Misaki peeked cautiously around the living room before sitting down on the couch and carefully taking Usagi's laptop off the coffee table. He opened the computer and clicked out of the author's windows, making sure to not mess with any of his work. He then reached into his backpack and pulled out an unmarked DVD in a clear plastic case.

It was a full week since his ordeal at The Birdcage, and as promised, Ayumu had given him a copy of the dance he'd performed that weekend. Needless to say Misaki was slightly apprehensive about watching it, especially when Usagi was home. But he had promised Ayumu that he would view it, and Usagi's apartment was better than school, plus he didn't have a computer of his own. He hadn't seen the author since he'd gotten home from school, so there was a good chance he was up working in his office anyways.

Misaki popped the DVD into the laptop and opened the media file, taking a deep breath and mentally preparing himself (or trying to…) for whatever he was about to see.

First thing he saw was an illuminated center stage with a lone figure standing at a microphone. As Misaki peered closer, he could just make out that it was Nana, dressed in a shimmering white kimono. The drag queen bowed, then spoke into the microphone.

"And now ladies, gentlemen, and all those in between, which I'm pretty sure makes up at least 75 percent of this audience—"

Several barking laughs came from the audience.

"The Birdcage is very proud to introduce a new act tonight. Please join me in welcoming this lovely piece of bait: Ayumi!"

Applause and catcalls thundered through the club and the praise quieted as the lights on stage dimmed. A popular techno song started to play slowly through the speakers, and as a tall shadow entered through the curtains it sped up. Suddenly the light cracked on and the applause blared with the music as they feasted their eyes on, as Nana had said, "a lovely piece of bait."

Through the blush warming his cheeks, Misaki privately thought that Ayumu must really like that goth fetishy stuff, because his entire outfit was made up of it. The tall languid teen wore a leather midriff, black studded gloves, a red plaid skirt so short it could hardly be classified as one, a bucked garter belt that was strapped to his long high-heeled boots, and a platinum blond wig that fell to his waist.

The boy began his routine by raising his arms above his head and tossing back some of his wig. And Misaki's eyes grew wide as Ayumi began to dance, strutting around and shaking his trim hips and ass with skillful sensuality. Nana had been entirely correct about the teen, he was a natural, and Misaki could hardly believe (even through his rampant blushing) that this was his first time performing. The audience (particularly single gay men with drag fetishes) was going nuts for the sexy drag princess and as Ayumu tapped around the parameter, he proudly took the tips that were waved to him from the patrons.

The dance only lasted a few minutes, but Ayumi had his audience so captivated that when he struck his final pose, there were several shouts for more along with the thundering of applause. The real Ayumu surfaced at the completion and he gave the club a sheepish wave and blew a kiss. Nana joined his protégé on stage and wrapped an arm around him, his face beaming with pride.

"Well ladies, gentlemen, queens, gays, queers, and everyone else, did you enjoy that number?"

A roar of cheered immediately answered the inquiry.

"I'm glad you all think so," Nana spoke. "Because we have just gotten word from the owner of the club that Ayumi has been officially hired!"

Ayumu's mouth dropped in shock. Nana grinned and kissed him on the forehead, motioning for one last round of applause, which was returned enthusiastically.

And Misaki also found himself smiling as the video came to an end. Ayumu had played a large part in saving them that unforgettable Saturday night, and Misaki believe wholeheartedly that his classmate deserved all the praise he got, and much, much more.

"Hmm, that kid's not bad."

"WAAAAAH!" Misaki screamed as a smoky drawl breathed into his ear. The teen stumbled up in a fright, nearly dropping the computer and falling face first into the coffee table. He scrambled back up and yelped in surprise as he saw Usagi leaning against the back of the couch with a mug of coffee in one hand.


"Most of the video." Akihiko replied dryly, taking of sip of joe. Misaki closed the laptop, staring at Usagi with an expression of horror and fear. What would he say about it? Better yet, how would he take to Ayumu? Having some glimpse about Ayumu's treatment at home and school, Misaki's lips frowned and he full intended to protect his friend's honor, even in the face of pure rich, rabbit disinterest.

"That was that drag club you were at a couple weeks ago wasn't it?" Akihiko commented.

"Yes. I made a friend that night and he wanted me to see his first performance." Misaki answered, waiting for the sky to fall. But his eyes went wide as the author merely shrugged and said.

"Kid's a good dancer. You should hang out with him more often. Have a study night here or something."

Misaki's mouth dropped and he remained in a state of shock for at least thirty seconds before stammering.
"Uhh—Are you s—sure you wouldn't…mind? Usagi-san?"

"Not at all." The author replied. "I have some work to do. Call me when dinner's ready all right?"

"…O—Okay." Misaki replied. As soon as Akihiko's back was turned, he flopped backward onto the couch, still flabbergasted. Akihiko hadn't made fun of Ayumu….in fact…he actually wanted them to be friends! Usagi-san wanted him to have a FRIEND!

The teen took a deep breath, so happily contented about the news that he thought he would leave the green peppers out of their dinner tonight.

Akihiko shut his office door behind him, swigging the last of his coffee as he sat down in his office chair. He turned on his computer and clicked to a folder on the desktop, a bright glint surfacing in his eye as he opened a picture file.

His eyes scanned the four people in the photo: a slightly bewildered Kusama on a leash, a raging dominatrix Hiroki, a snooty princess Takatsuki, and a blushing school girl with that familiar embarrassed and simply fuckable expression.

A slight smile pulled at the corners of his mouth, and he rested his chin on the back of his hand as he daydreamed of his delectable Misaki in drag.

And if that kid at the club got him in that outfit in the first place, then there was a good chance that that finely strutting teen could teach him a thing or two about shaking his money maker to make his dear landlord a happy rabbit.

Akihiko sighed dreamily, a new idea for a Junai already blossoming in his head.


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