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You've been hit by

You've been struck by

A smooth criminal

At that moment, Sebastian stopped in front of Santana, almost touching her lips. She was breathing heavily with such a hate look that she looked…Kind of cute.

Wait what?- Sebastian thought- Seb you're gay, AND you hate her. Why on earth you would think she is cute?

Santana saw Sebastian face, and it seemed that he smile, but instantly he stop. She wanted slap him SO hard, that it left a bruise. But she couldn't. She just stood there, waiting for something to happen. She was looking straight into his eyes, until she lowered her sight to his lips.

And what happens next, they wish it NEVER happen.

They kiss. They kiss for a few seconds, until they remembered. They hate each other. She was a lesbian, and he was gay. They separated and look at each other once more, until Santana slap him.

-YOU JERK! - She said while Sebastian touched his now-red cheek.

-Why you slapped me? You…You kissed me…-Sebastian said in a now lower voice.

-NO I DON'T! Ok, it doesn't matter…- She said while tears were appearing in her eyes. - I can't believe I cheated on Brittany…

-Don't cry. - Sebastian said while trying to hug her.

-GET OFF ME!- Santana said, running out of his arms. - DON'T EVER TOUCH ME!-She said, while she run through the door, still crying.

-Dude what happened?- Nick said, entering to the room with Jeff.- You said you don't want us to see how you make a girl cry, but I thought it wasn't serious.

-Yeah. - Jeff added.

-Well… I…. Don't say this to anyone, ok?

-Umm... Sure Sebastian. - Said Jeff, as nick nodded.

-We need to go to warbler practice! The boys are waiting! - Nick said, as he run through the door with Jeff. After a few seconds, he follow them.

With Santana

Santana ran to McKinley trying to calm herself. Does she should tell Brittany? No, she thought, she wouldn't understand, or she would cry so hard…. When she enters to McKinley, the first person to see was Kurt.

-Hey San, what happen, did you beat him or what?- Kurt said, not knowing a thing of what just happen.

Santana look at him and broke. She started to cry and told him everything. The insults, the duel, smooth criminal, and the worst part, THE KISS.

-Wait what? Santana do you really. - He lowered his voice- kiss him?

-I…I… Yeah I kiss him, Kurt! What do I do? I CHEATED ON BRITTANY!- She sob, Kurt just hug her and start to comfort her.

-San, I'm so sorry of what happen. Just try to forget it and you... You should tell Brittany.

-But, if she dump me?

-Well I…- Kurt couldn't finish because in that exact moment Brittany was walking in that hall and saw them.

-Oh my God! Babe what happen?- Said Brittany, pushing Kurt and hugging Santana

-I should leave, I'm late to English. - Kurt said, leaving.

-Brittany I'm so sorry...- Santana started.

-About what?

-I... I kissed Sebastian.

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