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Please let today be a good day was Blaine's first thought when he opened his eyes, he really didn't think he could handle two days in a row like yesterday. When he opened his eyes he saw Kurt in his bed, curled up, sleeping like he always had. Blaine couldn't help but smile because when Kurt was like this, Blaine could pretend they were still themselves, still desperately in love with each other and still young. Instead as Blaine sat up all of his 82 years revealed themselves in the pain in his joints and bones. He groaned as he stretched and wondered what he would give to be 35 again, looking back, those were the best years. Maggie, Xander, and Elizabeth had been with them, Blaine had gone back to school right after they got Maggie and got his teaching license and became a music teacher, a job he loved very much.

Now as he got ready he thought about what his life was like now. He was here in this nursing home taking care of his occasional husband, when Kurt remembered that is. The Alzheimer's had been kind and taken Kurt when he was older than a lot of people who got it. He'd been 79 when it really started and now at 83 he was still speaking and knew who he was and sometimes even knew Blaine and the children. Speaking of, they would be there later that day, just another reason for Blaine to pray that it was a good day. Blaine was brought out of his thoughts by a soft moan, alerting Blaine that Kurt was waking up. Blaine held his breath. Kurt looked at him, his face filled with confusion but he didn't seem angry or alarmed like he could be at times.

"Do I know you?" Blaine sighed sadly at Kurt's question,

"I don't know, do you?" Blaine had learned that telling Kurt that he was his husband freaked Kurt out, so he let Kurt try to work it out instead. Kurt studied him for a moment,

"You could be my husband but I think you're too old." Blaine laughed at Kurt's statement. "Oh God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-" Blaine shook his head and chuckled,

"It's okay, I am old, you don't have to feel bad." Kurt looked down nervously, like he did when he was embarrassed. "Really, don't worry, I'm under no illusion that I'm not old." Kurt laughed softly, smiling at him like he used to, when he'd put his foot in his mouth. Blaine smirked, "So how old is this husband of yours?" Blaine knew that if he could gauge how old Kurt thought he was it would make the day easier because Blaine would know what to ask or what not to ask.

"53, so we are heading in your direction," Kurt reported. Blaine smirked and rolled his eyes slightly, "Oh sorry," Kurt winced again. Blaine laughed again, it was going to be a good day.

"It's fine," Blaine promised. Kurt looked around hesitantly,

"Um, is there a shower I can use?" That was one thing that amazing Blaine about Alzheimer's is that despite not being home Kurt didn't ask to go home, well not anymore.

"It's right through there," Blaine pointed to their bathroom.

"You don't mind do you?" Kurt asked hesitantly, Blaine smiled, it was still his Kurt, thinking of other people before himself.

"No, I don't mind," Blaine claimed. "The towels are in the closet in the bathroom." Kurt smiled and nodded,

"Thank you," he said as he headed into the bathroom. Kurt smiled and Blaine couldn't help grin, his beautiful husband, even as an 83 year old man Blaine saw him as the most gorgeous man in the world.

Once Kurt was out of the shower he sat down on his bed and looked at Blaine,

"You look so much like I always thought Blaine would look when he was older. Still handsome even with the wrinkles of our story on his face." Blaine's eyes filled with tears and Kurt's eyes widened in slight panic.

"Oh no! What did I say?" Blaine shook his head,

"Nothing, my husband just…" Blaine cut himself off; he never really knew how to answer Kurt when he asked where his husband was.

"Oh," Kurt murmured, assuming Blaine's husband was dead. "I'm sorry," Blaine smiled sadly,

"It's okay," he claimed, "I'm luckier than some, I got so many wonderful years with him and our kids, I can't begrudged how it ends. Can the few bad years at the end make the 66 good years we got mean less?" Blaine asked, looking down at his hands, they were wrinkled, calloused, had age spots and a couple of scars that Blaine couldn't remember where he got them, but they told his story, their story. These hands that had fit into Kurt's perfectly for so long, they always knew if they reached out they would be taken. His hands were held open as he looked at the back and Kurt took one with his own hand.

"I'm sure your husband would be here if he could," Kurt said, looking up at Blaine and for a second Blaine thought he had his Kurt back, but he didn't. Kurt's eyes didn't hold the love for Blaine that used to be there. Sometimes Blaine was sure he was being punished for how harsh he'd been to Kurt when he lost his memory all those years ago.

"I know he would be, he never wanted to inconvenience or hurt anyone," Kurt smiled softly. Blaine liked to pretend those smiles were meant for Blaine as Kurt's husband and not the old man with the absent husband.

It was just after lunch when Kurt was reading a play the he was no longer eligible to audition for and Blaine was writing a song that no one would ever hear when their daughter hesitantly stuck her head in the door.

"Pops?" Maggie asked hesitantly, glancing at Kurt. Kurt's diseased had been so hard on her and their son Xander, they were the apples of Kurt's eyes, Elizabeth had been Blaine's darling. Not that Elizabeth hadn't been equally as devastated but when Kurt looked at Maggie and hadn't known who she was… it had nearly killed their eldest daughter.

"Hey Mags," Blaine smiled motioning for her to enter, before shaking his head quickly when she motioned to Kurt. "Kurt," Blaine got his attention, he looked up and a smile split his face when he saw their guest.

"Hello," Kurt greeted her, holding out his hand. Maggie smiled sadly and shook her father's hand.

"This is my daughter, Maggie," Blaine introduced them.

"You weren't lying, she is absolutely beautiful," Kurt said, smirking. Blaine chuckled, he hadn't told Kurt anything about them coming.

"Well aren't you a charmer," Maggie teased back, smiling, she'd learned to be satisfied with good days instead of being sad that her father didn't know her. "Would you mind if Blaine's other family came in? His other daughter and son and a couple grandkids are here, but we don't want to intrude."

"Oh no, that's perfectly okay, I'd love to meet your family," Kurt agreed.

Blaine smiled at Kurt agreement,

"Which babies are here?" Blaine asked.

"Gray, Alex, and Rosie," Maggie replied, smiling when Blaine's eyes lit up.

"Is Gray still wanting to be a writer?" Kurt asked, casually. Maggie looked at Kurt surprised but nodded,

"Yeah, he's home from school for fall break now actually," Kurt smiled,

"I always knew that kid was something special." He claimed, "Not that they aren't all special, I mean they are my grandkids." Blaine and Maggie laughed, nearly in tears in happiness, but they made sure not to get too excited, for as quickly as his memory would come back, it would leave again.

"That's very true," Maggie stated. Kurt's eyes went glassy and he looked at her confused,

"What's very true?" Kurt asked.

"I am beautiful," Maggie covered, causing Kurt to laugh and Blaine looked at Maggie sadly who sighed. Maggie went over to the door and motioned in and a couple seconds later three adults, two college aged kids and one high schooler entered the room.

"Hey Grandpa," the oldest of the three kids greeted Blaine, hugging him before looking carefully at Kurt.

"Hey Gray," Blaine responded, "Kurt this is my grandson, Gray," Blaine introduced them and Gray held out his hand, biting his lip shyly, like Kurt always did. Kurt shook his hand, looking at him interestingly, before looking at Alex and Rosie,

"I'm Alex," Alex said, holding out his hand, smiling softly at Kurt.

"Hi, you look just like my son, Xander, I mean JUST like him," Kurt stated. Alex looked at Blaine who looked panicked for a moment,

"Kurt," Xander stepped forward, Kurt looked at Xander his eyes filling with confusion but softened when after a few seconds

"Are you Blaine's son?" Kurt asked and the family all watched Xander who shut his eyes for a moment before opening his eyes and nodding,

"Yeah, that's my Pops," he motioned to Blaine. Kurt smiled,

"He must have been an amazing Papa," Kurt claimed, "You all seem like awesome kids." Xander smiled softly,

"Both our parents were amazing." Blaine bit back tears, wondering if he would ever get used to this.

A few minutes later as they all sat talking the argument that they had been having for months started up yet again.

"Papa, I know you don't want to leave," Elizabeth began, "But we have plenty of room and you shouldn't have to deal with this everyday." Blaine laughed lightly at his daughter.

"Lizzie, if your Daddy had listened to the people who told him that when I lost my memory, you three wouldn't here," he explained. "He didn't leave me when it would have been easier, so I'm not going to leave him."

"Pops, come on, you at least had the chance to get your memory back, he doesn't." Xander argued. Kurt looked at Blaine,

"So your husband's not dead, he just has dementia?" Kurt asked,

"Alzheimer's," Blaine corrected. Kurt's eyes filled with sympathy,

"Oh, I am so sorry, that must be awful." Blaine shrugged,

"It's hard sometimes, but I know he loves me, even if he doesn't know who I am. And I love him, and I know who he is, so I can't leave him," this part he directed at his children who shook their head.

"It was worth a shot," Rosie stated, "But hey Mom, you GOT your stubbornness from Grandpa so…" Elizabeth playfully smacked her on the back of the head while everyone else laughed,

"Little shit," Elizabeth muttered.

"Oh I wonder who she got that from?" Maggie teased.

"Okay is this tease Liz day?" Elizabeth pouted.

"No, but it should be," Xander replied, knuckle bumping Rosie and winking at Alex and Gray.

"Are they always like this?" Kurt asked Blaine, causing Blaine to chuckled.

"Yeah, pretty much," Blaine replied.

"Well we got it from you and Daddy, so…" Maggie claimed grinning at her fathers.

"Sounds like an awesome life," Kurt said. They all smiled softly,

"Yeah, it was," Blaine agreed.

Kurt didn't know who any of them were, he didn't remember the children he'd raised, he didn't remember the grandchildren he'd adored and spoiled. He didn't remember his husband who he'd been married to 66 years, who he'd love from the moment he laid eyes on him. Kurt was polite and charming, but he wasn't 'Dad' or 'Gramps'. Blaine had meant what he'd said, he couldn't begrudge the 66 wonderful years they'd gotten. That didn't mean he didn't wish everyday that Kurt was his again.

That night they were laying in beds, Blaine close to sleep when he heard Kurt's voice right next to his bed.

"Blaine," he opened his eyes to see Kurt looking down at him confused and hurt,

"Why are you sleeping in a different bed?" Blaine looked at Kurt again, it was his Kurt, the Kurt who knew and loved him. No matter what happened in their lives, no matter who forgot what, they always managed to find each other again.

"Kurt?" Blaine whispered.

"I don't know what I did but I'm sorry," Kurt whispered. Blaine grabbed his hand and kissed it several times.

"You didn't do anything wrong sweetheart," Blaine promised. Kurt smiled,

"Then can I get in bed with you? My joints are hurting and I just want you to hold me." Blaine smiled happily, he knew this would probably be a disaster in the morning when Kurt woke up in a 'stranger's' bed, but in the moment he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Of course, Candleman," Blaine said opening his arms. Kurt groaned as he crawled into the bed and Blaine embrace,

"You are never going to let me live that down, are you?"

"You made me light at least 200 candles," Blaine teased.

"Oh that is a lie! I did at least half," Kurt replied.

"Bullshit! That is complete bullshit!"


Here is hoping that by the time all of us are older Alzheimer's will be cured. But for the sake of this story, we'll pretend it's not. Thank you and Good night.