The thing about climbing Raven's Point, is that when you fall, you hardly ever live. I was a case where, I had a brush with luck. God loved me that day. He only put me in a coma, with little memory loss. The bad thing about that fatal day, I was getting selected to go the World Championships, to climb some of the most dangerous cliffs in the world. If only I hadn't have had a falling out with Jace. I would be there, competing against some of the best. If only I had checked my rope. If only I had checked that it was straight. About halfway from the bottom, my rope snapped and I didn't have a good grip on the cliff side. I went careening to the bottom of Raven's Point. My family screaming as I fell. I hit the ground, and then I was surrounded by blackness. I learnt that I was in a coma for six months. When I awoke I was in a serein white room, the sheets scratching against my skin. My eyes were cringing away from the bright light coming from the window, so I figured it to be day. I looked over to my right side, to see half of my family leaning over my bed, their eye lids closed and fluttering.

"They must be dreaming." I thought. But then I realised that it was just Delilah, Nancy and Ellie-Rae. My brother and parents must be having a fight again. My parents probably telling him that it was his fault I fell. I stirred slightly, in the process accidentally awaking Delilah and Nancy.

'Zay!' Delilah cried out. I looked at her and smiled. And then a group of people swarmed into my room, smiles gracing their faces, with tears streaming down their faces. I recognised them as my friends from High School. Elyon, Bridie, Talon, Charlie-Anne, Helanore and Deziray.

'Zay!' They also cried.

'Hiya girls.' I smiled weakly, my energy draining by the minute. I looked around the room once again, but I didn't see my parents or Jace.

'Where are Mother, Father and Jace? Are they blaming him for my fall? It's my fault. I need to stop them from doing something rash.' I tried to get up, but the tubes and needles protruding my skin stopped me. But what also stopped me once again, was the looks on everyone's faces when I mentioned them.

'What's going on? What's happened? How long have I been out?' I asked questions flowing freely from my mouth.

'Zay,' Talon began, 'you've been out for six months. You've missed your birthday, and when the doctors said you might never wake up, your brother got into drag racing to fix the money problem that you got from competing in abseiling competitions. He crashed and his car blew up from the nitrous oxide. When the doctors said that you might die, your parents couldn't take it. They hung themselves from the ceiling of your house. I am truly sorry Zay.' Talon replied. Bridie had tears streaking her face, as Jace was her boyfriend. But this news hit me more than anything else. Not even falling to the bottom of Raven's Point and surviving could have made me any happier. My fall had killed half of my family. Literally.


I woke up screaming. This is the way it has been every night since I found out that they had killed themselves. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to get rid of the pain. I went for a walk that night. Trying to cool my thoughts down with the cool winter air of Sydney. I met someone. Jason. He looked exactly like Jace, dressed like Jace, spoke like Jace. And my god, it was Jace.

'Zay.' he whispered. I was so scared. I thought I was seeing things. I thought I was hearing things. I thought I was looking straight at a ghost, but he was warm. I couldn't go through him. And he wasn't transparent. He was real. Apart from the burns on his arms, I would have said that he was the exact same Jace.

I gasped in surprise and shock. I raised my hand, going to touch him on the face, when the reality of it finally sunk in. I used my hand that was already raised and slapped him across the face. HARD.

'Son of a -' he cried, clutching his now red cheek with his hand.

'Do you know what you put me through? What you put Delilah, Nancy and Ellie through? Do you know what you put BRIDIE THROUGH! WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! AND YET HERE YOU ARE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!' I cried, I could feel the tears flowing down my face. Staining it with the past, the present, and the future.

'I'm sorry!' he yelled back.

'"SORRY", DOESN'T CUT IT ANYMORE JACE!' I cried putting air quotes around "sorry".

'Go home Zay. Now.' he growled.

'You do not tell me what to do anymore.' I said growling, my eyes turning into slits. I hated him so much at this very moment.

I closed my eyes for a split second, and when I opened them. He was gone. I didn't want to tell anyone about what I saw, because if I did, no one would believe me. They apparently found his body in the car that went up in flames. I don't understand anymore.


Again I woke up screaming. Delilah and Nancy rushed into my room, screaming at me to calm down. I couldn't. I needed to think. Think about the things that could keep me calm. I thought about the guy at the Rescue that day. Chase, I think his name was. I thought about him. The way his green eyes were all concerned when I thought about my first fall on Raven's Point. I can just remember hearing him say that I had gone into PTSD.

'Have the nightmares returned?' Nancy asked Delilah.

'Yeah, sis.' Delilah answered, turning to me, looking very cautious.

'It's been like this since I fell down Raven's Point three days ago. Her slip must have caused the fear to return. This is all my fault. If only I hadn't of been so dumb to climb Raven then she wouldn't be in this mess.' Delilah whispered as she hugged me closer, rubbing soothing circles on my back. Eventually my loud cries for help, turned into soft sobs, as the night turned into day. Delilah and Nancy had left when I stopped crying. After they left, and the sun had finally risen, I knew what I had to do.

I walked to my closet and took out some black tights, with black fishnet stockings, black gloves, black fishnet corset, that covered all of my upper body, a black ruffle skirt, a black singlet, black boots, and my mask. For I am Cheetah Z. Leader of the Masked Cheetahs.

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