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Eli throws himself onto his bed in defeat. He feels sad and happy and bitterly calm.

I miss you.

He texts Clare. He misses her a lot. They have only been dating for a couple of days and everything feels right, and he misses her more than he ever did when they were broken up. He misses her in a healthy sense, not in an overly-attached-boyfriend manner. It feels right.

Even though their relationship is filled with fluff and happiness, and even though they have fallen asleep on each other for five consecutive nights from staying on the phone so long, he still misses her because they really haven't had much time to themselves.

On their first attempt of what was supposed to be their re-first-date, Clare had to cancel because she had to take the opportunity of a lifetime.

On their second attempt of what was supposed to be their re-first-date, he had to cancel because he was having trouble with little-Ms.-Sunshine and the school play.

On their third attempt of what was supposed to be their re-first-date, they both ended up comforting Adam as he worried about Drew's concussions.

On their fourth attempt of what was supposed to be their re-first-date, the event they were going to itself got cancelled.

"I cannot believe our luck!" Clare had exclaimed incredulously when that happened. "I mean, seriously?"

Eli had smiled calmly, "Patience grasshopper." He had said, "I believe that all of these failed attempts are leading us to a spectacular re-first-date."

"I sure hope so." She had smiled up at him, and then they had kissed and it had felt right.

And this is what it had led too, him lying in bed miserably, missing her terribly, and sending her an "I miss you" text.

He looks around his room as he waits for her reply, and thinks to himself I can't wait till Clare see's my room again, she'd be so proud of how much stuff I got rid of.

After a while, he hears his phone beep and checks it eagerly for Clare's reply.

I miss you too. But we can change that if you just open up your window!

He stares at his phone in bafflement for a minute before he jerks his head towards his window; there she is, standing out there with a sly smile on her face, waving at him.

He laughs out loud and jumps from his bed to open his window for her.

"Hey!" she says giddily once inside, "I brought snacks." She holds up a picnic basket.

"Clare?" he laughs, unable to contain his happiness. "Clare!"

She smiles up at him and, with her hand behind his neck, pulls his face down towards hers for a quick slow kiss. Yes; a quick, slow kiss.

It is quick because it is over before they want it to be.

And it is slow because when you love someone the way that they love each other, and your eyes are closed like their eyes are closed, and when you take in a moment with all of your senses minus sight, like them; the moment feels, and smells, and tastes, and sounds positively endless. Perfection that lasts forever. It feels right.

"What brings you here?" he asks happily.

"I missed you." She shrugs, "I missed you a lot, Eli. After all our failed attempts at a re-first-date, I realized that I just want to be with you, be next to you, spend time with you, listen to you, talk to you. It doesn't matter what we do, I just want to be in the same room with you Eli- by the way your room looks amazing, I'm proud of you."

"Thank you." Eli smiles. Clare smiles back.

"But yeah, that's what brought me here."

"Well, I'm very happy you came."

There is a moment of peaceful silence.

"I love you." He says.

"I love you too." Neither of them can stop staring at each other, and neither of them can stop smiling. It feels right.

"Let's have a picnic, right here in my room." He says suddenly, he walks to his bed and takes his black and white skull design bed-sheet.

"That was my plan." She says excitedly.

She starts taking out the snacks from the basket as Eli spreads the sheet on his floor. He proceeds to get pillows as she places the snacks on the blanket. Teamwork. It feels right.

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, strawberries, two small bottles of "Simply Lemonade", and brownies.

"Yum." He says as he settles down on the picnic sheet.

"That's not all!" she smiles as she pulls out a set of lose Christmas lights from the basket.

He narrows is eyes out of curiosity and looks up at her in awe. "Um?" he teases.

She laughs, "That night, when we got together again, you said that there won't always be twinkly lights, and I figured that even though that's true there can still be some moments in which there are twinkly lights."

He smiles. "Of course."

She sighs and proceeds to plug them in and lay them out on the floor like a net, or a web, or field of little twinkly lights that surround them.

And then she turns off the Eli's light and it's just them, on Eli's skull blanket with two pillows, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, strawberries, two small bottles pf "Simply Lemonade", brownies, and twinkly lights. And it feels right.

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