Last Time on 'At First Sight' …

"STOP!" Jade told him. Beck shut up immediately stopped talking. "I'll see you tomorrow." And Jade West left Beck Oliver yet again.

Beck watched her leave the theater, but then realized that Elli was still there.

"Wow," Elli said. "Well kid, your fucked!" Elli said with fake enthusiasm, and followed Jade out of the building.

Beck was left alone in the theater, to think about what he had done. What the fuck was he thinking? To kiss her? Did he want to die? He was obviously suicidal if he even thought about it. But, he wasn't going to lie. Those two seconds when he could feel her bottom lip on his top, he felt burning and thought she poured acid on his lips. It was incredible. Sparks literally and figuratively flew.

Beck sighed, and then realized that Jade had left her song on the piano. He picked it up and looked at the top. The title seemed to have been erased numerous times. He saw the current title was 'My Immortal'. Underneath the title was her name. Her real name.

Jadelyn West

It even sounded intriguing. He wanted it.

Then, his eye caught onto something very interesting. There was the faint outline of yet another title above the newest one. Beck attempted to strain his eyes to read it and from what he thought he had saw, the paper read 'The Story of Jex'.

Jex? What kind of name was that? Beck gave in and sighed. He looked around the room to find that he was still alone, not a soul in sight. He shoved the paper into his bag and made his way to the back door of the Blackbox Theater. When Beck opened the door, he slammed into a person.

"Oww! Watch where the hell your going kid!" He heard a males voice say. Beck looked towards to figure and realized that it was Ryder. The kid who complimented Jade two days ago. Beck started to stumble.

"Oh, uh, sorry man. I didn't see you." Beck told him. The older boy just gave him a look that said 'I don't give a fuck'. Ryder rolled his eyes and pushed passed Beck, shoving him into a wall.

"Make yourself useful, kid." Ryder told Beck with a glare. "tell me where West is."

Beck raised his eyebrows. Ryder wanted to know where Jade was. Beck had two options. Not tell Ryder where Jade went, and have Ryder physically kick his ass. Or, tell Ryder where Jade is, and have Jade mentally kick his ass. He sighed to himself.

"I don't know. I was supposed to meet her here, but she never showed. We might have both missed her." Beck lied with ease. He never thought something could come to him that fast. Ryder only scoffed at Beck's excuse.

"Dumb Bitch. All of my sources said that she is here everyday after school, and she's not. And I was finally get what I wanted from her ass." Ryder said with a sick grin. Beck was holding back, not wanting to jump him.

"And, what exactly did you want from Jade?" Beck asked Ryder, who was now playing on his phone.

Ryder gave him a smirk that told him the answer.

"What didn't I want from that girl?" Ryder laughed. He pushed passed Beck again, and clapped him on the shoulder. Somewhat like what friends would do. Beck had to remind himself to burn his shirt and scrub his skin with bleach when he got home. Hey, think about how much of a hormonal wreck Ryder was. You would do it too.

After Jade had received her guitar, she made her way home to show her uncle Lucille's now fixed neck and strings. When she got into the kitchen, she saw that there was a not on the counter. Jade put her guitar on the counter and picked up the note in curiosity.


Auntie and I had to bring your cousin Louis to the doctor, he had a very high fever and sore throat.

Dinner is in the fridge. Vegan pizza. Yet again.

See you soon, Jade

Uncle Gerard

Jade rolled her eyes at the note, but then smiled. Atleast her uncle was there to be nice to her. Ever since the incident, her only real father figure was him. Jade put the note back on the counter and made her way to the fridge. She pulled herself out a slice of vegan pizza and put in the microwave for three minutes. As she waited, she pulled her school bag onto the counter and started looking for her newest piece. But, it wasn't there.

Jade started to panic. This was really bad. How could she have been so stupid to leave it at that school? With her luck, Beck has it.

Speak of the devil. Jade was still unbelievably shocked that Beck had attempted to kiss her. She had never met a boy that was so blunt. But the fire she felt at being so close to him, it was almost unbearable. She really needed to stop this. She couldn't possibly be falling for this jack-ass.

Jade was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the ding, signaling her food was ready. She stalked over, and pulled the hot pizza out of the microwave and left it on the counter to cool. She then realized that she had lost her appetite.

Jade took Lucille and went up to her room. She sat on her bed and laid her guitar next to her. Jade then flopped on the bed. Her day was just getting worse and worse. She needed some sort of release, but not the kind most of you are thinking.

Jade gave up on cutting last year. It didn't give her the satisfaction. Jade had another way, crying. People thought that Jade West never cried, but it has happened a lot of time before. Jade began to tear up, and turned on her side, grabbed the nearest pillow, and sobbed into it as hard as she could.

Jade cried herself to sleep. It was almost seven at night when her family returned home. Louis must have been really sick and had to take tests of some sort. Gerard noticed that there was a cold piece to pizza on the counter, untouched.

"Hey, Hon, do you know where Jade is?" He asked his wife. Ainslee, who was helping the eight year old to the couch just shrugged and told her husband to check her room.

Gerard made his way up the stairs and opened Jade's door to find her still in her day clothes, and passed out on her bed. He smiled to himself to see that she was on top of her guitar and had her Alesana pillow underneath her head. He didn't want to disturb her all too much, so he walked over, and carefully pulled the guitar out from under the girl and covered her with s stray throw blanket.

The next morning, Jade woke up to find that she was still in her clothes from the day before. She rubbed at her eyes and attempted to get up. When she finally did, she threw on her clothes for the day, which were a Black Veil Brides tee shirt and skinny jeans.

When Jade got downstairs, she saw that her aunt was passed out on the couch, with a sleeping Louis in her arms. He must have been up all night, sick. She made her way to the kitchen and saw that her Uncle was already up and was making breakfast.

"Watcha makin?" Jade asked him in a childs tone. She then playfully punched him in the arm as a good morning. She smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead. As Jade took her seat at the island, she realized what he was making.

"Peanut-Butter and Nutella Pancakes, your favorite thousand calories in one bite." He uncle told her with a smile, and set a plate of two in front of her. Jade smiled to herself. It was her favorite thing of all time. But, she knew there was more good things to come. Her Uncle only made her favorite breakfast when she got some kind of job.

As Jade was chomping down her food, she mumbled to him, "So what's the good news?", but it sounded muffled and very entertaining.

Her uncle smiled at her. "We got the call from the producers of that show you auditioned in New York for today, baby duck." He told her with a smile.

Jade's eyes immediately snapped to her Uncle's eyes. She knew what that meant. She had gotten the part. Her smile grew to its biggest extent. He smiled back at her.

"Guess who got the role of Jennifer Check in 'Jennifer's Body-The Broadway Show'."

When Jade got to school, people were looking at her like she had two heads. She glared at anybody that was looking her way, but they continued to stare. Now Jade was starting to get nervous. Once she flashes a glare, people usually mind their own business, but it wasn't working.

That's when she heard it.

"Did you hear that she totally pounced on that new kid from Canada? She is such a little slut!" she heard from behind her. There was a girl talking to another boy, and had her back turned to Jade. She didn't even know she was there. So, she continued to speak, even when the boy tried to shush her.

"Seriously! She is such a whore! The kid hasn't even been here a week and she already is trying to fuck him! God, somebody needs to kick her ass or something. She's like- dirty!" the girl said. The boy she was speaking to gave Jade a look, and ran for it. The girl was confused and called after him. She was about to run after the boy, but then heard a cough behind her.

"What do yo- Oh! Jade!" she said, with a nervous smile. "How long were you there?" she said with a scared laugh.

Jade smiled. "Oh! Yanno, long enough to hear about how I apparently pounced on the new kid from Canada." She said with a fake smile. The girls smile faded. And she ran from what she thought was Jade going to beat the shit out of her.

"Go ahead! Say shit that isn't true! I will destroy you!" Jade called in her direction. She looked around the hall to see that everybody was staring at her. She just rolled her eyes and made her way to her locker. After she got her books, she closed her locker door to find the one and only Beck Oliver.

"What the fuck do you want, Oliver?" Jade barked at him. Beck's eyes look sad, and very tired.

"To say I'm sorry. I had no right to do that. I barely know you. And to give this back to you." Jade looked from his eyes, to his hands. There held her most prized possession, her song. She looked back into his eyes, and mentally said thank you. She also noticed that he looked very upset with himself.

"I also wanted to say that your song was absolutely brilliant. It was mind blowing and calming at the same time." He told her with a small smile. He didn't want her to hate him, and he secretly wanted her to accept his compliment. He had been thinking about what he would say to her all night.

"And, I wanted to say thank you." He added. Jade was confused at this.

"Why are you thanking me?" she said. Beck gave her, yet again, another sexy smirk. Then, he did the unthinkable. He moved his hand to her waist, and moved in. He leant so close her lips that she was in agony. She gasped quickly, and then shut up as fast as she could. He looked her dead in the eyes and said.

"For not stopping me."

Beck then took one final movement, and kissed her cheek. As soon as she could regain her thoughts, she took in the feeling. His lips were soft, and warm. They were slightly wet, but she didn't mind. She felt his lips press slightly harder into her cheek, and then he pulled away. She was then disappointed to realize that it only lasted about four seconds. He looked into her eyes yet again, and began to speak.

"Soft and cold, just as I was hoping it would be."

(A/N: Chapter ten. I apologize for the last chapter being very sloppy, and I hope this makes up for it. So who watched Tori Goes Platinum. That look Beck gives Jade? His eyes were obviously saying all of the dirty things he wanted to do to her.)