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It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy, if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

"I miss you so much," Damian murmured, pressing his hand to the screen, where he and Cameron were talking via video-chat.

"I miss you too, sweetheart," Cameron pressed his hand to Damian's, feeling the heat emanate from the computer, as if it were coming from Damian himself, and smiled. "I promise, as soon as I can, I'll send for you, or I'll go there on break."

"I'm trying to get into a University over there," Damian admitted, placing his hand back on the desk. "But I haven't heard anything yet. I'd rather be on the same continent as you than be across an entire ocean."

"Me, too," Cameron said. "If that fails, I can apply to study abroad over there."

"I just…" Damian blinked back tears. "I just can't bear to be away from you." He lowered his voice to a whisper. "I saw Jenna today."

"What?" Cameron sat bolt upright. "Did she say anything to you?"

"She gave me a snarky look and called me a fag," Damian mumbled. "Said she knew I'd end up dating another boy. She saw my profile change on Facebook. Or rather, someone else did and told her; I deleted her ages ago."

"I swear, if I ever get near her…" Cameron started to threaten.

"No," Damian murmured, a single tear streaking down his cheek. "She's not worth it, Cam. I don't care what other people—especially her—think of me. As long as I have you in my life, I'm plenty happy. You're worth a thousand people calling me names." He brushed the tear away. "Did you ever tell your folks about us?"

"Yes," Cameron smiled softly. "I think they had been expecting it for a while now, my being gay. They're fine with it. A little worried about how my grandparents are going to react, but they're cool. My sisters are, too. They keep asking when the wedding is."

"I haven't told my mum and dad yet," Damian confided in Cameron. "Nor my siblings. I'm not sure how to, to be honest. All they know is that I dated…Jenna…for a long time. They think you and I are, well, just best friends."

Cameron's brow creased in concern. "Do you want me to help you or…?"

"No," Damian sighed heavily. "When the time comes, I'll tell them. I'm just terrified of being kicked out of my own house, to be honest. I could go live with Emmett and his fiancé, but otherwise…" he shrugged. "And I can't live with you yet."

"If I were to play the lottery right now and win," Cameron said, "do you know what I'd do with the money I'd get?"

"Donate it to charities that support music programs?" Damian guessed.

"Well, yes, that," Cameron laughed. "But I'd save it so that when we're both done with school, I could buy us a nice house to live in. Ireland, Texas, wherever you wanted."

Damian swallowed, a lump forming in his throat. "Cameron…"

"I've been writing a song for you," Cameron held up his guitar. "And it's almost done. When we're finally together again, I'll play it for you. What do you say?"

"That sounds wonderful," Damian was trying his hardest not to cry. How was he blessed with someone as caring and wonderful as Cameron Mitchell? "Oh crap, Mum's home."

"I love you," Cameron blew a kiss towards the screen.

"I love you, too," Damian sent a kiss back before quickly logging off. It had only been a month since he'd left America to come back home, and already he was missing Cameron as if they'd been separated for a year. Cameron had asked him if he would be his boyfriend a few days after their hallway kiss, and Damian naturally had accepted. The most they'd done before Damian had left was make-out, and truth be told, that's as far as Damian wanted to go for the time being. Ever since what had happened with Jenna, he was timid and afraid of intimate, physical relationships. He did not mind that in six months of dating, all he and his boyfriend—my boyfriend, he smiled to himself—had done was French-kiss. He liked this new thing, taking it slow. Every day was a new, exciting adventure, and he never knew what sweet surprise Cameron had up his sleeve next; a lollipop taped to his locker, a new song that Cameron wrote and called him at two in the morning just so he could be the first to hear it, a romantic dinner date on Valentine's Day…Damian, instead of dreading waking up, now looked forward to it.

"Damian, love?" His mum asked as she came into his bedroom. "What's going on? Why are you smiling like that?"

"Oh, nothing," he said quickly.

"Alright," she started to leave.

"Wait," he said. "I…I have something to tell you. You and Dad. Later, tonight, when he gets home."

"Are you feeling okay?" She worriedly pressed her hand to his forehead.

"I feel fine, Mum," he laughed. "I just need to talk to the two of you."

"Very well," she said, not sure what was going on. "After dinner, then." Damian waited until she had left the room and closed the door before Instant-Messaging Cameron.

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"Damian, our son has something to tell us," Joanne McGinty said. Damian flinched; it was weird having the same name as your father. Sometimes, you didn't know who people were referring to, and it could get pretty awkward.

"What is it, my boy?" Damian McGinty, Sr., put his newspaper down.

"I'm not sure how to tell you this," Damian settled at the edge of the couch carefully, minding to keep his distance, in case they got upset. After all, his family was very Catholic, and he wasn't sure of their views of homosexuality; they'd never talked about it before…until now, that is.

"As long as you haven't gotten anyone pregnant, I can't see what could be troubling you so much that you feel as if you can't talk to us about this," Joanne reasoned.

"Um, well," Damian cleared his throat. "You, uh, you know my friend Cameron, right?"

"Yes," Joanne smiled. "He sounds like such a nice Christian boy, a very good friend for you to be having in your company. It's fantastic that you made such a close friend while you were abroad. Is everything okay with him?"

"Yes, yes, he's fine," Damian cleared his throat again. "But we're, uh, not friends."

"Did you have a falling-out?" Damian, Sr., spoke up.

"No, we didn't have a quarrel," Damian murmured. "We're, um…we're…I'm…" he took a deep breath, calling on Cameron's strength to get him through. "I'm gay. Cameron's my boyfriend. We've been dating since January."

"Excuse me?" His father stood up. "You're gay?"

"Yes," Damian whimpered. "Yes, sir, I am."

"And you have a…a boyfriend?" A look of disgust crossed his father's face.

"Yes, sir," Damian croaked out, terrified.

"It's a sin against nature, and God," Damian, Sr. hissed. "An abomination unto the Lord."

Damian began to cry softly. "But I love him."

"You will leave this house," his father said in a low, dangerous voice. "You will not carry out these…perversions…under my roof. No, Joanne," he said to his wife, who reached out to comfort her crying son. "Do not comfort him. He is not deserving. He has two hours to pack his things, and then he is gone from here."

Damian nodded miserably. "Yes, sir," he whispered, running upstairs. Sobbing, he pressed his ear to the door to hear his parent's conversation.

"You can't just fling your own son out into the street!" Joanne yelled. "He's your son!"

"I will not have a gay son," Damian, Sr., yelled back. "As far as I'm concerned, I only have one son, and his name is Emmett."

"Oh, bloody screw you!" Joanne screamed, and Damian heard her footsteps clomp up the stairs. She knocked on his door. "Damian, love, I'm so sorry. He's just a little hot-headed right now. The news took him by surprise. He'll calm down soon."

"I'm so sorry, Mum," he buried his face into her neck. I've disappointed you."

"No," she rubbed his back. "No, you could never disappoint me. Yes, I was a little surprised, but I would not say I'm disappointed in you. You were afraid of this sort of thing happening with your father, and that's understandable."

"I have to go away," Damian sniffled, pulling away from her. "I'm sorry, Mum. I love you, but I have to leave. Even if he does…I just…I can't be living here knowing that he doesn't support my relationship, or my sexuality for that matter. I'm in love with Cameron, and he's in love with me, and we're not going to change that for one person."

"But where will you live?" His mother began to cry. "I can't bear the thought of you alone on the streets."

"I'll ask around," Damian took his suitcase out from under his bed. "Emmett, maybe, I can stay with them…or with one of the many aunts and uncles…if I have to stay in a hotel tonight, then I shall."

"Wait a moment," his mum said, and Damian began to pack, shaking all over with the sudden adrenaline rush that was hitting him. "Here," she came back, handing him a wad of money. "Just in case," she whispered, closing his hand around it.

"Oh, Mum," he hugged her. "I'll call you, I promise. And I'll come back someday. You can have my word on that. But as long as I'm with Cameron, I can't live here."

"He sounds like a lovely person, from what you've told me. I trust him to take care of you someday. And someday," she lowered her voice, "if you two should ever get married, I would love to come to the wedding."

"Your support means everything to me," he murmured. "I love you so much, Mummy."

"I love you too, Damian, regardless of your sexual identity," she held him close. "I'll help you pack, and then I'll see you off. Promise you'll find a nice hotel to stay at?"

"Yes," he nodded. "It'll only be for a night or two, until I can find somewhere more permanent to stay. I'm just concerned that Dad will tell the relatives not to let me in."

"I'll call Emmett and tell him what happened," she reassured him, folding some shirts and placing them in his suitcase. She paused. "I'm curious, though. How long have you known that you're…gay?"

"Since I met Cameron," Damian said confidently. "As soon as I saw him, I liked him and wanted to know more about him. He was cute, he was confident, and his voice…gosh, he has such a beautiful voice. And his eyes," Damian sighed, "at any rate, I fell fast for him. And on New Year's Eve, he kissed me at midnight. That's when he realized that he liked me, too, and he'd always been questioning his own sexuality until he met me."

"And you've been dating since?" She put some jeans away.

"Yes," Damian smiled. "The most we've done is kiss. We wanted to take it slow. We do talk online every day, though, and he's seeing if he can come here on one of his holidays from school. He might even do his study abroad here."

"May I see a picture?" She asked, sitting down on the bed.

"Yes," Damian pulled out the picture of Cameron he kept in his wallet.

"Oh, he is rather handsome," she smiled softly. "Yes, I can see why you fancy him."

Damian grinned, putting the picture back in his wallet, along with the money his mum gave him. He placed his laptop securely in his suitcase and threw in some underwear and socks and pajamas. "There," he looked around the room. "I think I'm good."

"What about Poggles?" She handed him his cherished childhood teddy bear.

Damian looked at it fondly. "Yes, I think I could use Poggles tonight," he took the bear and carefully slipped it in the top of the suitcase. "Okay, now I'm set."

"Send me a message tonight so I know where you're staying," she embraced him tightly, crying softly.

"I will," he whispered. "Don't worry, Mum," he brushed her tears away. "We'll be a family again someday. But right now, I can't stay in this house."

"I'll divorce him," she muttered. "I'll divorce him!"

"No," he shook his head. "Not for me. I'm not letting you."

"I'd rather have my son," she sniffled.

"Just…" he sighed. "Sit tight, Mum. We'll resolve this mess soon, okay?"

"Okay," she nodded. "Let me at least help you get downstairs."

"I've got it," he dragged his suitcase to the landing, grateful that it had wheels, and carefully pulled it down the stairs, not wanting to jar his laptop. Checking one more time to make sure that he had his cell phone and his wallet, he waved forlornly to his mum before heading out the door. He took one last look at his home before making his way to the main road, where he hailed a taxi and took it to a nearby hotel. Once he'd checked in, he numbly opened his laptop and sent a video call request to Cameron. He breathed a sigh in relief as Cameron's face flickered onto his screen.

"Damian," Cameron leaned forward. "Are you okay? Did you tell them? Is that…wait, are you in a hotel room?"

"My dad kicked me out," Damian mumbled. "Mum was fine with it, but Dad wasn't."

"I am so sorry," Cameron apologized. "I shouldn't have…I didn't mean to…"

"You didn't do anything wrong," Damian drew his knees to his chest. "I had a feeling that this would happen, but I couldn't keep it a secret any longer."

"And you're in a hotel right now?" Cameron asked incredulously.

"Just for a night or two," Damian explained. "I might be able to stay with my brother and his fiancé, or with my sister, or my cousins or something. But not until tomorrow."

"Do…do you want me to come there? Are you okay?" Cameron's blue eyes worried.

"No, stay there for now," Damian told him. "Maybe over the winter holidays. For now, I think it's best you don't come here. I don't want my dad to blow up on you, too."

"Your mom…you said she was okay?" Cameron looked confused.

"Yes. She even gave me money to stay here," Damian laughed a little. "She said she doesn't care if I'm gay or whatever. And she says that she thinks you're a very nice man and that you'll take good care of me someday." Damian smiled. "She even said that if we were ever to get married, she'd want to come to the wedding. She asked to see your picture, so I showed her, and she said that you're very handsome."

"Aww," Cameron blushed a bit. "She sounds supportive. That's nice."

"The best part was," Damian continued, "she said she'd get a divorce from my dad if it meant she could have me back again. See, my dad sort of disowned me… 'I only have one son and his name is Emmett', he said…and my mum doesn't want that."

"Whoa," Cameron raised his blonde brows. "She sounds awesome. Bravo, Joanne."

"Don't let her hear you call her that," Damian joked. "And you say 'Brava' for a girl."

"My bad," Cameron slapped his forehead. "But you'll be okay tonight?"

"Yes," Damian said. "I have Poggles here to comfort me."

"Good old Poggles," Cameron laughed, remembering the worn stuffed animal. "I love you, Damian. Sleep well tonight, and keep me updated with what's going on."

"I will. I love you too," Damian blew a kiss before closing his laptop. He settled into bed, bringing Poggles to his chest and falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.