It as a foggy afternoon as the Backyardigans were eating cheese sticks and yogurt at Tasha's house as they finished getting to go outside to play as it started raining

"What the"

Replied Pablo

"Oh for goodness sakes"

Added Tasha

"Come on are you serious"

Uniqua added at the 5 of them complained seeing the rain

"What do we do know?"

Austin asked

"We could play video games"

Pablo said as all the power went out

"Some much for that idea"

Tyrone said

"We could play with my dolls"

Tasha said

"No way"

Pablo, Austin and Tyrone replied


Tasha mumbled

"We could tell stories"

Tyrone said

"That's the most…honestly not a bad idea"

Pablo said

"I know a really good story"

Uniqua said as they agreed

"So who's telling the first story?"

Pablo asked

"I want to tell mine"

Tasha said

"No I want to go first"

Pablo said as the five of them argued

"I know, we'll draw Popsicle sticks, longest to shortest tells their story"

Austin said grabbing five popsicles from the freezer as they finished eating them Austin collected the sticks cutting them with a pair of scissors

"Ok everyone draw"

He said holding them so they all looked the same length as the story list as set up