Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've added anything to this fic. It's a little rusty but I hope you enjoy it. I've also written another story called "Letting go" which will probably be a three parter if I ever get my butt working on it before school starts, that I'd love some feedback on. (I'm just a little rusty at fanfiction these days...) Thanks always for reading.

It had been a long time since they had argued the way they just had, and Peter wasn't sure how things had gotten so bad. Maybe it was the stress of having to make their first treaty even though they were well within the fourth year of their reign. Maybe it was the rapidly chilling weather. Maybe it was just a bad day.

Peter doesn't have the answers and he doesn't know if Edmund does because Edmund left the room in tears a ten minutes ago, leaving Peter staring blankly at this bedroom wall.

Peter sighed. He doesn't know if he should go after Edmund or not. Edmund would need space, but was getting rather late, and who knows where Edmund would run off to.

Pulling himself up from the bed, Peter put on his boots and decided to start with searching the castle.

He didn't even get to the girl's corridor before he heard laboured breathing at the end of the hall.

Rushing around the corner of a stone lamp, Peter found Edmund lying on the floor, struggling to breathe.

"Edmund…" Peter rushed over to him and pulled him up so he was leaning against his chest.

"Come on, Ed, breathe, breathe with me, in and out, follow the way my chest moves on your back".


Footsteps and hooves clattered to where Peter was holding Edmund on the floor.

"Your Majesty," Tuftin the faun hastily bowed, "What ever is the matter?"

"Peter, Peter what is wrong?" Lucy cried, joining her brothers on the floor.

"His injury is acting up and I think he's having an attack like the ones he gets when he's upset!" Peter informed her.

"Okay, Peter, you need to remain calm. Can you do that?" Lucy looked him dead in the eye. "Peter, you have to try."

"Yeah, I can do that," Peter said quietly, steadying himself.

"Ed? Eddie," Lucy took Edmund's hands. "Look at me, please."

It took a few moments, but Edmund finally met Lucy's eyes.

"There you go, now don't take your eyes off of me and breathe with Peter and I."

Slowly, Lucy and Peter got Edmund's breathing to steady, but it was still shallow.

"Truftkin, I need you to please fetch a healer first, and then find Susan and bring her to Ed's quarters," Lucy instructed the valet.

"Of course, your majesty."

Normally Lucy would have told Edmund's valet to please and thank you stop calling her "your Majesty" but she wasn't concerned about that at the moment.

"Peter, lift Edmund up and take him to his quarters."

Several hours later, Edmund was faring much better. He had peppermint soaked clothes lying across his chest and several calming salts by his bedside, as well as some tea.

The dryad healer checked his chest injury, and said all was well it was just agitated and suggested that Edmund take it easy for a few days, and to keep taking his herbals.

Peter had thanked everyone for their help but left out the reason Edmund had an attack, the shame boring into his stomach. He pulled Edmund's plush reading chair closer to his bed, and watched him to sleep guilt making him nauseous. He shouldn't have been so hard on Edmund. He should have asked him what was bothering him instead of yelling at him about late work that Edmund had already apologized and agonized over. He should have…

Edmund sat up, looking down at all the salts and peppermint soaked clothes on him and surrounding him in confusion. Finally, his eyes landed on Peter sitting by his bedside, and immediately looked as if someone had quickly burned him and looked down.

Peter slowly stood up and sat on the foot of Edmund's bed.

"Ed...I...I'm sorry. I should have known better. I know you're doing everything you can to get those papers done. I know that you're not feeling well because of your injury and the fact that it's winter and you're still working through stuff. I know that I haven't exactly been...available to help you...I've just been so stressed out and I let that get in the way of your wellbeing. I'm sorry, Eddie. I'm so sorry." By the end of Peter's apology tears were streaming down his face.

Edmund was silent.

Peter looked at him intently, but as the silence wore on Peter looked down and started playing with the fraying hem of his tunic.

Edmund let out a shuddering breath and a quaky, "I'm sorry too, Pete. I just...I shouldn't have said those things to you, let myself get back into my old ways. I was just so...frustrated."

Peter moved to the other side of the bed so he could be eye level with his brother. "It's alright, Ed. We can work on this. We can work on better communicating with each other. We'll have some bumps in the road, but it'll be okay. I will love you no matter what."

Edmund flushed, and looked down. Peter grinned knowing that he had thoroughly embarrassed yet made Edmund happy.

"I...I'm sorry about...all of...this." Edmund gestured to the herbals and the tea.

"It's not your fault, Eddie. Just make sure you follow the doctor's orders." Peter winked at him.

"A sound bit of advice Peter. Perhaps, you should set a better example for Edmund here, hmmm?" Susan walked in smiling at her brothers.

"Yes, my dear sister, that would probably wise," Peter bowed playfully for Susan.

Giggling, Susan rolled her eyes. "I hope you two have learned your lesson about taking care of yourselves and eachother now. Which means, now, Peter Pevensie, you should be off to bed….now."

Susan started checking Edmund's injuries and his temperature.

Peter scrambled off of Ed's bed but not before whispering, "Don't worry, I'll be back later to save you."

Edmund winked and submitted to Susan's mothering (smothering).