Yay! New story! And boy oh boy is it gonna be fun ;D

So this fic is loosely (VERY loosely) based off one of my favorite movies "The Birdcage," which is about a drag club owned by a gay couple and their son. And if you like LGBT movies, it's an absolute must. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane play the gay couple and they are fucking HILARIOUS. And since I have very obsessive tendencies, naturally I had to do a fic about it :)

So I hope you all enjoy and drop a review! Happy reading :) Get ready for some twists and turns ;D


The Birdcage

Chapter One: I Smell A Rabbit

Misaki's chocolate head lifted up from his textbook as he heard the familiar sound of the doorbell. He quickly leapt out of his chair and jogged over to the front entrance of Usagi's apartment, opening up the door.

His eyes lit up as he saw Shinobu standing in the hall.

"Hi, Takatsuki-kun," Misaki greeted warmly. "Come on in."

"Thanks Takahashi." The blonde replied, stepping into the apartment and taking off this shoes.

"Would you like coffee or tea?" Misaki asked as the two headed over to the dinning room table.

"Coffee." Shinobu replied, shrugging off his backpack and taking a few notebooks out of it. The brunette came back to the room shortly with two mugs, setting them down and taking a seat by the blonde.

"Do you have those notes from Hanazuki's class? I missed the lecture on Thursday because Miyagi slept through his alarm." Shinobu asked, rolling his eyes in annoyance.

"Mhmm." Misaki affirmed, flipping through a nearby notebook. Once he found the page, he handed it to Shinobu, who began to copy down the handwritten notes while Misaki went back to reading.

Although it was Saturday evening and many of the students at Mitsuhashi university were out partying like the world was about to end, the two young men were very content to stay at Usagi's apartment and study. And this activity had started to become a habit that resulted from an unlikely friendship.

The two had attended the same college for quite some time, but had only met very recently. Misaki and Shinobu had taken the same math class for the quarter, and as always, Misaki was doing poorly and Shinobu seemed to get top marks just by breathing. The professor noticed this and had suggested that perhaps the two could study together. However, neither of them were exactly keen on the idea, as Shinobu struck Misaki as bad tempered, and Misaki struck Shinobu as a moron.

But all of that changed the day Misaki had a dreadful appointment with Professor Kamijou, and accidentally walked in on Shinobu and another literature professor named Miyagi doing the unspeakable on an office couch. Furious beyond belief, Shinobu (after they were done of course) had hunted down the brunette and railed on him about not knocking and being a shithead. Not wanting to get into a fight, Misaki quickly apologized, but Shinobu just kept yelling until tears formed in the corners of his eyes. Sensing how deeply embarrassed the blonde was, Misaki had tried again to calm him down and during the process let loose a small comment about his own troubles with a horny rabbit.

Needless to say, a stunned Shinobu and a blushing Misaki soon found that they had more in common than they thought. And after an extremely awkward outing talk, the boys were surprised that they actually didn't mind each other's company…somewhat, at least. Though they couldn't deny that having the common denominator of an older (and somewhat irritating) lover bonded the two immensely.

Shortly afterwards, Shinobu had offered to help Misaki out with homework. (And after a brief discussion of Misaki's hobbies, demanded that Misaki teach him how to cook in exchange.)

And nearly a month later, both parties were extremely glad for each other's assistance. And what's more, they were actually starting to become good friends (minus a few minor disagreements on manga vs. literature).

The two started out their evening with a bit of light studying (with frequent breaks for Misaki's poor non academic mind) and then went into the kitchen to cook their dinner. Shinobu watched Misaki's seemingly effortless skills in the kitchen week after week, and had found new respect for the person he'd perceived to be cognitively dull.

"Do I add the fish now?" Shinobu asked.

"Yeah, but add a little water into the pan first."

"Why?" Shinobu raised an eyebrow.

"See how the oil is starting to burn and crust?" Misaki pointed. "It'll scald the fish. A bit of water will dissolve it."

"Oh." Shinobu said in slight surprise. He did as Misaki said and was pleased when the fish began to sizzle pleasantly in the pan.

"So where's your author tonight?" The blonde asked, adding a careful amount of soy sauce to the dish.

"I'm not quite sure." Misaki replied, checking on the batch of rice. "He says he's out doing 'research for a book.'"

Shinobu raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"That could mean anything."

"I know." Misaki replied. "And he's been out almost every night this week. I've barely even seen him except in the mornings."

Shinobu's gaze darkened.

"Think he could be cheating on you?"

"What!" Misaki whirled around in shock. "N—No way! Usagi—er Usami-san wouldn't be out doing something like…that."

"Are you sure?" Shinobu pressed. "Because this all sounds pretty suspicious."

"No way." Misaki said, shaking his head. "He wouldn't…"

Shinobu still looked wary, but dropped the subject as the two continued to cook. But after the boys sat down and began to eat, the blonde saw Misaki's eyes look nervously over at him.

"Takatsuki-kun…do you really think Usami…would cheat?"

"I don't know Takahashi. I've only met him briefly." Shinobu replied. In truth Shinobu didn't voice the fact that he was extremely distrustful of handsome, older men. He often said that he didn't trust them as far as he could throw them, which despite the fact that he was a division tennis champion, wasn't very far. But seeing as how Misaki was a little timid, the blonde at least had enough sense not to scare the living hell out of him.

Even still, he had to voice at least a portion of his blunt thoughts.

"Has he been acting strangely lately? Anything unusual?"

Misaki shrugged, growing more flustered at the possibility.

"I…I don't know."

Shinobu sighed, immediately sensing that this wasn't going to get them anywhere.

"Well then, there's only one thing to do. We'll have to follow him."

"Follow him?" Misaki said in disbelief. "And… 'we'?"

Shinobu nodded.

"Guys who cheat on their boyfriends are scumbags, and I'm not about to let one walk free. That is…if he is cheating. Does he have a cell phone?"

Misaki nodded.

"Call him and ask him where he's going tonight."

With a small grunt, the brunette took out his cell phone and speed dialed the author. Within a few rings, the man picked up.

"Misaki, what's wrong?" He said, irrationally assuming the worst.

"Oh er—nothing Usagi-san," Misaki stammered out. "I just…um called to see where you were going to be tonight…you've…been out a lot this week."

"I know. The research is taking longer than I thought. I'm at the Teito hotel right now, but I don't know exactly where we are going next. Aikawa hasn't told me. I probably won't be back till late, so don't wait up for me."

"Oh…okay." Misaki murmured. "I'll see you later then…"

"Alright. Love you. Bye."

The author hung up and Misaki glanced at Shinobu, who had craned his neck over to hear the conversation.

"Hmm." The blonde mused. If that phone call wasn't suspicious, Shinobu vowed to eat his own cabbage.

"What do you think?" Misaki asked hesitantly. Shinobu raised his chin haughtily in reply.

"I think we should go out for Saturday evening Takahashi, have you got an extra pair of sneakers?"

"Yeah." Misaki replied.

"Alright then, let's go."