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After telling Queen Corellia, King Ladekahn, and Duke Calbren that she was heading out to the Interdimensional Cracks, Xelha walked out of the palace . . .

Inside her head she asked to herself, ' Where should we go first? '

Perhaps the Great Celestial Tree since it's closer?

Xelha nodded her head in agreement, " You're right. " However before she stepped off the bridge she froze in place.


" All my magnus' are gone . . . I forgot Kalas took them when he locked me up in the Imperial Fortress . . . "


Xelha took out all of her magnus cards and looked through them . . .

" He just left me with my Level 1 magic . . .! " defeat clear in her voice.

Don't worry Xelha, we can manage! I'll protect you!

The blonde put away the cards and took a deep breath exhaling slowly. " We should go to the Church, praying always cleared my mind. "

As she makes her way to the blue flower that stands tall in front of the shop, Xelha couldn't stop but notice the lives of the people in Komo Mai.

Even after the Celestial Trees flowers blossomed they still manage to stay laid back, eh?

Xelha giggled, " That's just the way they are Tipsir. Just seeing them brings up ones spirits! " Little kids would run past Xelha and would wave at her as they ran by, " See? Those little kids have so much joy in them. "

This would be the perfect spot to have a celebration when we finally put an end to this.

They finally made it to the flower. When Xelha approached the blue flower, the leaves opened and laid down on the ground, slowly she stepped into the center of the flower picturing clear in the mind the destination she wished to go to. When the image was perfectly visual to her the leaves engulfed her . . .

x X x

The leaves opened and Xelha stepped out watching her step making sure not to trip on the leaves. She looked around the gigantic hall that was the Church. All was the same, though the blonde was surprised to see some people kneeling before the altar where the Head Priest stood at praying.

" Everyone is praying for a miracle . . . " whispered Xelha.

With the appearance of Cor Hyrda monsters have been wrecking havoc everywhere . . . This is probably the only safest place left now . . .

Xelha not wanting to disturb the others praying made her way to the group and kneeled down beside them. She clasped her hands together and prayed . . .

" Cast light upon the darkened earth . . . Save those lost in despair . . . "

All of sudden eyes began to fall on Xelha. The group that was praying began to watch Xelha and listen . . .

" O' Mighty Ocean, guide us . . . As we journey through the darkest pit of night . . . "

Um . . . Xelha?

" Hm? " Xelha looked up and noticed she was surrounded by people. She blushed and stuttered our her words, " H-Hello there . . .! "

Out of the group an elderly woman walked up to Xelha. " Young lady . . . You were at Diadem when the Empire was attacking . . . "

Xelha bowed her head to the elderly woman, " Yes, I was . . . " Xelha remembered that day. When Sheliak's streets were empty and the beautiful pink clouds that surrounded Castle Elnath were turned black and grey from the smoke that radiated from the fire that burned the castle.

" I thought so . . . " said the elderly woman.

" Have we met? " asked Xelha.

The elderly woman shook her head, " No, but you have met my son . . . "

" Your . . . son? " responded Xelha.

" He is a knight for King Ladekahn . . . He told me you and your friends saved him when he was holding his ground against three Imperials. "

Xelha smiled, " I remember him! He was the one that directed us to the upper level of the castle since the bridge was overrun. "

The elderly woman smiled, " That's my boy. He loves the nation of Diadem with all his heart. "

Xelha looked at everyone that was there. " You are all his family, aren't you? " she said comforting.

They all nodded their heads, " We came here to pray not only for our dad, but for everyone else that was fighting for the nations. "

A lady came forward and rested her hand on the elderly woman's shoulder, " That prayer you said . . . I believe that the light will shine through on us. We cannot give up hope, we must keep praying for those that fight for us all! "

Xelha smiled big, " Yes! "

The elderly woman bowed towards Xelha, " Please take care young lady, and thank you for everything you've done. " When she was finished her along with the rest of the family entered the blue flower and disappeared . . .

" They thanked me . . . " Xelha said.

You deserved it . . . You have been fighting for the world even when everyone doubted you.

Xelha wiped the small tear that emerged at the corner of her eye. " I must do something Tipsir . . . I need to save everyone and Kalas! "

Me and Meemai are with you till the end!

She smiled wholeheartedly, " Thank you Meemai . . . Thank you Tipsir . . . "

When Xelha finally decided it was time to leave just then an elderly man walked up to Xelha, " Hmm? "

Xelha was caught off guard and looked at the man confused.

" Where is that young man? Your traveling companion . . . "

Xelha gasped when it dawned on her, " I know you, I always saw Kalas talking to you whenever we came here to pray! "

The man with a worried face asked Xelha, " Did something happen to him? "

Xelha looked down pained with the remembrance of who Kalas was now, " Um . . . yes . . . "

The elderly man shook his head " Though I know not what happened my blessings are with you. " He looked up at Xelha and rested his hand on her shoulder, " Please don't look so glum. Your friend will be bside you again. "

The blonde looked up surprised as to what the man said, the elderly man smiled at her, " Soon . . . Very soon. "

Xelha smiled back at the man, " Okay. Thank you, sir. "

He brought his hand back to himself and wished her a safe journey and left to talk with the Head Priest. Xelha watched him as he walked away and turned back to where he came from. ' He always stands in the back of the Chruch . . . Why? '

I think it's time you see why. Go over there Xelha . . .

Xelha did as told and walked to where the man usually stands. " Kalas would always come back here and talk to him . . . "

Look up . . .

Xelha slowly looked up and gasped at the sight she saw up on the ceiling . . .

Above her and anyone who'd stand where she was standing was an enormous map. Shining on the map where bright points connected to certain other points on the map. " It's beautiful . . .! "

This is the Star Map . . . The Star Map Keeper told Kalas when we first used the blue flower back at Cebalrai that the Star Map was torn apart into 50 pieces and scattered all over.

Xelha deeply examined the Star Map closely, " But it looks like someone has been putting it back together . . . "

Kalas has been putting it back together since we learned about the Star Map. No matter how many times the Star Map Keeper thanked Kalas, he'd just say 'It's not only me that's finding them, my friends are helping me out too.'

" Kalas said that? " a surprised Xelha said.

That's right. We've found 28 because we never gave up, it was all thanks to everyone . . . Our friends for helping us.

Xelha pulled out a magnus card that was really a Constellation magnus. " Is that why Kalas gave me this card back at Azha? " She looked back at the map above her and thought, ' Does he want me to finish it? '

Like I'll let that happen! That fool never likes leaving things unfinished, we need to bring him back to finish what he's started!

Something awakened inside Xelha. A new found light began to shine inside her. She smiled as she finally knew what she had to do. " And to think yesterday I was being so unconfident in myself . . . " She dropped her head down faintly laughing at herself. " I can't believe I was admitting defeat . . . " She then looked up and made her way to the blue flower, " But no more. I must bring everyone back, I need to stop Melodia, and not just me. My friends will help me too! "

She walked into the center and was enveloped by the leaves.

The Star Map Keeper looked at the blue flower as it remained unmoved. He smiled and told the Head Priest, " The light will never die out as long as there are others that believe in themselves. "

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