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The story takes place three years after the end of Ranma ½ and just right after the end of the Doom Tree saga right before Chibi Usagi arrives back in time in the Sailor Moon Saga.

In this story, one of the Sailor Moon charters played a part in the Ranma ½ series.

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"Man, I can't take much more of this." Said Ranma, walking down a street of one of Tokyo's many districts. He walked with a grace and power that not many could match. Years of daily training and dedication to his art made him a paragon of power. Today had been one of those days, or rather, one of those days that seem to be every day:

Wake up well before sunrise, practice the art, wash up, eat breakfast, head to class, get ambushed by an overzealous Chinese Amazon, escape said Amazon, make it to class in the nick of time, get yelled at by a violent woman about taking so long to get to school, sit through class, take notes, attempt to each lunch while being bothered by three women and four ignorant men, sit through afternoon classes, attempt to get home without being harassed and fail at it. Ah, the life of Ranma Saotome.

Four years! Four, damn, years and they're all STILL acting like this. Why can't I have a normal life? Ranma thought, as he walked to his favorite spot in Nerima to get peace and quiet for a short while. "This has to end soon, or I'm going to lose it!"

"Lose what, my son?" there came a voice.

Ranma looked up to see his mother, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. Ranma laughed nervously. "Did I say that out loud?" he faltered, fiddling with his long braid. His mother couldn't help but smile. "Yes, it seems that there is a lot on your mind. Do you want to talk about it?" She asked.

"Sure," he replied, "I'm tired of the everyday occurrences in my life." Her smile saddened as she walked alongside him. "Day in and day out, it's the same thing," he continued. "I don't know how much more I can take! I can't even get a moment's rest with everyone harassing me." He clenched his fist as he remembered the day's events. "I just wish they'd get a clue, but that might be too much to ask for."

"I do believe that might be true. What did you mean by you were 'going to lose it'?" She pressed the question again.

Ranma looked at his mother and sighed. "I don't want this anymore, mom. I want to be free of all the Old Man's screw ups."

"Yes, my dear, retarded, ex-husband HAS made your life 'Hell'" Nodoka couldn't help but shake her head. Even after the divorce, Genma still kept pushing for the union of the Tendo and Saotome martial art schools. "What do you plan on doing, take another training trip? I do hope you will continue going to college."

"No, a training trip wouldn't help, and yes, I'm staying in college, mom. I have to admit, education is the key to a successful li…" Ranma stopped short, hearing his mother laughing. Nodoka had stopped walking and began laughing liberally. Ranma raised an eyebrow, seeing her laughing so hard. "What's so funny?" After a minute, or two, of laughing, she regained her composure, but still held a goofy grin.

She answered, "My son, the great Ranma Saotome, slayer of gods and women's hearts, admitting that an education is a must."

Ranma began to smile at the irony of what he had said. You couldn't get him to admit THAT two years ago. Now here he was admitting it and going to college, to prove it. Yes, life was different now than back in high school. Well, other than the immature people that seemed to make his life insane, that is.

"I can see the humor in that, mom."

"Where were you heading, son?" Nodoka was pretty sure of the answer, but thought to ask anyway.

"Actually, I was headed over to visit and spend the weekend with you. I hope you don't mind."

"Now, why would I mind that? Of course you can, I would love your company, but I can tell there is another reason behind this visit."

Ranma couldn't help but smile, his mother knew him well. Yes, there was another reason but now wasn't the time to go over it. "Yes, mom, but it can wait." The two walked the rest of the way in silence.

"What do you mean 'he isn't at his apartment'?" Nabiki shouted into the cellphone in her hand. She listened for a moment, and then she continued, "I don't care, just find him. He'd better not have left yet." She closed her cellphone and turned to the laptop on her office desk. She shook her head and smiled as she read the email again.

Really now, Ranma, only you. she thought. Well, at least THIS time Akane didn't hit him into LEO, but what could have started it this time?

I wonder. She picked the phone back up and dialed.

"Ranma, it's for you!"

He opened his eyes and looked towards the house. So much for meditating. He rolled his eyes, stood up and walked into the house. His mom handed him the phone and smiled.

"It's Nabiki-chan."

"Thank you, mom." He said, and took the phone from her. "What's up 'Biki-chan?" he asked with a sly smile, and quickly moved the phone away where Nabiki's screaming could be safely heard. "Okay, okay, sorry, I couldn't help it." He responded. Nodoka smiled again at this and returned to the kitchen. Ranma continued into the phone, "Yes, I'm going to do it…no…I have a place lined up…Yes, I will let you know…I see…Okay, I will call you in a couple of days…I promise I will…Okay, talk to you later, bye."

"What was THAT all about?" Nodoka had eavesdropped on the conversation and tried to figure out its subject.

"It has to do with that I want to tell you after dinner, mom." Ranma replied. Nodoka only raised an eyebrow, folded her arms, and waited for him to continue.

"Well, what is it?" She asked again. He only smiled and shook his head, "It can wait, and I swear it's nothing bad." Nodoka didn't like to be left in the dark regarding anything involving her son, but chose to accept his answer and work in the kitchen. Ranma felt bad that he kept her waiting, but it wasn't really that important.

Well, maybe it is, but everything will be alright, at least. He hoped.

In another part of Tokyo, at the Hikama Shrine, the legendary Sailor Senshi were having one of their usual "meetings." This of course meant Ami calculating data from their previous encounter with the Negaverse, Makoto and Minako chatting about some hunk that they spotted two days ago while the two were out shopping, and Usagi and Rei fighting over a manga that Rei got earlier that day. Yes, all was well here, the only thing seemingly out of place was a very nervous Mamoru, unsure how to interact with them in this state.

Finally retaining his memory, he had just helped his destined-to-be-Future-Queen in defeating the Doom Tree Twins, and now sat across the room from the rest of the Senshi. As he watched the girls, he couldn't help but smile at their antics. His thoughts soon turned to another pressing issue. I wonder how the girls will react to him. I do hope Makoto and Minako don't act like love-sick puppies, that's the LAST thing he needs. This last thought made him chuckle. Just his luck, the chuckle had stopped everything the girls were doing and made them look his way. Deep in entertaining thought, he was unaware he had just turned into the center of everyone's attention.

"What's so funny Mamo-chan?" Usagi piped up. All the girls were curious as to what had made him chuckle. Her question brought Mamoru back from his thoughts, and he noticed them all staring at him.

I might as well tell them.

"A really good friend of mine from high school is coming to stay with me for a while." He said, and, looking a little unsure, quietly added, "Honestly, he was the ONLY friend I had at the time."

Hearing this last bit brought tears to the ever-sentimental Usagi's eyes. She hurriedly handed the manga back to Rei and rushed to hug Mamoru lovingly. The other's hearts went out to him since Mamoru rarely talked about this life. All they knew was that he didn't have many friends before the Senshi.

"He was the only person that didn't pick on me for being an orphan. In fact," Mamoru smiled as he remembered those days, "He was the reason the others stopped in the first place."

"What happened, and who is this friend of yours?" Ami asked, closing her Mercury Computer. Everyone gathered around him in show of their support to him and curiosity of the same question.

"Well, one day, during my sophomore year, this new guy came to our school after returning from an extended martial arts training trip. The first day he showed up, he was picked on by upper-classman, Kuno-sempai who called himself the 'Blue Thunder of Furinkan High', whatever that means. Anyway, the new guy beat up Kuno-sempai very fast and easily as if it was nothing. You see, Kuno-sempai was a feared fighter in school, but he couldn't hold a candle to the new guy. Bad thing was, about two days after Kuno-sempai's utter defeat, one of his Kendo Club lackeys got angry and tried to take it out on me." He paused.

The girls looked confused at that moment. Mamoru was an excellent fighter; the story didn't make sense, why would he have been worried? Mamoru noticed their expressions and smiled before going on.

"I wasn't always a fighter, you know; in fact, I was a pathetic weakling at that point in time." The girls nodded their understanding at this. "Like I was saying, the lackey cornered me and started hitting me with his wood bokken sword. Man, did that ever hurt! Well, the guy only hit me three times before I fell over in pain. I closed my eyes and waited for the beatings to stop when I heard a scream. At first I thought it was a girl until I opened my eyes and saw it was the lackey that was screaming. The new kid showed up and broke the lackey's arms and legs for picking on me." The girls' faces grew grim as they heard this, but he continued.

"The new kid then gave me the lackey's bokken and told me to hit him back for picking on me. I really wanted to, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, the lackey was just a bloody, pitiable pulp in tears on the ground." Usagi smiled at this and hugged him tighter.

"You're such a kind person Mamo-chan; you would never strike back in vengeance." The girls all seemed pleased with his actions.

"Well…I did later." He said. The girls' smiles flicked off like a light in a room, now they just looked at him oddly, in disbelief.

"You see, I couldn't hit him in his current state, so I told the new kid this and he nodded. He then lifted the lackey up and told him that in one month's time, there was going to be a match between me and the lackey. At first, I was scared. I mean, I couldn't even run a full lap on the track without stopping, let alone fight."

"So, what happened, did you take martial arts classes or find a street fighter to help you?" Makoto questioned irritably. Mamoru shook his head and smiled.

"No, the new kid trained me." He said. The girls nodded again to imply they understood, but they all had the same confused look. Ami sat there and studied him; he was smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.

"What was the new kid's name, Mamoru-san?" She asked, suspiciously. His smile doubled in size.

He didn't have to wait long for a reaction after he spoke, "Why, none other than Ranma Saotome."