E/O Challenge: Flu

Three separate 100 word drabble Chapters; three separate POVs. This one's for my "triabble" buddies Amber Dreams & Dizzo - thanks for your friendship, sweets.

Rawhead - Chapter 1

Friggin' Rawhead – thought it was dead. I'd zapped it with enough juice; sonofabitch should've been dead. But as I picked up its frightened victim it pounced, knocking me and the little girl to the ground. Covering her frail-form with my body it slashed at me, its razor-sharp claws tearing my jacket; scratching my back.

"DEAN." Sammy was on-it-in-a-flash, firing the entire tasor into its flea-bitten-hide.

Later back at the motel, my head pounding, I popped a couple of Tylenol, brushing aside the flu-like symptoms. It was only when the room span and I seized that I remembered the Rawhead scratch.