Hello all. I thought of this particular gem when I was busy playing Medieval 2 Total War Custom Campaign Mod 2. The mod contains an extra campaign map called Tyronia which shows the fictional continent of Tyronia. The Scottish (me) start on the east side of the big peninsula at the top of the map. The Aztecs start on the west, and the HRE start in the top-right corner (google 'custom campaign mod 2 tyronia map' and see if you can find a version of the map, then this will make more sense. Since it is a made-up continent, it is kinda hard to explain). In roughly thirty years, the Scottish have swarmed over the peninsula and control the bottom half. The Aztecs control the middle and the north, and the HRE are fighting desperately for their survival. One war has been fought against the Aztecs already, and with several provinces (regions) taken, there is an uneasy ceasefire between Scotland and the Aztec Empire. This is what happened in the interim between the first and second Aztec Wars. I will present another chapter each week, chronicling another small event which led to total war between the two most powerful factions on Tyronia.

On a side note, the entire geography of this mod is made up and elaborated by me from what I see on the campaign map. I will try to explain it, but leave it more to your imagination. I will focus more on the storytelling of the events themselves. If you want to envision the Scottish-held former Aztec provinces, think of occupied France during WW2. Just a thought. I have always found it interesting that you can conquer a region and other than public order being a bit difficult to deal with there was no consequence. However, thinking about it, there would be oppression, racism, fighting, killing and lots of crime. This story also explores these themes. Hope you enjoy.