So, here's the next chap! I have one chap left now, but I was home today because I was very sick so I couldn't make my French exam and it also snowed very hard here and it took me more than half an hour to get halfway to school (which is 4-5km) and then we stood still, for the traffic light… 4-5km farther… So I wouldn't get to school in more than an hour. And I really need my time for French.

I woke up when someone knocked on the door.

"Carter, I think Mr. Eléganté is there!"

Carter wasn't awake yet. "Huh? What? What did you say?"

"Mr. Eléganté is here I think. Come get out of bed!"

"Oh, okay, that's early,"

"Carter, look outside, it's already late I think." The sun was shining so bright! I took a look at my alarm clock and saw that it was almost 11am already!

I took my crutches and got up. I heard a knock again. I go as quickly as I could out of the room to open the door.

"Mr. Eléganté!" I screamed when I saw him standing in front of the door.

"Rosalinda! I am so happy to see you again, it's been so long, three months!"

I ran, or yeah, more stumbled to him and hugged him, he first hesitated but then hugged me back. It's a little unusual to hug, it's not very polite.

"You have changed so much in these three months."

"You too, I've missed you so much!" I still hugged him.

After a few more minutes I let go of him. He came inside and sat down on the table. Carter came joining us.

"So, why did you wanted me to come so fast?" He asked me.

"I have to ask you something very important."

"What kind of important thing?"

"Do you know what happened to me?"

"I have heard that Kane had you imprisoned and treated you very bad. I also heard the news about your mother. I am sorry for you."

"Thank you, but it's okay, I already have put me over it. I have to go on with live, everything in this world happen for a reason." (A/N: I know this sentence sounds really mean but I couldn't come up with a better one)

"But what did you want to ask me?"

"I am scared, scared of Costa Luna, I don't wanna go back."

"But princessa, you are going to be queen,"

"No, I asked major Mason and Carter to adopt me, I live here from now on. And I want to give you the title of king of Costa Luna."

"A-are you sure of this? It's a big responsibility, as well as from me getting the title as from you just giving a country away."

"I have thought about this very well, and very long and I am sure of my decision,"

"O-okay then,"

"And we wanna tell you something more."

"Oh, what?"

"Carter and I are together."

"Like a couple?"

"Yes, like a couple," Carter answered.

"I always knew it, I have seen it for so long in you that you weren't for the boys, but I never told you or anyone else."


"Yes, I have met a lot of royalty but no one ever told me that their daughter wanted a skateboard for Christmas."

"Oh yeah, that," I smiled to myself, I was 10 back then, I was never even thaugt to ride a bike, 'cause I wouldn't need that in my life, but I wanted a skateboard as Christmas present.

"And Kane did more to me,"


"I'm pregnant," I said. He looks shocked.

"Oh no, I knew he can be a horrible person but this, I'm sorry for you. And what are you gonna do with it?"

"Keeping him, or her,"

He now was even more in shock, "K-keeping the baby?" I nodded, "So you are g-going to be a m-mother?" He says in disbelieve.

"Yes, I thought long about this and I think this is the right decision. I'm sorry mr. Eléganté that I maybe disappoint you but-,"

"No Rosalinda, I'm not disappointed in you, I'm proud of you, to make that big decision." He starts smiling.

"Thank you, I appreciate it." I smile back.

"Oh, I have something for you, I don't know if you want it back or not." He reached to the little bag he had with him and zipped it open.

"They found this back, at the trash. I cleaned it and it looks as good as new again." He pulls out the pink dress I wore at the homecoming dance. I have a lot of bad memories from it, but also good ones from the dance. He handed it to me and I took it.

"Thank you, éganté,"

I looked at it, it was perfectly clean again.

"Would you like me to go get some of your stuff on Costa Luna?"

"Euh, not really." I thought, "Or maybe something, could you maybe get me my Mr. Snuggles?" Mr. Snuggles was my plush dog I already had from my birth. Actually it was really ugly, it was more a rag then a plush toy but I couldn't throw it away. I had kind of a bond with it. I had it always by my side until I was forbidden to, which was when I was like 7. Then it just laid in my bed.

"Of course, Rosalinda,"

"Thank you," I just let him call me Rosalinda, he'll never learn it to call me Rosie. But I didn't really care, it was okay when he said it.

We talked some more and in the afternoon he left.

So this was it, I think the part I've written today is also one chap. But I'm gonna speed up the story a bit, I'm not gonna do it day by day but with months. And I'm planning to write 5 more chaps (so 7 in total) and an epilogue.

After I finished this story, I wanna do a Camp Rock fanfic but I don't have any inspiration for one. I don't wanna make it as long as this one, but also not a one-shot, so ideas are welcome!