The honeymoon phase. The point in a romantic relationship in which two said persons are in a dreamy state, completely obsessed with one another and don't notice anybody else. Basically, it was second day of their relationship, and Harry and Hermione were being nauseatingly romantic.

Being Harry's best mate, Ron had the privilege of watching is other best mate cuddle into the Boy-Who-Lived's side. Or butterfly kiss him. Or speak to him in that high pitched baby voice. Ron wanted to vomit.

"No, you're cuter—"

Ron yanked at his hair in frustration. "You're both bloody adorable! Now will you shut up?"

Hermione and Harry looked over in confusion. They searched the room until their baffled gazes landed on one another.

"Did you hear something?" Harry questioned.

Hermione scrunched her face up in concentration. She tilted her head to the side as if that would make her hear better. "I thought I heard something, too..."

Harry shrugged and pulled Hermione close. "Probably just our imagination."

Hermione nodded. "Paranoia, yes. You know nobody is supposed to know you're here, so our minds are playing tricks on ourselves to keep us aware."

That was when they shrugged and dropped the matter, instead exploring the idea of a snogging session. Ron groaned as he two mates went at it. He threw his arm over his eyes and yelled, "You've got to be kidding me!"

They pulled apart. "There it was again," Hermione said.

"Who cares?" Harry muttered. Hermione decided to go with it and pushed Harry down onto his bed.

"That's it! I'm leaving!" Ron yelled. They ignored him. Ron grumbled as he slammed the door shut and stomped down the stairs.

"Mr. Weasley?" Professor McGonagall questioned.

Ron's head snapped up. "Oh, uh, hello, Professor McGonagall."

"Is everything all right?"

"No," Ron answered truthfully. "But lets not worry about me. Is there something wrong, Professor?"

She shook her head. "Actually, something right. Is Mr. Potter up in his room? I would like to deliver him the good news."

Ron blinked as what she said sunk in. "No!" he yelled. She jumped back before narrowing her eyes in suspicion. "You do not want to go up there."

"And why not?"

Ron chewed on his lip before saying, "Well, uh, Neville puked this morning—you know how nervous he gets—and it's a real big mess up there. Nobody really wants to clean it up, you see—"

"Why not use a charm?" she questioned.

Ron stomped his foot. "Stop finding holes in my story, dammit! Just, uh, tell me the good news and I'll pass it on to Harry, yeah?"

Finding nothing at fault, McGonagall told him and Ron tripped up the stairs in excitement. "Harry, Harry!" Ron yelled as he opened the door. The couple broke apart and looked up in alarm. "Snape fixed up a potion to return your age and memories."

Later, the trio found themselves in the hospital wing. Harry and Hermione said their goodbyes, sobbing their eyes out. Ron celebrated in the corner, knowing Harry at fifteen was completely oblivious to any girl that wasn't Cho Chang. There would be no Harry and Hermione. Therefore, no nausea for Ron.

Hermione clung to Harry melodramatically as Harry drank the potion, and Harry promptly passed out. Hermione fell with him, bumped her head, and was knocked unconscious as well. Ron, helped the two into separate beds and all was right in the world.

Harry woke up a day later, head over heels in love with Cho and a good two inches shorter, five pounds lighter and a lot denser.

Ron recounted the details of the last week and Harry promptly locked himself up in their room, allowing no one access, where he found the a charm to do that was beyond Ron. But then Hermione found the counter charm, opened the door, and pounced on him.

Harry stared up at her in a daze, his glasses askew and his hair...well, his hair was always messy, their was no need to comment on that. "Did you just kiss me?"

Ron was tempted to shout out no—he had followed Hermione up there, hoping to stop her—but Hermione already answered yes and shoved Ron out of the room so she could explain everything.

No, all was not right with the world. Harry and Hermione got together, Harry throwing away any thoughts of Cho Chang and they were back into the Honeymoon phase.

Ron sat on the sidelines as Hermione rubbed her nose against Harry's. "No, you're cuter—"

"Oh bloody hell!"

Author's Note: I know I wrapped that up rather fast, but I quickly lost interest in this story, and don't really feel like dragging this out any longer than it has to be. Thanks for reading. :)