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Where It Begins

"It is said that the great founders of Unova were once a single Dragon Pokémon of both strength and wisdom. The twin heroes of legend, in order to create the Unova region, tamed the magnificent beast, bringing prosperity to both people and Pokémon alike. However, the brothers each sought something different in life—truth for the older brother and ideals for the younger. They began to argue, then fight, over whose side was stronger. The single dragon, torn by their truths and ideals, split into two separate Pokémon: Reshiram, who sided with the older twin, and Zekrom, who sided with the younger twin.

A fierce clash ensued between the two dragons, but they were equally matched, and neither conquered the other. The resulting violence disturbed the peace, and in response, the twins set aside their differences, recognizing there was no right side. But the sons of the heroes resumed the fight years later, and Reshiram and Zekrom, once forces of good, destroyed the region with their immense fire and lightning powers. They subsequently disappeared afterward, and no one has seen trace of them since.

It's thought that the dragons may one day return to resume their battle, but only when and if new heroes are born to accompany them..."

"Cheren, can you please stop? You've read that passage so many times over the last hour that its become painfully engraved into my brain..."

The young man in question raised an eyebrow at his friend, who was lying over her bed with a pillow over her head. With a stifled grunt, he flipped the neat hardcover book in his lap closed, standing to return it to the shelf near his chair. "If you don't like it, don't keep it out for me to read, Anwyn."

Anwyn tossed the pillow aside and blew irritably at a stray brown lock of her hair, fingers lingering to play with the brim of the hat sitting loosely atop her head. Groaning, she said, "That fable's for little kids... I've outgrown it. I'm just too lazy to get rid of it."

"I find it quite interesting, actually." Cheren adjusted his glasses, their lenses refracting the light of the room. "There are many stories of legendary Pokémon creating the regions of the world. I believe Hoenn has tales revolving around Kyogre and Groudon, and Sinnoh has Palkia and Dialga. Of course, these Pokémon are mostly of myth, not fact."

"...Then why does it interest you? You're the most logical guy I know."

He shrugged. "Shows how powerful Pokémon might be. I doubt we can ever truly understand their limits."

Anwyn's cobalt gaze studied him briefly before traveling back to the clock for what had to be the hundredth time. Bianca's still not here... she thought dryly. Out of all the days to be late, she picks today? The day we've waited fifteen years for? The day we...


Cheren and Anwyn's heads spun towards the stairs, seeing Vanesa climbing them from the kitchen below. She held a large cerulean box in her arms, tied in a beautiful green ribbon which looped around each of the four corners into a bow.

"Mom...? What is that?" Anwyn asked quietly, already half-knowing.

Vanesa set the box down on the far table below one of the windows. "Professor Juniper just dropped it off for you. She had some other preparations to attend to, so she said to come by her laboratory later."

Anwyn grinned, excitement welling up in the pit of her stomach. She stole a quick glance at Cheren who, despite his calm composure, failed to conceal his own excitement. She could see it beyond his glasses and through his eyes—he was ecstatic.

"Remember, nobody opens it until Bianca gets here," Venesa reminded them, returning downstairs to resume whatever task she'd left unfinished.

The two friends stared at the brightly colored package, hardly believing it sat ready just for them. It felt like a dream, as cliché as it was to admit. They'd waited so long for the day they would set out on their first journey. Up until this point, they hadn't been ready to walk such a long, grueling road, but now...

"Our first Pokémon..." Anywn whispered. "We can finally have our first Pokémon..."


"...Let's open it..."

"...Mm... Wait... What?"

Cheren slowly looked over, only to find Anwyn leaping at the box with a near feral expression. He inwardly kicked himself for his delayed reaction, catching her wrist before she could reach it.

"Cheren, let go! I can't wait any more—they're sitting right there, taunting us!" she whined.

"You think I'm happy about having to wait?" he spat, avoiding an elbow to the face. "Geez, have some self-control! You're going to crack my glasses!"

The girl refused to relent. Her fingertips were mere inches away from the ribbon that kept the Pokémon away from her, and poor Cheren was the only force around to stand between it and her wild impatience. He momentarily wondered if this is how a Joltik felt trying to cling to a hyper Blitzle. Never had he pitied a Pokémon more.

A clumsy holler echoed from the lower half of Anwyn's house, and Bianca soon barreled into the bedroom. Cheren and Anywn paused awkwardly in mid-struggle, flinging glares at each other.

"I... I-I know!" Bianca blurted. "I'm late again... I'm sooooooo sorry! I woke up late and then tripped and made a mess of everything in my bag, a-and... Well, then I really needed a shower. And I couldn't decide what clothes to wear for the occasion! I mean, should I go with something light, something stylish—"

"Bianca..." Cheren drawled, finally managing to keep Anwyn in check with one arm. "I've known for years you have no sense of time, but... seriously...? Today's the day we become Pokémon Trainers! You kept us waiting all morning!"

The flighty girl's mouth dipped in a crooked frown. "I know, I know. I'm sorry, Cheren... Sorry, Anwyn..."

"Don't worry about it," Anwyn assured, throwing another curt look at Cheren as she managed to free her arm from his clutches. "You're here now, that's all that matters."

"Says the one who was about to rip the package to pieces..."

"Oh shut it!"

Bianca took a moment to straighten her hair, tittering at the two's typical bickering. Approaching the box, her blue eyes rounded, glittering with anticipation. "Are these the Pokémon...?"

"Yup!" Anwyn, uninhibited this time, whipped off box's ribbon and let it pool onto the floor. "Let's hurry and meet them already!"

Removing the lid, the trio found three polished Poké Balls safely tucked into slots labeled with the names of the Pokémon they contained. Anwyn bit her bottom lip, giddy enough to float on a cloud. A small card she'd neglected to notice drew her attention away, however. She picked it up, reading it aloud:

I've brought three Pokémon, one for you and one for each of your friends. Please settle your choices politely.

Enjoy your Pokémon!

Professor Juniper

Thanks, Professor... The brunette smiled, turning her attention back to the Poké Balls. Cheren was already inspecting them, Bianca peering over his shoulder.

"'Snivy', 'Oshawott', and 'Tepig'," he read from the labels. "I thought as much. These Pokémon are the standard starters for most Unova region Trainers."

"We should let them out at the same time!" Bianca suggested.

Anwyn nodded in agreement. "That's a good idea. Let's do it."

Each taking a Poké Ball, they eagerly pressed the buttons in front, the spheres opening up and releasing flashes of white, luminous energy. The energy zigzagged to the nearest surface and took shape, fading to reveal three young Pokémon—a small snakelike creature with narrow eyes and a leafy tail, an otter with its prized scalchop hanging from its torso, and a little pig with a jovial disposition, wagging its curly tail as it sat down.

"Awwww!" The blonde gushed. "They're. So. Cuuuuute!"

"Snivy is the Grass-type, Oshawott is the Water-type, and Tepig is the Fire-type," Cheren clarified. "They're all supposed to be excellent Pokémon to raise. Though, you do need to watch out for some things. For example—"

"Hi there, cutie!" Bianca cooed, scooping up the Snivy and pulling it into a tight hug. "I'm Bianca! Do you want to be my Pokémon~?"

The grassy snake made a disgruntled noise, slapping its tail against her cheek. Bianca yelped and dropped it back onto the floor in shock. "Ow, ow, ow! W-what was that for?"

"...If you'd just waited for me to finish..." Cheren shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Snivy are picky Pokémon that side with those they consider strong. Treating it lightly will only get you hurt."

The girl cradled her reddened cheek with a hand. "Not that one... It's already too much to handle..."

The Tepig, noticing her discomfort, tilted its head and bounded over to her. "Tep?"

Surprised, Bianca kneeled down in front of it, hesitantly extending a hand. "...H-hello..."

The pig Pokémon immediately pushed its head against her, letting out a happy little snort. She slowly relaxed, stroking its long ears between her fingers. "What a good boy you are."

Anwyn couldn't help but smile at the sight. That was fast... Bianca's already made a new friend.


The brunette blinked, glancing down. The Oshawott had made its way over to her leg, wrapping its short arms around it in an apparent attempt to get her attention. She giggled, patting its head. "Hey there, little... guy?" she guessed.

The otter nodded briskly, tapping its scalchop. "Oshawott!"

"Despite their adorable appearance, Oshawott like to think they're great warriors." Cheren mentioned. "Though, really, they just love to show-off and get attention."

The Water-type scowled at the description, puffing out its chest in protest. "Osha! Osha!"

"Well, I like him," Anwyn declared, lifting him into her arms. "Think I'll be taking this one."

The Oshawott's tantrum died then and there, replaced by a wide grin. He hugged his new Trainer, waving his flipper up and down as if trying to swim in the air.

"All these Pokémon seem to be male... Are they selected that way purposely or is it a coincidence?" Cheren wondered aloud, more to himself than his friends. He soon aimed his leveled stare at the remaining Snivy, who stared back, seemingly analyzing him. The human and Pokémon stood motionless at first, but eventually the Snivy crossed his arms and worked his way over to him, recognizing something likable about him. Cheren had no clear reaction to this, if any at all. He accepted the Pokémon's gesture with a simple nod, which seemed to be enough for the Grass-type.

"Hey, you know, since we've all picked out partners, we should have a Pokémon battle!" Bianca offered gleefully.

"A battle...?" Cheren said. "Honestly Bianca... They may be weak and inexperienced Pokémon, but you shouldn't battle inside a house."

"Aw, don't be such a worrywart! These little ones are weak, like you said, and we'll be careful. Besides, if we don't let them battle, they'll never get stronger!"

The young man's glasses gleamed as he peered down at his Snivy, considering. "...I suppose."

"Then that's that!" The blonde turned to Anwyn, as fired up and raring to go as her Tepig, who responded to her enthusiasm by releasing a few faint embers from his nostrils. "C'mon, Anwyn! I want you to be my first opponent!"

"Me...?" Anwyn asked, somewhat unsure. Oshawott confidently jumped out of her arms, much to her disbelief. This tiny Pokémon had never battled before, yet he was already ready to stand by her when a challenge presented itself. She shrugged, gaining a bit of self-assurance. "Well, if you're sure."


"Okay then..." Thrusting out a hand, she accepted Bianca's proposal with a nod and began the battle. "Oshawott, use Tackle on Tepig!"

The otter immediately rushed forward, bowing its head slightly. Bianca, freezing up as she fought to remember what they'd be told about Pokémon battles, lost the opportunity to call out a counterattack. Oshawott rammed into Tepig, and the fire pig went soaring into the bookshelf in the corner, knocking it over.

"A-ah! Tepig!" Bianca grimaced. "Tackle it right back! Full power Tackle!"

The Fire-type rolled back up and launched himself at Oshawott. Prepared for this, Anwyn intervened. "Dodge it!"

Oshawott moved out of the way, Tepig sliding across the rug. In a panic, the Fire-type jumped up on Anwyn's bed, ruffling the covers before leaping off and landing on the table where the empty box had been left. "Tepig! Tep!"

"Don't let it get away!" Anwyn yelled. "After it—Tackle!"

"Osha!" The otter attempted to go after it, though Tepig reacted faster than before, running across the table with Oshawott close behind. The two raced around the room, their trainers calling out numerous "Tackles" as the two Pokémon played cat and mouse, leaving footprints and ruin in their wake. Eventually, Oshawott cornered Tepig and landed another clean hit, and then another after that. The Fire-type fell to the ground, wobbly, tired, and defeated.

"Alright!" Anwyn jumped in joy, plucking up her Oshawott and spinning him around. "You were great! I'm so proud!"

A light blush flooded across his cheeks. He bashfully rubbed the back of his head. "Oshhhaa..."

"Awww..." Bianca dropped to her knees, yanking her hair. "I looooossst!"

Tepig, hearing her disappointment, shakily crawled into the nearest hiding space it could find in the tattered room, snorting sadly.

"Bianca, you need to reassure your Pokémon, not feel sorry for yourself," Cheren chastised. "You'll just make him feel bad."

"Ah..." Guilty, the girl shuffled over to the fire pig, collecting him in her arms. "I-I'm sorry... It's okay. You did really great for your first battle! Pokemon are so amazing—so little, but so strong!"

Tepig perked up at his Trainer's praise and licked her cheek, to which she laughed in response. Anwyn, and even Cheren, softened at the sight. For Anwyn though, it only lasted a second. She finally noticed her room... or what was left of it. Her stomach twisted into a knot. ...Ack... Mom is going to kill me.

"S-sorry about your room, Anwyn," Bianca murmured, noticing her troubled expression. "We can help you clean it up if you want...!"

"It's... fine..."

"Honestly, only you two would be able to make this much of a mess," Cheren quipped, his Snivy flicking his tail in agreement.

"Very funny. If you're so good, then prove it. You're next, Cheren," Anwyn challenged, putting Oshawott back down.

"...First you worry about your room and then you want to immediately do the very thing that destroyed it?"

"Well since you're so sure you wouldn't make the same mistakes..."

"I wouldn't." Cheren said, pushing up his glasses. "Fine, have it your way. I accept." He glanced sideways. "Snivy."

The Grass-type didn't need to be told twice. He stepped up, sizing up his opponent, and smirked smugly, waving a thin hand in a taunt.

Oshawott's mouth hung open. He flailed his arms, pointing angrily at the snake. "Osha! Oshawott! Osha...!"

"Vy." The snake shrugged off whatever warning Oshawott had given, further fueling the little otter's ire. He rushed to tackle his opponent before either Trainer could officially start the fight.

"Ah, wait! I haven't given you a command yet!" Anwyn panicked.

Cheren smirked, chuckling. "Your Pokémon is as impulsive and quick-tempered as you are. Good fit indeed."


"Dodge it and counter."

With an incredible speed, Snivy darted out of the way, spinning and slamming his tail into Oshawott. The Water-type flew back, just barely able to land on his feet.

"Tackle it," Cheren ordered, cutting off any counter Anwyn could've come up with. She flinched, forced to watch as her Pokémon took one speedy attack after another. He was getting weaker and weaker with each consecutive hit, but there seemed to be nothing he could do to avoid them.

It's way too quick, she realized. There's no way he can keep up with natural speed like that. What do I do...?"

"One more; finishing blow," Cheren commanded.

"Sniivy!" His Pokémon pushed off the floor, adding more power and velocity into his incoming Tackle. Oshawott, dizzy and damaged, swayed back and forth, trying his best to steady himself.

"Dodge it, Oshawott!" Anwyn called desperately.

Her voice fell too late. Snivy landed the blow, and Oshawott spun across the room, hitting the wall. He swooned and reeled back, defeated by the sheer speed of the snake.

Snivy turned his back on his opponent in a sneaky, triumphant manner, trotting over to Cheren, who proceeded to commend him.

"Oshawott..." Anwyn scooped him up, stroking his head. "That was great. You gave it your best."


"We need to go tell your mom about the little... predicament you and Bianca left up here," Cheren announced, heading down the stairs with his Snivy in tow. "We also need to go over to thank the professor for our Pokémon."

"Ah, wait for me Cheren!" Bianca said. She hurried to follow after him, Tepig snugly secured in her arms. "C'mon, Anwyn!"

"Tch..." The brunette gazed down at her tired Pokémon, irritated by Cheren's sudden attitude. He wins his first fight and acts like that? A bit too arrogant if you ask me... Though I guess that's just how he is.


Anywn yanked herself out of her thoughts, smiling gently at the otter. "Hm...?"

"Osha... wott..."

"It's okay, really... We're both new at this after all... Sometimes we'll win, sometimes we'll lose. That's why we're going to work together to grow and improve," she told him, her tone soft.

He seemed to take her words to heart, his flipper wagging. She giggled at it, humming a thoughtful note. "You know... Every trainer who picks an Oshawott probably doesn't do that much to make it notably different... I think I'll give you a name."


Nickname... Nickname... It has to be good... She rummaged her mind for noble names, strong names... Finally, she snagged on one she liked. "Oz," she decided. "Your new name is Oz. Oz the Oshawott."

The newly dubbed Oz took a moment to register the name, wiggling happily and nuzzling his Trainer once it fully set in. She nuzzled him back, satisfied with his reaction to it. I couldn't have asked for a better partner...

"Anwyn, don't hold us up!" she heard Cheren shout from the kitchen, his Snivy accompanying his statement with a call of its name.

"Coming!" she replied, shaking her head. Now who's impatient? Not me. She laughed quietly and headed for the stairs, looking forward to whatever else the day had in store for her. "Let's go, Oz. I need to thank Professor Juniper for bringing us together."


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