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Rosie's POV

*At the helicopter platform of the Lake Munroe High*

"General Kane!" I said when I saw him, taking Carter to his helicopter.

He turned around immediately when he heard my voice. Carter took off her mask and looked worried.

"Well", the general began, "it looks like everyone wants to be a princess tonight. Unfortunately, it is time for the masquerade to end."

"What are you doing? The plan was working perfectly." Carter said, almost whispering.

"This was a very brave plan. But this is my fight, not yours." I said, I felt scared of what was coming, I knew that he was going to take me, probably to Costa Luna or Costa Estrella.

"You don't have to go with him" Carter said, with a worried and scared look, but I decided to go with him, so Carter would be safe.

"Enough!" Kane shouted. "As the princesa so eloquently pointed out: This is not your fight."

Now I was really scared, tough I knew where he was taking me, I didn't know what was going to happen to me. Would I see my mother back? Or wasn't she even alive anymore? I knew that general Kane would do something like that if he didn't get what he want.

He pointed to the helicopter and I went to there, the wind of the helicopter blew a cold breeze in my face, but I was thankful for that because tears were welling up in my eyes and the wind dried them kinda.

When he opened the door I stepped in it, some of his men took my arms and set me down in the helicopter. Kane came sit across me, he looked at me, deep into my eyes. I gave him a glare, but he didn't liked that. He slapped me, maybe not that hard, but it hurted a bit. I wanted to touch my cheek but his man, who sat next to me, held my arms down. Now, I was scared as hell.

"Well, princesa," he began, "Any idea of what's gonna happen?" He smirked.

I didn't say anything, I just stared at him.

"I think that's a no" His smirk became even wider, I knew this was gonna be something bad.

"Well, let me say it easy, you're not longer a princess, you're nothing more than a slave now, but not just a slave, you're gonna be my personal sex slave."

Now I was crying, I had expect something terrible, but nothing like that.

"Don't cry my prin-, oh, I meant my slave, you'll enjoy all the fun." It seemed impossible but his smirk grow wider and he laughed evilly.

After flying for a few hours, and crying for a few hours, I saw my country, or what was suppose to be my country. We landed on the little field behind the royal palace, the place where I last stood on my country when major Mason rescued me.

When the propellers stopped, they handcuffed me and we stepped out.

I looked at what was my home only 2 months ago, I looked at the large window of my bedroom, I saw my bed standing in the room, my gold plated king sized bed with pink silk sheets, I bet I would never sleep there again.

They took me to the basements of the castle, to a small room, or should I say cell? They took the handcuffs off and threw me on the ground. General Kane came in the cell, I rubbed my head 'cause it hurted from the fall.

He looked down at me, he bent down to my level and caressed my cheek. I whimpered at his touch, it was also the cheek he slapped a few hours ago.

"You are so beautiful, your skin is so soft, I like that," he laughed again and left the cell.

His men closed the door and locked it, it was an old metal door with a little window with bars, like you see in the horror movies on TV.

I looked around, it was a little dark but I still had a good look on the cell, it had gray walls with large old stones, there were chains on one wall, and I wasn't sure but I think that it was blood in one corner. I began to cry, silently.

Carter's POV

I was so worried, I was still standing at the helicopter platform. I heard a voice behind me.

"Hey, pal! What are you doing here? The party ended 2 hours ago," It was my dad, had I really stood here for so long? Just staring at the direction where Kane took Rosie with the Helicopter. I had to tell my dad, I hadn't thought yet of how I would tell him, so I decided to say it in the easiest way.

"I was looking for you, it's already 3am. And euhmm, where is Rosie?" Oh no, this was gonna be worse than I thought. I realized that I cried, I ran to my dad, sobbing in his chest.

"Shhh, it's okay Cater, what happened and where's Rosie?" He asked with a soothing voice.

"N-no, it's not okay, K-kane, t-took Rosie," I cried even harder now. I felt my dad stiffen. It was his job to protect Rosie, and he asked me to help him, but I failed. I didn't just let the princess go, I also let them take my best friend.

"But Carter, how? And where did he took her?" He asked with a worried voice.

"He t-took her with a he-helicopter, I had a plan so he w-would take me and Rosie would be s-safe but she came to here w-when Kane was taking me a-and now she's g-gone, please daddy, go h-help her, I'm so worried," I said between sobs.

"Oh Carter, I will, we're going home and you change into your regular clothes and we're going to the PPP headquarters."

"Are you mad at me?" I asked a little scared of his answer.

"No, you did the best you could, it's my fault, I had to be more careful, I could knew that general Kane would do something like this, but don't worry Carter, we'll find her." I wasn't sure but I think my dad was crying too.

We ran to the car and drove home, I ran upstairs to my room, I opened my closet and took something to change in. When I was done, I looked at Rosie's bed, her locket that her mom gave her laid on it. (A/N: I know that Rosie wore the locket in the movie on the homecoming dance but it just fits into the story) "Carter, are you ready?" My dad said downstairs. I quickly took the locket and ran downstairs, my dad was in his PPP outfit. We ran to the car and he started it.

He pushed a button and a little screen appeared with the director on it. "What is the problem?" she said with her Russian accent.

"It's the princess, general Kane took her." He said worried.

"Oh no, do you know where he took her?"

"I'm not sure but I guess to Costa Luna or Costa Estrella."

"Okay, we'll sent our best agents to find her and then place her somewhere else." She said, she looked mad but also disappointed.

"No!", I said, "it's not my dad's fault! It's my fault, I had a plan to keep her save, or at least I thought that it would keep her safe. Don't blame my dad for this, but me, and please, don't place her somewhere else, she's my best friend." I was crying again now, but I didn't care, my dad could loose his job for something that he didn't.

"Okay, come to the headquarters and we'll talk about what we're gonna do. I'll sent a helicopter to pick you up on the closest platform, that's the school I think." With that, the screen went black.

We drove to the school and ran to the roof to wait for the helicopter. I just stood there, again staring at the direction where Kane's helicopter flew.

After only a few minutes, the helicopter arrived and we stepped in it.

We flew for an hour, it was around 6am I guess 'cause the sun began to rise a little bit.

We landed on some island with on the first sight nothing. We stepped on the beach to some bush thing, a door opened.

This was really weird, I never saw something like that, I also never expected something like that on an island. We stepped inside, it was some kind of lift. We were going underground.

When the lift's door opened I saw a large room with a lot of computers and screens. The director stood in the middle of a round platform.

"Ah, major Mason, you're here." She said.

"Yes ma'am, and this is my daughter, Carter, she wants to come with me, she really cares about Rosie." My dad said.

"I see, so Carter, tell me the plan you had," Oh no, now I had to tell the entire plan and my dad knew nothing about it, I guess he'll be mad at me. So I told them the plan, from the first call with Eleganté to Rosie who came to the helicopter platform. By the end of it, I had tears in my eyes, it was my fault, this all was my fault.

"Okay, we'll send you to Costa Luna with a some other men."

We stepped again in the lift and headed to the helicopter that stood ready.

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