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Sherlock trotted up the stairs to the flat, pausing near the door when he heard the irate town of Dr. John Watson. He peeked in to see the good doctor passing about while shouting into his mobile.

"No, no, you've said that bloody well before… Don't you think we're tired too?...Yes of course I think it's selfish, but I'm not pretending I understand! Then TELL US WHAT'S WRONG!" He looks down at the phone, the other person obviously hanging. John tosses his mobile across the room.

Sherlock using that as his cue to enter, "Alright?" he asks cautiously.

"No I'm not bloody alright!" he snaps, "Why is it freezing in here!"

The whole thing was an accident and Sherlock's not even positive how it happened, but here they are on one of the coldest nights of the year without heat. John had been livid despite Sherlock's explanations of it being only an accident and actually apologizing. John barricaded himself in the bedroom while the detective tried in vain to remedy it. Around ten o'clock Sherlock raps on the door unsure if the doctor was still cross with him.

"John?" he calls awkwardly.

"What is it Sherlock?"

"Can I grab a couple blankets, since you locked yourself away with all of them?"

"I never locked the door," John admits.

Sherlock cautiously enters the room to find the doctor sitting up on bed with his laptop and frown deep set upon his features. "You still cross?"

"Not with you, it's just been one of those days…" he sighs tiredly rubbing his eyes.

"Right, I leave you to it then," he picks up the blankets and moves to leave.

"You can stay if you like," John offers, feigning to go back to his blog.

Sherlock nods, wrapping himself in a blanket and laying down, wrapping an arm around John's middle so not to disturb his typing. He starts to doze, John idly thumbing the detectives arm as he finishes his write up. A bit later he closes his laptop and puts it on the night stand, snuggling into the blankets with the other man.

"It's Harry isn't it?" he wonders carefully.

John sighs, "Yeah… She was drunk again…"

"That's unfortunate."

"She was doing well it was actually nice being around her again…now this."

"It happens sometimes you know… I imagine it's difficult when your drug of choice is so readily available and socially accepted."

"Mhmm," John hums in agreement. "I still don't understand it, it's like she wants to selfishly ruin everything, Da would drink too… you'd think she'd not follow that path."

"It's not always so black and white, love…"

"I forget you know a bit about this type of thing," he smiles sadly, tugging at the cuff of Sherlock's shirt.

"It's a daily struggle, in a way… more so for her, the urge is always there… someday are better than others…"

"She keeps things from all of us though…" John sighs, cuddling up more, "Don't you do that to me too, you understand…"

"I'll do my best John," he promises.

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