Kyle Licht

1.) In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, many characters are confronted with conflicts. A specific external conflict was when Curley and Lennie fought. About Lennie, he is one of the laborers on the ranch, but also one of the main characters. He is humongous but very friendly. Ironically, his last name is 'Small'. A main reason he is so nice is that he is mentally challenged and that he likes to pet soft things. His role model is the other prominent character in the story, George. His belligerent, Curley, is his opposite. Curley is diminutive, aggressive, pugnacious, and provocative. He gets his anger from his fists that he uses to box. When George was speaking to Lennie, he told him about the dream house they are going to live in. With the farm, the garden and most importantly to Lennie, the rabbits. So, Lennie is dozing off giggling, thinking about petting the soft rabbits. Then, Curley walks in embarrassed because he made a fool of himself in the barn. Next, Curley thought that Lennie was snickering and decides to start punching Lennie in the face. Lennie starts to fluster as Curley continuously clobbers him. Resultantly, listening to his pal George, Lennie grabs Curley's hand and annihilates it in seconds. Lennie keeps grabbing and eventually Curley's hand is as mashed as potatoes. The conflict developed the novel because it created tension among characters. The mentally strong picked on the mentally weak. Nevertheless, the mentally weak won.

2.) In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, many characters are conflicted with confrontations. A specific internal conflict was George vs. himself. George is a laborer also. He is smaller, tough, and has a quick temper. George is Lennie's role model and Lennie looks up to George with his life. Because, George has Lennie and Lennie has George. Here is the story; Lennie is petting Curley's wife's hair but starts to pet it vigorously. He isn't meaning any harm, Lennie wouldn't hurt a fly. She starts squirming and screaming, so Lennie tries to tame her avoiding getting into trouble. With the mind of an 8-year old and the strength of an ox, Lennie accidentally snaps her neck killing Curley's wife. As earlier stated, Lennie wouldn't hurt a fly, it was a mere accident. Also, George told Lennie that whenever he got into any trouble, to go hide in the brush. Lennie does just as his idol told him to and hid in the brush. Little did George know, Curley's wife was dead. When George found out, Curley subsequently found out too. Either Lennie would rot in jail with a bunch of scum or Curley would torture every last sense in Lennie. George ultimately had to find Lennie and decide what to do. Before it was too late, George found Lennie in the brush where he had told him to go. He knew the first two options weren't practical and running away wasn't an option anymore, especially if it was manslaughter. This was very hard for George to decide, but there had to be another option, and there was. The last option seemed insane, but it was logical. George chooses to shoot Lennie in the back of the head. It is quick, painless and it saves Lennie all of the suffering. The internal choice George made developed the story because it shows that true friends will do anything to keep you safe. Lastly, some decisions are excruciating to make.