A/N: I love Jess/Becker. They're adorable together. And after watching the episode with Jess's anime screensaver, I came up with this. Enjoy!

The television flickered light over the two on the sofa, casting their shadows onto the wall behind them. Jess sat on the left, her hand immersed in a bowl of popcorn, and her face broken in a smile. Captain Becker, on the other hand, had everything but enjoyment on his face. He was frowning, and had been for the past hour. He turned to Jess,

"Um, Jess?"


"I know it's in English, but I still have no idea what the hell's going on," he said, glancing at the DVD cover with its bold Japanese title.

"What's there to be confused about?"

"Ok, firstly, why'd she become an old woman in the first place?"

Jess sighed, drawing her attention for the first time from the screen and staring in disbelief at her friend. "That was at the start of the film!"

"Yeah, and I've been pondering over it the entire time."

"Sophie talked to Howl, which made the Witch angry because she wants his heart for herself, so she turned Sophie into an old woman." explained Jess, taking another handful of popcorn and offering the bowl to Becker.

Becker took the popcorn and they returned to watching the film, a frown still plastered accross his face. Jess was uninterrupted until a mere ten minutes later, when Becker looked back at her and asked, "Why an old woman, though? Wouldn't it have been easier if the Witch'd just killed her?"

Jess leaned her head back, "Not everyone is as trigger-happy as you, Becker."

"But she's a Witch. And she seemed evil enough," he caught Jess's irritated stare and he coughed. "Ok, never mind," he reached inside his pocket and took out a bar of chocolate. "Mint aero?"

"Thank you," she took the bar and broke the segments into the popcorn. Becker felt like addressing it, but there wasn't any point. He had bigger questions, such as, "And why did Sophie think Howl was a dog? Is it the name? Howl?"

Jess shrugged. "I don't know, maybe."

"I suppose being turned into a geriactric would mess you up a bit. Same way being turned into a pig would mess you up. I still don't get what happened to the parents from Spirited Away."

"You really are impossible, you know that?"

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