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I almost don't want to move. All this darkness makes me feel like I'm blind. It's creepy.

"Leeeeeen, I can't seeeeeee," Miku whined from somewhere on my left.

I think she's holding my hand but that could easily be someone else.

"How long have we been down here?" Feira muttered.

A glow lit up the darkness illuminating everyone's faces with an eerie light.

"We've been in here for ten minutes," Kennedy announced with the closing of her phone.

By a silent command, an army of cell phones began to light up the tunnel. The sides of the tunnel were riddled with roots, rocks, and other things you'd find in the ground. To my relief, Miku was the one holding my hand. For once Rin wasn't making any attempts to talk to me.

We continued on in silence until a large stone door blocked the path. I half expected Rin to just whip out her chainsaw and slice the thing to pieces but apparently she was aware that the weapon had its limits.

Rin was about to speak when Meiko interjected, "This is the Door of Sacrifice."

"What about it?" Feira asked.

"I dunno, that's all Wikipedia told me," Meiko shrugged.

Rin flashed Meiko a glare, "What I was going to say is that we have to sacrifice someone to the door."

"Who?" Kuro-chii questioned.

No one answered.

"No way, we are not going to sacrifice anyone to some dumb door," Kennedy commanded.

Rin scoffed, "So? It's just a sacrifice? It's not like it'll matter if anyone is gone."

"Oh, so it doesn't matter if someone is gone?" Kennedy challenged, "Then go sacrifice your damn self!"

Rin smirked, "Yes, rid yourself of your guide just as many other fools in history did. They all died I'll have you know."

Meiko stomped her foot in frustration, "I know about this place too! I could guide."

Luka sighed, "Last I heard, all you knew about this door was its name. Pardon my reasoning but I hardly deem you a fit guide."

"Whose side are you on!?" Meiko argued.

"I'm just stating my opinion," Luka muttered.

Feira cleared her throat, "Well if we're going to sacrifice someone, sacrifice someone of no use to us."

"I say we sacrifice Miku," Rin smiled, "All she'll do is get in the way."

I felt Miku's hand tighten around mine, when I looked at her I saw Miku's lip trembling with tears building around her eyes.

"No way, Miku stays," I answered, "If you want to sacrifice Miku you'll have to go through me. Even then, I'd sacrifice myself first before you can even lay a hand on her."

Miku sniffed loudly and hugged me tightly around the neck, "Thank you."

Even if her face is damp and soggy with fresh tears, the hug does feel nice.

Rin pressed her lips into a hard line, murderous desire clear in her eye.

Meiko broke the moment by asking, "Well how will we get past now?"

"Like this," Rin whispered.

She grabbed the back of Miku's shirt and whirled her in a circle towards the stone wall. With a thrust, Rin shoved her into the rock, Miku screaming all the while.

There was a final sickening crunch that sounded like the crushing of bones although I never heard the sound before. On impulse, I charged at the wall in futile efforts to retrieve her from the earth. My face smashed into the mineral sending rivets of pain through my nose. The only way I could sum up the pain I felt was with one word.

Ow. I guess fucking ow captures the essence more.

I ricocheted backwards onto the ground that was slowly being dyed red with blood. I started crying a bit being lost in the moment until a usual boisterous voice interrupted my grief.

"Jesus Christ Len! Are seriously fucking crying?" Meiko ranted.

"Let him cry Meiko," Luka scolded, "He has broken his nose after all."

"That's not it!" I screamed, "Miku is dead! She's gone! All because of Rin!"

Well maybe I was partially crying because my nose hurt like hell but if I said that they'd think I'm a pussy. I can at least have them think I'm sensitive.

"She's not-" Rin began to say but I didn't want to hear an excuse.


"Len-" Rin tried to say but her words were deaf to my ears.

My senses were clouded with anger. The world faded to black for an instant but when my consciousness returned I saw Rin slumped against a wall with red marks bruising her complexion. I could feel tight grips around my arms restraining me from whatever I'd done.

"What the heck just happened?" I muttered.

I could hear Meiko snort from beside me, "You really don't know? You totally beat the shit outta your twin."

"Oh really?" I confirmed, "Then I have no regrets."

Meiko chuckled, "Really now? If she cut your arm off because you called her a bitch, imagine what the consequences of beating her up will be."

….. Rape? Wait, of all things why the hell did rape come to mind?

I just shrugged and pulled my arms from Luka and Meiko's grasp. I whipped some excess blood from my still bleeding nose and looked at the door that killed Miku.

Oh Miku, even though you're supposed to be dead for some reason I can't feel any grief. It's almost like you aren't dead even though you are.


I just wish I could see you again…

Len… it's really dark in here… Did something happen out there? Why do you keep saying I'm gone? Am I dead because I feel alive….?

Poor Miku. Even in my mind she's still innocent in death.

Why won't you reply to meeeeeeeee? You're making me cry.

I felt a jab in my shoulder that shook me from my thoughts.

The silent Lucxis pointed at the door, "Listen."

"Leeeeeeeeeeeen," I heard Miku moan from the door.

"Miku! You're ok!" I declared with relief.

"It's dark… and cold… I can't move…" Miku whined.

I placed my hand on the stone with the comfort of knowing Miku was on the other side, "I'm just glad you're ok. I'll get you out, don't you worry."

Luka cleared her throat, "You know the Door of Sacrifice didn't mean death. It meant to sacrifice one's company."

"What the hell?" I asked now pissed, "You were acting like it meant death!"

"Well yeah, it's kind of like being dead; getting stuck in the ground for who knows how long? I'd say it's very much like being buried," Feira scoffed.

"At least we got the scoop on the school hottie being very sensitive and caring," Kennedy noted.

"Being caring is a good thing though so you shouldn't be embarrassed!" Kuro-chii reassured.

"Oh yes, it's a very good trait to have," Kennedy smiled, "All the guys like that get the most girls."

"Too bad those guys are usually gay," Feira smirked.

I clenched my fist tightly, digging my nails into the palm of my hand, "I'm not gay."

"You sure about that? All guys are all about banging girls up and the like and you don't seem much the type," Feira taunted.

"Now that you mention it," Meiko recalled, "Len did say something about how he never did it with Miku… But who am I to judge? Maybe he's just waiting for the right moment."

"Or the right guy," Feira snickered.

The two began to cackle like a couple of witches high on drugs. I could hear Miku faintly, yet desperately trying to explain by saying things like 'Christian values' but the duo wouldn't listen. They kept laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I clenched my fist more sharply and slammed it into the wall next to me, "JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Blood trickled from cuts created by my nails. Even though I knew I was injured, broken even, I didn't feel the pain.

Meiko and Feira shared a nervous look but they were silent. Everyone was silent.

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There was slow grinding noise. The door opened.

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