I'm sorry it's been so long! I just was busy with school again.

It must be a long time because a nurse knocked on the door and came in with a tray with food. Rosie had fallen asleep, I didn't want to wake her up but otherwise her food would become cold.

"Psst, Rosie,"

"Huh?" she murmured as she flickered with her eyes a few times.

"It's already noon, they just brought your food."

"Oh," She slowly sat up, I think her muscles hurted a bit from laying in an uncomfortable position for an hour or so.

When she was done, we went to the garden again, we talked a bit. Or yeah, it was more Rosie complaining about how bored the hospital was and that she couldn't wait to get out the next day. It was kind of funny, it was like she prepared an entire speech! I only said 'Uhu' a few times. When she was finally done with complaining, it was silent. Or at least for a few minutes.

"Pfff, it's so bored here," She said again, I laughed a little.

"What? Why are you laughing?" She looked up confused.

"You're complaining all the time,"

"I do?"

"Yes," I chuckled a little bit.

"Oh, sorry then,"

"Don't be sorry, and by the way, you're home tomorrow," Oh no, did I just said 'home'? Did she still thought Costa Luna was her home or not? Did I brought her to think about this again?

"Yes, my new home," She smiled.

It was again silent for a while until I looked at my phone, it was already 3pm! My dad would come half an hour ago!

We went back to Rosie's room and saw my dad waiting there.

"Ahh, there you are!"

"Sorry dad, we were in the garden,"

"It's okay, I was a little late here too, I'm only 10 minutes here."

"Oh, okay," I turned to Rosie, "Sorry, but I have to go, I have to help my dad a little and make our room up and things."

"Oh, okay then," She said a little disappointed.

"I'm sorry,"

"No, it's okay, it's only one more day so."

"Yeah, at what time can you leave tomorrow?"

"I think they said 11am."

"Ah, okay, I'll come tomorrow morning as soon as possible okay? Around 9 or something."

"Okay then,"

My dad stood up, "Bye Rosie,"

"Bye," she gave him a hug and he smiled, hugging her back.

They pulled back, Rosie came to me and we gave each other a little kiss.

My dad and I went downstairs to our car.

"So, tomorrow the last time you have to come to here."

"Yeah, Rosie's really getting bored there, the only thing she can do is watching television and reading some magazines."

"Yeah, so what are you gonna do now home?"

"Just cleaning our room a little, the last months I hadn't had time for that, and especially the last weeks. And I know she don't like mess so."

"I really don't wanna know what's all in your room, when was the last time you cleaned that?"

"I don't know,"

We drove home and I cleaned our room, when I was done, we had dinner. We ordered something, again, my dinner was almost always pizza or hamburgers. After we were done with dinner, I sat outside with my dad on the porch swing. The moon was right above the lake, the beautiful full moon, just like a few weeks ago when we were on Costa Del Sol. (A/N: Oh, I miss that moon so much, I love the moon shining on the sea in Spain! Luckily for me, it was full moon when I was there! But it wasn't in Costa Del Sol)

"The moon is so beautiful," I said.

"Yes, as always."

"It reminds me always of Rosie," I saw my dad smiling.

"Me too,"

I laid on my dad's chest and slowly fell asleep.

"Happy Birthday Pal!" I was in my room, and my dad was standing in the door opening. I guess I fell asleep deep and he carried me to here.

He came closer and gave me a box with yellow wrapping paper around it and a big white bow.

"Thank you dad!"

"I hope you like it,"

"Of course I will!"

I pulled the paper off and opened the box, there were a few things in it, first I took out a red photo frame in heart shape, there was a picture of me and Rosie in it. I smiled and gave my dad a hug, I putted the photo frame on my night stand.

Next, I took out a DVD of the Wizards of Oz, it's my favourite movie! (A/N: Just like Selena's (: couldn't come up with something else) It was a special edition, with a lot of extra's on it I wanted it for so long! First I only had the normal DVD, but there were a few scratches on it so it didn't worked very well anymore.

Last, there was a birthday card, I opened it:

"Hey pal,

Happy 17th birthday!

You and me, Pal"

"Thank you so much dad!" I hugged him again.

"And that's not all, someone wanted to give you something."

He took a pink envelope from behind his back. I already knew from who it was. I opened it and there was a glitter card in it, on the inside, there was a little text in a beautiful curly handwriting:

"Happy 17th birthday, Carter

I'm sorry I couldn't buy you a real gift,

so I hope you're happy with just a card.

I love you,


"Love you too," I whispered.

I putted both cards on my nightstand next to the photo frame.

"So, you like the gifts?"

"Of course dad!"

I looked at my alarm clock, it was 7.30.

"Yeah, I'm sorry that I woke you up this early, but I heard you say to Rosie that you would be at the hospital around 9."

"It's okay dad,"

My dad went downstairs and I changed. I went downstairs too.

"So, the usual birthday breakfast?" he asked.

"Of course!" That 'birthday breakfast' were pancakes, we didn't eat them a lot, or otherwise not in the morning, so my birthday was one of the only days I could eat it.

My dad baked a few pancakes and served them to me.

When I was done, it was almost 8.30.

"So, done!"

"Okay, you have to do something else or can we go to Rosie?"

"Nope, I'm ready!"

We drove to the hospital and were there a few minutes before 9.

We went to the 4th floor, room 418. I opened the door.

"Happy birthday Carter!" Rosie welcomed me.

"Thank you! I love the card!" I kind of ran to her bed and hugged each other, followed by a few kisses. My dad always smiled whenever we did that. I think he's happy that we found our love.

"Thanks, I bought it in the little store here."

"Thank you so much,"

"So," I started after a minute of silence, "only 2 hours before you can leave,"


"Yeah, it was about time, it's so,"

"Boring here," I cut her off, smiling at her, before she started her speech again.

"So, I'll take all your stuff together already."

"Okay, but I'll help you,"

"No no, it's okay, you don't have to stand too much on your ankle."

"But it's your birthday!"

"So? That doesn't mean I can't pack stuff."

"Okay then."

I opened the closet and took out the bag where my dad brought her clothes with.

"Which clothes do you wanna wear today? Then I don't put them in the bag cause I see you have your pyjama on."

"I don't care, just take something, you may chose."

"Okay then," I took her pink shirt with flowers and a jeans. (A/N: You know, the clothes she wore after the yoghurt scene.)

Then, I zipped open the bag and packed her shirts, then her pants, and then her underwear.

"So, already done," I said.

"Only 1 and a half hour,"

"Yes, finally, it's been long enough for you, and for me too."

Someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," I said. Dr. Grant came in.

"Hey Rosie, I just came to check on you one last time," Yes, he called her just Rosie, not Mss Gonzales anymore, he came at least once a day and they always talked a bit so she wasn't a stranger to him anymore.

"Hi, great to see you!"

"Thank you, I'm gonna miss you a little, you're the only patient I can actually talk to."

"I'm gonna miss you too."

"So, is everything alright so you can leave? You don't feel sick or anything?"

"No, I feel amazing."

"Good, the plaster cast can off in 2 weeks, you can just come to here then."


"So, I think that's everything I came for, so goodbye I guess or better: I hope."

"Goodbye, I hope it too that I don't have to come back."

"Yeah, bye,"


He left the room. We went to the cafeteria with my dad and took a drink, we talked a bit and around 11 we went back to Rosie's room. We took the bag and left.

We went downstairs, to the car. I sat in the backseat and Rosie next to me. After half an hour we were home. I helped Rosie out the car and we went inside.

"I missed this place so much!" She said when she came in.