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Kurt wasn't crying, he honestly wasn't sure his body had the liquid required to cry any longer. Blaine was lying in a hospital bed, and it was his fault. If he hadn't leaned in for a kiss, those bastards would have never known they were a couple, and they wouldn't have attacked them, and then they would be at home, instead of in the hospital. Well Kurt had been released 12 days before, Blaine was still there, in a coma, they had kicked him in the head and the doctors didn't know if he would wake up. Burt had begged to come to New York, but honestly, Kurt didn't want him to see them like this, didn't want him to have to see the aftermath of a hate crime. The bruises on Kurt were only just beginning to fade, and it still hurt to move certain ways, and Burt had been spared this when Kurt was young, and he wasn't going to have to witness it now. Blaine parents of course hadn't cared, though they did tell him to keep them updated, which was more than they had done after the Sadie's Hawkins dance when Blaine was 14. Cooper had been there for Blaine, he was the first person to ever be there for Blaine, 100% of the time, Kurt had been the second. When Kurt called Cooper, Cooper said he was going to get the first flight out of L.A. but Kurt had told him unless something changed there was no point in him flying out there, Kurt would call him as soon as there was something to report.

They had been married 5 years, together 10, and they had begun talking about starting a family. Kurt needed Blaine to wake up, he needed Blaine to be ok, so they could start a family, so they could grow old together, so he didn't have to be alone. Sleep had almost captured Kurt when a soft groan from the bed had him launched to his feet, grabbing Blaine's hand.

"DOCTOR!" Kurt cried, as he stared at Blaine face, willing those hazel eyes he loved so much to open. "Blaine, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes for me, Honey?" Slowly caramel colored eyes and Kurt's body found more moisture to cry as he wiped them off his cheeks, smiling in relief.

"Am I dead?" Blaine asked, his voice hoarse and broken from lack of use.

"No," Kurt chuckled softly, "You are just fine." Blaine looked his over confused,

"Then why is there an angel holding my hand?" Kurt would have laughed and called his husband cheesy, but Blaine seemed to genuinely believe he was some kind of stranger.

"Blaine, do you-" Kurt's words caught in his throat as he swallowed hard and continued, "Do you not know who I am?" Blaine looked at him oddly and shook his head 'no',

"Should I?" Who knew two words, both so simple, could shatter a person's heart in a million pieces.

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