StarGate Command

Report: Intelligence, Government

Civilisation: Aschen Confederacy

The Aschen are one the most advanced humans (Besides Earth) in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are one of the few human civilisations that managed to advance during the reign of the Goa'uld.

While the Aschen Confederation appears to be a Government built on logic, the reality is much darker. The Government itself is built up of layers and each has it's own internal power struggles. The very top of the Confederation Leadership is nothing more than a group of arguing leaders determined to get their own way. Many of these leaders are either Military, Businessmen or Aschen 'Royalty'. This government has collapsed and been rebuilt several times in the past 100 years alone. With the different factions of leadership, many in the Aschen seem to answer to no one but themselves.

Military - Although the Aschen don't seem have an active military, their Peace Keeping force is what many would call a hidden army. The 'Peacers' enforce Aschen rule over hundreds of worlds and are often used to repel intruders from the Aschen Domain.

Businessmen - The Aschen don't seem to have corporations or businesses like Earth, however there are many within the government that own planets (Or Farm Worlds) and operate vast networks of supply chains that all funnel into Asche and the surrounding Core of the Confederation. These men and women use their supplies as leverage to gain political power and don't care if they leave a world or two without a food supply if it drives their campaign forward.

Royalty - The Aschen have no Royalty, at least not in the conventional way. The Royalty in Aschen Government are people who's ancestors were in positions of power. These positions are passed down to each generation from the last, they have as much political power as the previous family member left them with. Because of this, they rarely make decision and often protect their standing in order to retain their lavish lifestyles.