! I've decided to write a place for my collection of Kukamu/Amukai oneshots. They seem to go nowhere but I really j'adore this pairing (^∇^)

~ kitana411

Amu: It was...a mistake...right?

Kukai: Amu, I fell in love with you a long time ago.

Amu: N-no way!

Kukai: I love you, Amu.

Amu: I can't believe this...

kitana411: I'm so happy.