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" Squeak! "

Shh, Meemai! Let Xelha rest . . .

The blonde laid on the queen sized bed, not even tucked under the covers. She laid there curled up sleeping . . .

Where she was resting was the room of Anuenue's very own Queen Corellia's. Upon returning from escaping the Imperial Fortress at the capital of Mintaka. Corellia along with King Ladekahn and Duke Calbren saw the fatigue in the girls eyes. Letting her rest in the room was the least they could for her before she'd set out to rescue her companions. Her friends . . .

Xelha to anyones eyes who saw her right now would be thought sleeping peacefully, but no one knew the nightmare that haunted her sleep.

It couldn't really be called a nightmare but more like a flashback of the day she wished that never occurred . . .

x X x

Deep within the Lava Caves surrounded by Imperial Soldiers stood Xelha and her friends at gunpoint. They watched in horror as the boy who once called himself their companion, the very same blue-haired boy that Xelha called friend stood under the circling End Magnus' laughing his lungs out sadistically as his beautiful white wings flapped gracefully behind him . . .

Xelha overcomed with a pool of emotions fell to her knees as one by one her friends one after the other were taken away. Terrified, Xelha looks back behind her to see she is all along. Her attention is brought back forward when the lava erupts and falls back to the see of blazing flames.

Regaining her senses her eyes find the white-winged blue-haired boy. Faintly she whispers, " Kalas . . . "

He looks at Xelha as though her faint please reached his ears. With a cold stare on his face he slowly walks up to the blonde.

She covers her mouth to hide her breathless gasp when her eyes meet an unfamiliar pair. Kalas' eyes were still blue, but lighter than before. You could think they were white. Though the area around his pupil where pitch black as though staring deep into the face of evil itself . . . This is not the Kalas I know was all she could think.

She closes her eyes accepting her fate when Kalas reaches down to cover her eyes with his hand.

After that she is enveloped in pure darkness . . .

She begins to loser herself in the dark abyss forgetting this is but a dream. It's not until a faint voice rings in her head . . .

Xelha . . .

" That voice . . . " Xelha whispers to herself.

Gracefully pink petals flying from all directions encircle Xelha. She brings her hands to her chest as a bright light shines from under her hands . . .

Echoing in her head she hears.

I'll save you

x X x

She opens her eyes and sits up on the bed, " What . . .? " a baffled Xelha asks.

Her eyes flinched when the sun hits her face, she blocks the sunlight with her eyes as her sight restores itself . . .

" It's morning already . . .? "

Good morning, Xelha!

Xelha smiles hearing the voice in her head, " Good morning to you too, Tipsir. "

Did you sleep well?

Slowly her smile faded away turning into a frown, she brings her knees to her chest. " I would say yes, but there's no use in lying to you Tipsir . . . "

You were dreaming of Kalas, weren't you?

The blonde buried her face in the gap between her knees and chest.

" Now that were are bonded together, I feel like I'm bonded with Kalas too . . . "

That's understandable since I was his Guardian Spirit, but . . .

Xelha looked up with tears in her eyes . . . " What do I do Tipsir . . .? " she asked mournfully.

I don't know what do say, but one thing is for certain Xelha.

Xelha remained silent waiting to hear her Guardian Spirit's voice . . .

We need to rescue our friends.

Xelha smiled faintly, the warm feeling inside her that appeared when the spirit entered her began to burn warmer even more now. She could sense Tipsir's resolve in his voice. " You really believe we can do it, don't you? "

Of course we can! You're leading not that hot-headed bantering fool!

The blonde couldn't help but giggle at that last remark. She began to reminisce about the days all of them together traveled.

She could see it clearly . . . Gibari steering the Mindeer telling his tales of when he went out fishing to Lyude and Mitzuti, Savyna always stayed away from the group and would remain in the back leaning against the wall. As for Kalas though, he would always be going back and forth with his Guardian Spirit Tipsir . . .

Xelha shook her head sighing nostalgically, " You two always argued with each other . . . "

The light blue-green Greythrone hopped onto the bed and to Xelha's side, " Squeak! " The blonde smiled at Meemai and patted his head. " Should we get going now, Meemai? "

Meemai hopped up and down in response.

Xelha hopped out of bed and stretched her arms in the air, followed by her wings. When she was prepared she walked to the edge of the room and looked towards the distance gazing at the enormous Celestial Tree. She took a deep breath and with determination buried in her voice she said, " Alright, let's go you guys! "

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