Author's Note: As I said in the first chapter, if Ethan was smarter, he could have saved his parents by the end of Chapter Two. Well, now that I've reached Chapter Two of the game, guess what's going to happen...

Ethan spoke with his Uncle Derek that night about his parents' disappearance. Derek didn't want to talk about it any more than he did the previous night, but Ethan managed to wear him down and get a specific month: April.

My flashback says they died in a fire, Ethan thought. Uncle Derek says they disappeared in April, twelve years ago. Now I just need to connect these two pieces of information to learn exactly when this happened.

Ethan's first instinct had been to go to the library archives, because he realized it would be quicker to simply look up the information online. So he went up to his room and turned on his laptop. He was rather surprised when he saw that it was completely different from how he remembered it, and it took Ethan a few seconds to realize why.

Right, this isn't my computer, Ethan realized. This belongs to the alternate version of me—the one that's been living with Uncle Derek for twelve years.

Ethan played around a bit on the computer, and he was shocked to learn that the alternate version of himself was either a major playboy or a minor pervert. Some of the pictures in the pictures folder were scandalous, and some of the emails in the "ex-girlfriends" section were rather steamy.

Note to self, Ethan thought. Once I'm finished with this crazy "save my parents" time travel business, I need to use the Hollow Pen to improve my romantic life. Apparently, the alternate me has had at least nine girlfriends.

Ethan decided to copy this information to a flash drive, so he could keep it with him, even if he changed realities again. While this happened, he did an Internet search for "fire april [year]". The results that popped up talked about a fiery explosion at the Eterna Bar and Grill, at 8:50 PM, on April 5th.

Armed with this information, Ethan went to the site of the explosion and opened a Time Hole. He peered through it to see that it was after the fire started, but before the explosion.

That's not what caught Ethan's attention, though. There was someone moving inside the Time Hole.

"Dad?" Ethan asked.

"Ethan?" Timothy Kairos asked. "Is that you?"

"It's me!" Ethan said. "I've opened a Time Hole, from twelve years into the future!"

Timothy walked over to the Time Hole and looked at Ethan.

"We're trapped in here," Timothy said. "Your mother and I. If we can't find a way out soon...well, that's probably why you opened this Time Hole."

"Exactly," Ethan said. "I need to stop you two from dying."

"I appreciate the help," Dad said. He looked around the room. "Now that time has frozen here, I should be able to escape."

"Dad?" Ethan asked. "How come you're not frozen like everyone else?"

Dad reached into his pocket and pulled out the Hollow Pen. "Everyone who has a Hollow Pen remains unfrozen when Time Holes are opened," he said. "The same thing goes for anyone who's been pushed through a Time Hole."

"You can push someone through a Time Hole?" Ethan asked. "Isn't that, like, time travelling?"

Dad raised an eyebrow. "How long have you had the Hollow Pen, son?" he asked.

"A little over a day," Ethan said.

"Ah," Dad said. "I'll tell you more about it, once I'm safe. Do you have a hammer or something I could use to break down this locked door?"

"I...guess I could get a sledgehammer," Ethan said. "Isn't there a window or something you could go through?"

"Well, I have to save your mother, too," Dad said. "She won't be of much help, seeing as she's frozen in time. I'll have to carry her to safety."

Ethan went to get something heavy, while his father pushed some beams of wood out of the way. He wasn't sure what would happen if he touched the time-frozen fire, but he didn't want to risk finding out.

Ethan came back with a sledgehammer, in almost no time at all. (Technically speaking, it was no time at all.) He gave it to his father through the Time Hole, and his father left with his mother. After giving them twenty minutes to get away, Ethan closed the hole.

And that's how Ethan managed to save his parents and live happily ever after! He never met Jack or Irving, and nobody died. Ethan's only regret was that it took him longer than necessary to save his parents.

The End