A/N: A.k.a. the Untold Stories of Two Hunters. Because we all know there's more going on than what we're actually shown. This is a series of short vignettes and I've no idea how many are there going to be in total, orz. But they are going to be generally short.

Warnings: disturbing, gross, mature content. Anything you see on the show? You get here too.

Disclaimer: Eric Kripke and Co. own this marvellous thing. I'm borrowing their world for non-profit entertainment reasons with no intent to claim ownership to any part of it. Well, except for what you're about to read.

Tangents and Intersections


Her name is Kayla. Or maybe Kelly. Could've been Kristen for all Dean cares because they're in an alley behind a bar in some Utah smalltown and he has her legs wrapped around his waist. It's not nearly as comfortable as he would've liked, but he can't take her to their motel room because Sam's back there doing his research. Her place is out of the question too because she still lives with her parents, and she's not pretty enough to introduce her to the backseat of his baby, so alleyway behind the bar it is.

It's quick and a little on the rough side, and Dean has to balance them both because the girl isn't helping their case in any way with movements too jerky and no apparent sense of balance whatsoever. Also, it's quite obvious she hasn't had as much experience as she'd led him to believe. Briefly he wonders if maybe he's her first, but shrugs that thought off and concentrates on the task at hand. It's over sooner than he would've liked and they return to the bar for a parting drink.