Pablo got up and made a sandwich

"I'll take it is my turn" Austin said as the living room turned into a forest

"The story is about some friends on a quest" Austin said as their clothes transformed into the attire of hitchhikers

"So what are we searching for" Tyrone asked wiping sweat off his forehead as Austin looked in a book

"We're looking for gold" Austin replied as they saw an old man at the crossroads

"Hey sir do you know where we could camp for the night" Pablo asked

"Sure young one, there's a big Oak tree outside the woods, but be careful, a killer guards his gold their" The man said walking away

"There are a million stupid trees" Tasha said

"That's the only oak, the rest are maple and pine" Austin said picking up leaves

"Hey a coin" Uniqua said handing it to Austin

"It's real gold, Ok we have one shovel, we need two of us to go to town and get four more shovels" Austin said as Tyrone, Pablo and Tasha decided to get the shovels and some food as Austin and Uniqua took the first digging shift

"I can't believe the 5 of us will be rich" Uniqua said digging with a shovel and pulled out a metal chest as Austin stood guard over the spot after 30 minutes they switched, as Uniqua was watching guard Austin climbed out of the hole holding a switch-knife

"Uni, check what I made you" Austin said handing her a wooden carving as they looked at their pile of gold

"Where are the others, they should've come back by now" Uniqua asked

"Uni, let's just take the chest hide it, tell the others we found nothing, and come back for it later" Austin said

"I don't know Austin, stealing from our friends" Uniqua said shyly

"It's not stealing, they don't know, we're keeping secret, I'll explain

We pretend to find nothing we go back home, we wait a month or two we come back we take the chest take it back and hide it" Austin said

"I don't want to make another trip" Uniqua said tired

"Ok better idea, we hide the chest in the car, we pretend to find nothing, and we hide it in my basement" Austin said

"You're basement, I dug it up" Uniqua said defensively

"Does it really matter" Austin said

"I found it, I have rights to it" Uniqua said

"Ok Uni, tell you what we split it 50/50" Austin said

"60/40" Uniqua said

"45/55" Austin countered

"Deal" Uniqua said as they lugged it in Austin's car and headed home

"Lets see that chest" Uniqua said as they opened the trunk using a crowbar

"Wow, gold" Uniqua said

"That my friend is iron pyrite (otherwise known as fool's gold), it's worthless" a man said behind them


The four bust out laughing

"Served them right" Pablo said

"You want a juice" Austin asked

"I'll take one" "Me too" Uniqua and Pablo responded

"Well Uni, your turn" Austin said