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Summary: While out shopping with Rai, Corryn meets Sammie and Cat, two very strange but interesting kids. All is not well however when Corryn finds out that they may have a slight problem with some rogue Gijinka, can Corryn help them or has she bitten off more than she can chew.

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A Friend in Need!

The town was bustling with business, the sun high in the sky as it warmed the Gijinkas below. Rai walked through the masses; Corryn not far behind him as they went about doing the shopping Zane had assigned them to earlier that day. The only reason it had taken so long to get there was because Rai had gotten distracted on their way here. Corryn silently swore in her mind that he had been doing it on purpose the whole entire time. After all, he had fought and argued with Zane over it for an hour and a half, not at all keen on the idea. Apparently the very concept of spending hours roaming through busy streets when you could be spending that valuable time training to get stronger didn't quite make sense in his mind. It had been Corryn's shy agreement and statement that she didn't mind going by herself that had finally gotten Rai to agree to go.

"So what are we supposed to be getting again?" Rai asked as he paused to turn and face his fellow Gijinka. Corryn shrugged her shoulders a bit as she answered in a rare sort of impulse came over her,

"Supplies." She stated simply, her expression a gentle smile. She couldn't help but notice that ever since a couple of days ago, she had been stuttering a bit less than she used to. The thought made her happy on the inside.

"Haha very funny." Was Rai's equally sarcastic reply as he placed his hands on his hips, an exasperated look on his face, "I didn't think you had a sarcastic streak in you Cory?" said Gijinka giggled slightly as she responded back,

"Heh, I g-guess there are a lot of things you don't know about me." 'Like the fact that I was once human…' she added on silently in her thoughts, hiding the solemn feelings behind a smile. Rai gave her an odd look before finally turning away from her,

"Whatever, but seriously, what were we supposed to be getting again? Did Zane tell you?" Rai asked as he began walking again. Corryn giggled slightly before pulling a small piece of paper from a pocket in the jacket she was wearing today.

"Y-yeah. H-Here you go." She handed the list over to Rai who gave a once over before looking back to where he was walking. He paused when a specific shop caught his attention,

"Oh hey, there's the Kecko Brother's Shop, perfect! C'mon Cory, let's go." Corryn nodded as she followed Rai into the store. They were automatically greeted by the two Kecko Brothers, who Corryn herself had yet to meet.

"Hello, and good afternoon. Welcome to the Kecko Brothers' Shop!" chorused a couple of slightly high-pitched male voices. "How may we help you today?" Corryn looked past Rai, who had been blocking her view at that point, wanting to see the owners of the small supply shop. Sitting behind the counter were two male Gijinkas that looked oddly alike but similar all at the same time. While they had the same faces and basically the same body structure, one had purple hair with green streaks; the other one's hair was green with yellow streaks. 'They're twins…' Corryn absently thought as Rai continued to walk toward the counter.

"Hey there Gecko, Lecko! Haven't seen you two in a while." Rai greeted giving a wave as he silently browsed the contents of the nearby shelves.

"Well if it isn't Rai! How you been doing lately?" one of the brothers responded returning the friendly gesture. The other one soon spoke up as well, "You know, you don't usually come here, what's the occasion?"

"Ah fine. And I'm just here to do a little shopping."

"Ah I see, glad to hear it. But let me guess. Zane ordered you to the shopping this time around."

"Ha! Bet you put up quite a fight with that one, normally it's Winny and Keith, never you." Rai grimaced before shaking his head, waving his hand in a gesture signifying he'd rather not talk about it.

"And who's this little lady here, your girlfriend?" that last question had both Gijinkas' faces going red Corryn turning into a stuttering mess while Rai was fighting for a good response,

"Sh-She's not my girlfriend! We're just friends!"

"Yeah, for now…" both brothers laughed as Rai grumbled,

"Oh shut up you!"

"Haha! We're sorry Rai, but seriously, you made that one too easy. So are you gonna introduce us to her or not?" Rai nodded as he turned to face Corryn slightly, wrapping his arm around her as he pushed her slightly forward and closer to the two brothers.

"S'okay. And this is Corryn, she's the newest member of Team Beta, a bit on the shy side, but she's getting better. She still stutters a lot though." He laughed, grimacing slightly when Corryn elbowed in the side. "Cory, this is Gecko," Rai pointed to the one with green hair, "-and the other one is Lecko." He pointed to the one with purple hair. Corryn politely bowed as she stuttered out a greeting,

"H-Hello, and it's very n-nice to meet you two."

"Ah, and such manners! The exact opposite of you Rai." They said jokingly as Gecko shook Corryn's hand.

"Hey!" Rai replied in indignation before allowing his shoulders to slump down in defeat while the two brothers laughed, Corryn adding insult to injury by giggling slightly as well. She found their interactions very cute and Rai's reactions were just plain amusing. "Ah I give up, so anyways. Here's the list Zane gave us. You think you got any of this stuff in store right now…" As Rai and the two brothers got down to business Corryn decided to explore a bit more outside.

Corryn was currently standing in front of a stall selling pastries, surveying the contents while a Flareon Gijinka waited patiently for her to choose what she wanted. It seemed Rai would be taking a lot longer than was expected, most likely buying stuff they didn't really need along with what they had been sent to get. Zane had given her money before they left, just in case she got hungry while out shopping with the stubborn Gijinka. He had predicted that Rai would take his sweet time going about the task, and apparently he knew the other Gijinka a bit too well. She finally pointed toward a big, buttery roll of bread and the fire-type went about completing the order.

Just as she was about to pay for the roll she had ordered, two small children ran into her, accidently knocking her to the ground.

"O-Oops…S-Sorry lady!" one of them apologized, bowing her head heavily once she was standing. Corryn blinked a bit, as the other child stood up as well,

"Ah yeah! We're really sorry for bumping into you." The other one, a young boy slightly older then the first, followed up shortly after, also bowing his head.

"I-It's fine but why were you two running?" Corryn looked at the two children as they seemed to think of an answer.

"We were headed for the park. Again, we're sorry Miss for running into you like that. My name's Sammie, and this is my friend Poppy." Poppy nodded as she added in their ages,

"Yeah, I'm four, and Sammie's six years old…We're Lillipup Gijinka! Oh, but we're not brother and sister though…" Poppy seemed disappointed at that fact, and Corryn couldn't help but smile at their closeness.

"I-It's nice to meet you Sammie, Poppy. M-My names Corryn." Corryn nodded to the two as she also stood up, brushing the dirt and dust off of her clothes before returning her attention back to the children. Just as she was about to speak up again, her attention was drawn to the area behind them, a group of brutish leaking Gijinka were running in their direction yelling and screaming.

"HEY YOU LITTLE BRATS! GET BACK HERE!" the children's eyes widened as they turned to look at the group, before looking at each other,

"Uh-oh…" they both said at the same time before Sammie grabbed hold of both Corryn and Poppy's hand. "C'mon!" He dragged both of them through the streets, Corryn not really resisting because of her confusion over the situation.

"Oh my!" was all Corryn could say as they disappeared into the crowd that had been behind her.

Sometime later, Rai finally came out of the store, and looked around in confusion when he could see neither hide nor hair of his companion. He had seen the younger Gijinka leave the store and walk across the street toward Miss Flare's bakery, but after that he had stopped paying attention to her and focused more on his task. Where had she gone off to?

"Maybe she's back at the guild. Probably got bored of waiting for me…But that really doesn't seem like Cory in hindsight…Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to check, and I do need to get this stuff back anyways. I just hope nothing bad happened to her." Rai walked towards the direction of the guild intent on getting back home before nightfall, the sun was already setting, maybe he shouldn't have taken so long in this endeavor after all.

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