E/O Challenge Word:

flu (flōō) n. – Influenza.

Spoilers/Warnings: quote from episode 4.03

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 106

I wanna get out. This job, this life, I hate it. I want a family, I wanna be safe. ~ Young Mary, 4.03 "In The Beginning"

At first, she thought it was the flu; didn't have a fever but was tired, achy, nauseous.

But then she realized she was "late".

And the only time she had ever been "late" before now was when she had found out she was pregnant with Dean.


Mary squinted at the lines on the stick she held mere inches from her face; then glanced back at the box to double-check the results; and then looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and smiled.

Because this was the normal she craved – a home, a husband, kids, safety – and it was worth whatever price she had to pay.