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Summary: twelve year old Corryn was always the outcast, but one night changes everything when an accident lands our hero in the body of Pokémon-Human hybrid, a Joltik Gijinka. Can she find the confidence she lost when a whole world and its inhabitants need her to save it, or will she fail in the end?

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Accidents that change things

It was a dark, cloudy day as Corryn Blue, a twelve year old girl and a student at Accelia Academy slowly exited the school gates along with other students, the day finally at an end. She kept her head low, allowing for her uneven, dirty blonde hair to cover her face and by consequences, her expression. She gulped as flashes of the day's events seemed to smack her across the face, a constant and ever present reminder of how inadequate she seemed to be. She was bullied by her classmates, who even used her own name against her as a form of psychological weapon. Calling her Spider Girl and other names having to do with the creepy, eight-legged creatures her parents had innocently named her after. If only the others would just leave her alone. She was too timid and shy to stick up for herself after all.

"Mom and dad are gonna kill me…" she said quietly as she pulled out the remains of what had been her glasses, shattered after being brutally shoved into a locker and having them knocked off her face, only for somebody to step on them. She couldn't tell her parents that, oh no, that would be a bad idea. She'd have to take the fall for something that was out of her control again, it seemed. Her parents couldn't afford to keep replacing them either. Today, and actually everyday was not her day it seemed.

She suddenly froze as she turned the corner, only for very familiar laughter to reach her ears. Looking up, Corryn gulped in fear as her eyes widened at what, or rather who she saw. Anabeth and her friends, Bethany and Lea, her main torturers in and out of school stood there chatting about lord knows what, laughing snidely at some poor fools misfortune. She looked for another way around them so she could get home without a problem, but by the time she found one, Anabel had spotted her.

"Hey Spider-Girl, where do you think you're going? Aren't you gonna say hi?" Anabel sauntered up to her, head held high as she flung her perfect brown hair behind her and sneered menacingly at the smaller, timid girl. Bethany and Lea laughed mockingly behind her as Corryn coward, slowly backing away.

"Hey, how about a Pokémon battle? Promise we'll leave you alone if you win." Bethany suggested with a cruel look on her face. Pokémon battles were all the rage at her school, and it made sense seeing as the whole school was constructed to teach its students how to function around Pokémon and the many jobs you could perform alongside them. Almost all the students had a Pokémon or would be getting one soon, so they liked to participate in Pokémon battles after school for kicks. The thing was Corryn didn't have a Pokémon, and her parents couldn't afford the time to get her one, and she definitely didn't have the confidence to go try and catch one on her own.

"Yeah Spider-Girl, let's go!" Anabeth agreed, reaching into her bag and pulling out a pokéball.

"B-b-b-b-bu-" she stuttered quietly before getting interrupted by Anabeth.

"But what?"


"I I I, spit it out already you freak!" Corryn flinched back, squeaking in fear as tears threatened to flow from her eyes.

"That's enough Anabeth, leave her alone. You know she doesn't have any Pokémon on her at the moment, quick picking on her." Came the voice of Mathew, one of the popular boys in school. He was nice, and would occasionally stick up for Corryn when he was around and everyone was picking on her, but not all the time. He wasn't there to stick up for her.

"We weren't doing anything wrong, just trying to have a Pokémon battle. Guess we forgot, right girls?" Bethany and Lea nodded in agreement, glaring at Corryn when they thought nobody who cared would notice.

"Well if you're so eager to have a Pokémon battle, fine. Corryn, I'll let you borrow one of mine, okay?" Corryn panicked at that. It was nice of him to offer, but with all her paying attention in class, Corryn had never had a Pokémon battle before; she had no idea what she was doing. She'd just wind up losing in the end, and she knew it.

"B-but-" Mathew grinned good naturedly at her.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine, here." He handed her a pokéball, pressing the center button so it would enlarge and she could throw it.

"Heh! Let's go! C'mon out my precious!" Anabeth threw the pokéball into the area in between them, a beam of light shooting out as the spherical container opened, revealing a Purrloin once it cleared out. Corryn gulped as she starred timidly at the Pokémon and quietly spoke,

"O-okay. Um-please come out…Uh-whoever you are." She gently threw the ball into the battlefield, releasing a familiar electric spider, Joltik.

"Heh, nice choice Mathew, that's a perfect fit for Corryn, I wonder if it's as big a chicken as she is." Anabeth placed a dainty finger on her chin, seeming to think about the traits of the bug Pokémon.

"Don't worry Corryn, you can do it!" Mathew cheered, deciding to observe from the sidelines along with Anabeth's friends.

"Ok ready my precious?" the Purrloin nodded, purring loudly to show its confidence as it got in a battle stance, "Use Scratch!" Corryn flinched as the cat Pokémon flashed from its original spot, appearing in front of the Joltik and scratching it with its claws, sending the poor bug-type flying backwards a bit.

"C'mon Corryn, you have to give it a command! Tell it to attack!" Mathew instructed causing Corryn to look at him for a bit before beginning to bite her nails as she went over attacks the Pokémon in front of her might know.

"Um…Okay…Uh…U-use um…Electroweb…please?" Corryn watched as the spider Pokémon looked at her, seeming to sweat drop at her behavior before using the named attack.

"Ha! Pathetic, Purrloin, my pretty, dodge!" the Purrloin didn't hesitate as it followed through the attack missing completely. "Now, use Nightslash!" Joltik went flying back once again, landing at Corryn's feet, said girl wilting as she was doing very badly at this.

"C'mon Corryn! Try another attack!" Mathew called out from the sidelines, while Anabeth's friends laughed at Corryn's lack of skill.

"Yeah Spider-Girl, try another attack." Anabeth goaded snidely, confidence all but oozing off of her, knowing she had the battle in the bag, her win assured. Corryn looked nervously between Mathew, his Joltik, and Anabeth, sparing a few glances to the Purrloin as well.

"Uh…Uh…I-…I can't do it!" Corryn finally caved, all confidence gone as she turned the other way took off across the street, dropping Joltik's pokéball as she stepped off the sidewalk.

"Corryn wait!" Mathew called as he watched the girl run off into an intersection. It was still raining badly, and vision was already poor, but Mathew and the girls saw the car coming as it accidently ran a red light.



Corryn couldn't see anything. It was dark, really, really dark. She wasn't sure if her eyes were opened or closed, and she wasn't sure where she was either. What had happened?

Do you want to live?


Do you want to live? A second chance?

I-I don't understand…

There is a world that needs you…

Wait…W-what are you talking about?

Your destiny is awaiting…

I-I have a destiny?

Yes…Will you accept it?

I-I don't know…I-I guess…

Then let the journey begin…


Be brave young one, for the road ahead of you is filled with strife…

Huh? W-wait…Wh-WAH!

A young 15 year old with pure blonde hair paused as he looked toward the stormy skies.

"Something is coming..."

In the forest just outside of town, a young girl, around the age of 14 with hair just as blonde as the boy's lay unconscious on the grassy floor.

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