Warnings: none, worksafe.


Her name is Rhonda and Dean is all over her. He's hitting on her for all he's worth and she's flirting right back, and he's so sure he's going to score that night that he misses a Vetala sneaking away with her next victim. This couple has been sneaky, travelling together and not stopping in one place for longer than necessary. They're smart; they know how to fly under the hunter's radar. Winchesters, unfortunately, are no exception. When they leave the next morning, there is no trace anywhere of the man from last night and his car. Nobody even remembers when he left. Rhonda waves Dean goodbye as they pass by the gas station where she's filling up her car.

Almost three years later the brothers have a completely accidental run-in with the same Vetala sisters. They've been hunting them for a while, having figured out their MO – two girls travelling from town to town, city to city, hitting places where no one would notice one missing person or another – but they've been having trouble tracking them down because they travel the same way the brothers do – without a goal in mind. One is already dead, courtesy of Dean, and Sam is still struggling with the other when the balance shifts. The click of a gun is all it takes to bring the room to a standstill. Dean turns slowly and can't help the violent curse from escaping.

"Nice to see you too, Dean," Rhonda responds with a catty grin that's all sharp teeth. This time, they're hunting in threes.