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'We can't win' Mamoru thought tiredly as he looked around the destroyed Phoenix temple. To his left Moose stood protectively over a battered and unconscious Shampoo, favoring his left leg while holding his right side. Blood flowed from many wounds that covered him. To his left, equally battered laid Ryouga, fighting desperately to regain his feet. Many lifeless, winged people littered the area. As he looked to the winged woman he cradled in is arms, tears flowed. Kima, Saffron's personal body guard laid lifeless. At first she and her kind fought against them, but then aided them when her lord forced his final ascension in desperation to gain power he needed to defeat Ranma. Yes he gained the power, but it also changed him in to a being of pure evil. As he looked in front of him, Ranma currently a girl after jumping in the spring with Akane to save her now knelt over a now lifeless prince of the Musk tribe. The sounds of a sadistic laughter above them made him looked up at Saffron the Phoenix King.

They succeed in what they came here to do, saving Akane. But in the end Saffron refused to accept defect. He truly thought that Ranma finally stopped the god with a modified Hyroshotenha, the victory was short lived thou as Saffron force his final ascension without the spring of life. Cologne and Happosai were able to get Mr. Tendo and Mr. Soatome out Mt. Phoenix with Akane before it. Saffron cared for nothing of life after the ascension, even his own people, which he slaughtered when they tried to calm him. Even with the combined might of the Nerima crew, Musk Prince and his most powerful fighters, and the people of Phoenix Mountain couldn't stop the evil god.

Mamoru looked back as Ranma's hand cradled Herbs face before closing the prince's eyes for the last time and wept. In the two and a half years he'd known Ranma he'd never seen him cry. Ranma closed her eyes as she stood to face Saffron once more.

"Why? You're a god; these people didn't need to die." Ranma spoke to Saffron in a calm and yet sad voice. Saffron just smiled.

"And why not? Life is mine to take if I desire land-ling." Saffron stated. "And now I want your life, and don't bother fighting it. I can feel that you have nothing left." Saffron then gave Ranma a sly smile. "Oh and don't worry about your little friends here and those that escaped earlier. I will kill them all." Mamoru knew that what he said was true, there was nothing they do.

"As long as I breathe you will not harm another, this I swear." Ranma said to the god. Mamoru looked at her and wondered why that statement sounded familiar in some way. Saffron on the other hand laughed as he leveled his hand to Ranma.

"DIE!" He shouted unleashing a huge ball of pure molten magma at Ranma. Ranma on the other hand, closed her eyes as she stood tall waiting for death.

"NO!" Mamoru screamed as the attack collided with Ranma. Causing an explosion forcing him onto his back, heat for the attack was intense. He laid there knowing it too would soon be his time to die as well.

"Impossible!" Scream Saffron. Hearing this forced him to look back. There stood Ranma bathed in a monstrous silver aura that continued to eliminate to the point he was force to look away to prevent being blinded. The power Ranma gave off was intense as it washed over him, dulling his pain. He couldn't see what was going on but he heard she voice.

"I told you Saffron, as long as I breathe you shall not harm another." Her voice sent chills through his being.

"I will kill you mortal!" Saffron yelled.

"I am truly sorry this has come to pass Phoenix God, I wish you well in your next life." Mamoru then felt a surge. He so wanted to see what was happening, but he was trying desperately to shield his eyes from the immense light of her aura. The sounds of colliding powers were near deafening levels, as the backlash rocked the mountain around them.

"Forgive me Phoenix God, may you be at peace." Her voice seemed sad to him as she said it. He heard Saffron scream something but couldn't make it out just a blast of power threw him across the temple. Once he hit the outer wall all was quiet and dark. He tried desperately to regain his vision, which seemed to take forever. As his focus returned, the first thing he saw was the blue sky. The whole upper half of the mountain was gone. Glancing around he saw Ryouga, Mouse, Shampoo, and the remaining survivors of the Phoenix tribe were also against a wall. The next thing he noticed was his wounds were healed, as were all of those that survived. There, in the center of the temple, stood Ranma with a sad expression holding a large egg. As he looked at her he couldn't help but think she looked like a ….WAKE UP!

"WAKE UP!" Mamoru's eyes shot open as he flew through the air towards the ground. He twisted his body to land but, being out of practice, instead caused him to land hard. Ranma winced at the sight of Mamoru landing.

"Man, you really are out of practice." Ranma stated as he landed softly on the ground next to his heap of a friend.

"Ouch." Was all Mamoru could manage to say. Ranma shook his head at him and helped him to his feet.

"What time is it?" Mamoru asked noticing that it was still twilight.

"Just after five, sorry I didn't realize you don't practice." Mamoru steady himself.

"I still practice, just not as intensely as before." Seeing the look on Ranma's face, he knew that Ranma must have felt terrible. Mamoru began to stretch causing some joints to pop. "Now with you here I can." He added with a smile. Ranma smiled back.

"Let's go to park then, and I won't throw you out the window for a while."

"Can I put some clothes on first?"

Ranma looked at him, and then laughed sheepishly. Mamoru was only in a pair of shorts. Ranma nodded to him as Mamoru looked up at his window three stories up. Feeling confident he could make it, he leapt. The following event left Ranma shaking his head again, as Mamoru didn't quite make it. Close, but not quite.

Once Mamoru was in his room, he began to don his workout clothes. Normally it wouldn't take long, but the dream he had about what happened at Mt. Phoenix was still fresh on his mind. I hope the workout with Ranma will clear my head some.

Two hours or so of pure physical hell later found Mamoru lying in the middle of his apartment living room. Every inch of him was screaming at him, WHY!

Wow, Mamoru is definitely out of shape. Ranma thought as he finished his shower. He began to run through his mental to-do list. Let's see, I need to get to the college in an hour, have lunch with Setsuna, run to the dry cleaners, call Mom and Nabiki, what else? His thoughts were interrupted when his cell phone went off. He quickly exited the show to answer it.

"Hello?" He answered while attempting to dry off with his other hand.

"Hello Son-in-law." Ranma rolled his eyes at Cologne's cheerful response.

"Ha ha, very funny, what can I do for you Elder?" He asked while leaving the bathroom.

"You're no fun; normally I would get an 'old ghoul' comment." Ranma couldn't help but smile.

"That would be disrespectful, and I wouldn't dream of doing that." He could have sworn he heard a pot dropping over the phone.

"Yeah right, you respect your elders? Somehow I don't believe that." Ranma moved the phone away from his mouth as he stopped in the living room and told Mamoru "the shower was free," all he got was a nod as a bruised and half-moaning Mamoru dragged himself towards the bathroom with some effort.

"You want me to shower with you now do you, really daughter?" Cologne said after hearing Ranma's comment to Mamoru.

"Like Hell, Old Ghoul!" Ranma yelled over the phone. He heard the sound of her laughing over the phone. "Is there a reason you called Elder? Or did you call just to rile me up?" He rolled his eyes hearing her laugh again.

"Yes there is a reason I called. I wanted to let you know that Shampoo left early this morning looking for you." Ranma sighed. Well, if I stay out of trouble I should be okay.

"Thank you Elder, is there anything else?"

"Yes, the counsel has an errand for you. They informed me that you have an e-mail waiting for you that requires your attention. So check it as soon as you're able."

"{I will, may the Goddess watch after you Elder.}" He said in Mandarin.

"May she watch over us all, daughter." After hanging up, Ranma poured a small amount of cold water on himself, changing into a girl and finished getting dressed.

Mamoru enjoyed the hot shower; it seemed to sooth his aching muscles some. Once done and dried off, he headed to his room to get ready for the day. Ranma was leaving her room just as he came out of the bathroom. Mamoru froze dead in his tracks once he saw her. She wore stone-washed blue Levis and a V-neck red blouse that expressed her exquisite super model figure. Her hair was slightly styled and held in place with a blue head band. If her hair had been unbound, her vibrant red hair would almost reach her waist. She smiled, seeing him, as she slung her shoulder pack and headed to the door.

"See you later Mamoru, oh and please don't forget to call me Reiko when I'm in this form." She said as she closed the door behind her. Mamoru stared at the door for a few minutes before turning around and heading back into the shower. Time now…for a cold shower.

"Say Usagi, is it cool if I tag along when you and Mamoru go to pick up Ranma?" Makoto asked nonchalantly while walking with Usagi to Rei's house after school. With a blank look on her face, Usagi didn't seem to notice her or anything else for that matter.

"Hellooo, Earth to Usagi?" She asked and started poking Usagi's arm. Usagi, who was deep in thought about the spore that invaded her home, felt something poking her.

"Huh?" She responded while looking at her friend. Makoto raised an eyebrow at her.

"I asked if I could join you and Mamoru tonight when you get Ranma." Makoto repeated.

Usagi was interrupted before she could answer Makoto.

"Hey guys! What's up?" The two turned to see Minako running over to them in a hurry.

"Rats." Makoto said under her breath, seeing her rival for Ranma's possible attention approaching fast, she really wanted to ask Usagi in private. A now-winded Minako joined them.

"I thought you had detention Minako?" Usagi asked with a smile. It was still funny to recall how Minako had gotten in trouble. Moaning Ranma's name, and quite loud at that, in class while sleeping was all too funny to Usagi.

"I was... able to get… out early… with good behavior." She said between breaths.

"Why did you get detention? I mean Usagi I can understand, but why you?" Makoto asked.

"Hey!" Usagi retorted. Minako didn't answer but blushed furiously as she looked at her own feet.

"She moaned 'Oh Ranma make love to me!' in the middle of class." Usagi said slyly. Makoto's eyes grew as Minako glared at Usagi. "It was so funny when Mr. Kusanagi told her that 'Ecchi dreams and moaning for your boyfriend are not appropriate during math class, Miss Aino.'"

"DIE!" Minako screamed while chasing a now-laughing Usagi around a stunned Makoto.

At this time, Amy turned the corner to see a peculiar sight: Her two blond friends running around a stunned and blushing Makoto. Minako was clearly red from anger, while Usagi was red from laughing. She shook her head at them as she approached.

"Will you two please stop." Ami asked once she was close enough to be heard. The two girls stopped running but Minako continued to glare at Usagi, while Usagi continued to smile brightly, unaware of the killing intent the other gave off.

"Really you two, what was that all about?" Ami asked.

"I was just telling Mako-chan want happened during Math." Usagi looked at Ami as she answered. Ami blushed super-nova as she, too, remembered the incident. Minako now wished one of her Senshi powers included crawling under a large rock. Ami coughed into her hand, trying to regain control.

"Can we please let it go; we need to get to the Hino Shrine." Ami stated.

"YES, LETS!" Yelled the flustered Minako, truly thankful Ami changed the subject, and began grumbling something under her breath as they walked off towards the shrine. Usagi smiled while she skipped along. Ami, on the other hand sighed, as she followed behind the group. As they got closer to the shrine, Usagi began to notice that Minako wouldn't acknowledge her.

"Hey Mina-chan, I'm sorry for picking on you about earlier, I promise that I won't tease you anymore." Minako continued as if she didn't hear. Usagi began to think maybe she might have gone too far and she really didn't want Minako mad at her. Embarrassed, yes, but mad…no. "Really I'm sorry."

Minako turned her nose up and crossed her arms as she kept walking. Usagi let out a sigh and looked at Ami who only shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay, fine, you can come with us to meet Ranma." Usagi said in a defeated voice.

"Really! You mean it!" Both Usagi and Ami blinked at Minako's speed, she was now right in front of Usagi holding her hands with massive, cute, puppy-dog eyes. All she could do was nod at her, but what confused both Usagi and Ami was they didn't see her move.

"HA! In your face Makoto!...Makoto?" All three began to glance around. "Hey, where did she go?" Minako asked, looking around. After a minute or two of looking around for her, Ami face palmed, realizing they left her.

"You two go on ahead I think I know where she is." The two blonds nodded. Seeing this, Ami turned and jogged off. Once Ami was out of sight, the two looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and proceeded on.

"So what do you think I should wear? I know, I could wear that really sexy pink dress…." Usagi quit listening to Minako as she lowered her head and sighed as they started up the stairs. I hope Ran-chan and Mamo-chan don't get mad at me.

As they reached the top of the stairs to the Hino Shrine, Usagi was ready to pull her hair out. Minako wouldn't shut up about Ranma, by now she was getting a real bad feeling about him coming here.

"So if I wear the blue thong and its matching bra, do you think that he would like it on our second date? Now that I think about it, I should just go without any underwear, less to take off. What do you think?" Minako asked while seeming to lose herself in thought.

"AHHHHHHH!" Usagi yelled in frustration.

'I can't believe we just left her! Ami thought while rolling her eyes, as she rounded the corner she spotted Makoto. She hadn't moved from the same spot they left her. In fact, once Ami stood next to her, she saw Makoto still had the same expression.

"Makoto? Hello?" She said while waving her hand in her face. Seeing no response, Ami grabbed and shook her hard. All this did was loosen her friend's footing, nearly taking Ami with her. Ami rubbed her temples while looking at the other on the ground. With a frustrated sigh, Ami had no clue how to get her to regain her composure. Then it hit her:

"Oh look, there's Ranma without a shirt!" Something deep in Makoto's mind heard that.

"WHERE!" She yelled while springing to her feet, franticly looking for him. Ami couldn't help but giggle.

"That worked." Makoto looked at Ami when she said that.

"What worked?" Ami smiled at her

"It worked getting you back to reality." Makoto just looked at her questioningly. This in turn caused Ami to laugh harder.

"You've been standing here frozen for nearly twenty minutes." Makoto's next response forced Ami into a full blown laughing fit.

"Huh?" she raise her eyebrows while watching Ami, struggling to breathe while laughing, but soon found the humor in it and smiled. "If you're quite done yet…hey, where is everyone?" She asked noticing it was just the two of them. Ami immediately lost what little control she had regained. Makoto rolled her eyes at her friend's antics. She was about to say something to Ami when she noticed Mamoru on the other side of the street. He wasn't alone.

He was with a red headed woman.

"Cut it out Ami, I just saw Mamoru with a really good-looking woman." Ami stopped when she heard that. She looked in the direction that Makoto was looking. Sure enough, there they were.

"Should we investigate?" Ami asked

"You're damn right we should!" Makoto exclaimed, turning to look at Ami who noticed that she was upset. "There is no way I'm going let him hurt Usagi's feelings again."

"They could be just friends you know." Makoto offered Ami a hand to help her up. Once Ami was on her feet, Makoto shook her head.

"I don't think so; they looked like a couple to me." Ami frowned, and then nodded. The two took off after the Earth Prince and his 'better-not-be' girlfriend.

"Do you think it will take that long?" Mamoru asked the girl next to him.

"Knowing Shampoo it might. Before I left last night, I called a friend in Shinjuku to start rumors of my presence there." Mamoru nodded.

"Well that's good to know that we have a few weeks before she gets here, but what about the others? I mean if they can't find you, they could look for Reiko."

"Formula 110." She said with a smile. Mamoru raise an eyebrow at her with a questioning look. Seeing the expression on his face, Ranma sighed.

"About a week ago after the plan was made, I ask Elder to help me. We used Formula 110 on Akane, Ukyo, Maya, Mr. Tendo and Hank. We tried to get Hank to forget me altogether, but it seems he is obsessed with me, ten times worse than Tate ever was. We targeted my female side, and the life I lead as her. So in truth, they all forgot that I'm Reiko Magume." Mamoru nodded in understanding. Reiko let out another sigh. From what she understood from Cologne, Nabiki and Kasumi's lives were going to really suck soon if they don't find an antidote to whatever Hank used on them.

"I also talked with both Kasumi and Nabiki earlier today, and boy, things aren't going so hot back at Nerima." Mamoru gave her a sad smile. "I was told that Akane flew off the handle this time. She nearly hit Kasumi before she ran off in search of me. No one can find Maya. The good news is that Mom was able to inform Ukyo that she was drugged by Hank before she ran off in search of me, so she went to the hospital last night." Mamoru sighed; at least one of the four wouldn't be out for blood.

"So what now?" He asked her.

"That's what we want to know," said a voice behind them.

Mamoru froze. Oh no, please not them. Not NOW.

Rieko turned towards the voice to see two young girls behind them. The taller of the two looked pissed, while the other seemed more curious than anything. Mamoru slowly turned to Makoto.

"Hey Makoto, what's up?" Makoto narrowed her eyes at him while placing her hands on her hips.

"Don't 'what's up' me," she then turned to his female companion and nodded towards her, "Who's she?" Reiko smiled at her.

"Cute kid, Mamoru." Reiko said looking back at Mamoru who had his face in his hands. Ami who had been watching the group couldn't help but think she'd seen this woman somewhere before. Her eyes grew large when it clicked and she started pointing at the redhead excitedly.

"OH MY GOD!" Ami's little outburst forced them all and a few other bystanders to look at her.

"What?" Makoto asked her.

Ami completely ignored her and continued, "You're Reiko Magume aren't you?" Reiko smiled at her. Makoto turned back to Mamoru's companion as realization hit her just as hard. OH MY GOD IT IS! Makoto squealed in delight while jumping up and down franticly.

"Ohmygod!Youreallyareher!OhpleasepleasepleasecanIh aveyourautograph!" She said with stars in her eyes and pulling out a wedding dress catalog with Reiko on the cover. Both Reiko and Mamoru were taken back by her extreme change in attitude. Reiko couldn't help but giggle at her while taking the catalog.

"Sure, what would you like me to say?" Makoto didn't even miss a beat in her response.

"Please have it say 'You'll look just as good in this dress when you marry Ranma Soatome'" Mamoru, Ami and Reiko's faces fell.

You can't be serious, both Reiko and Mamoru thought simultaneously.

"Umm…Suuure." Reiko felt odd writing it. Once Ami recovered, she turned to Mamoru who was rubbing his forehead.

"Wow Mamoru, you know a lot of famous people." Reiko turned to Ami while raising an eye brow after handing back the catalog.

"How so?" She asked Ami.

"Yesterday we found out that he knows Ranma Soatome and now we find out he knows you, as well." She nodded her understanding. She then noticed the girl named Makoto held the catalog close as she danced around. Reiko shook her head at the young girl's antics.

"As I said, Mamoru, cute kid. Oh, and are you going to introduce me to your friends?" Mamoru sighed at her.

"The one dancing around is Makoto Kino, this is Ami Mizumo. They are two of your cou…*ahem* Usagi's friends." He said while gesturing to each respectively.

"How did you two meet?" Ami asked, completely missing his stumble. Mamoru looked at Reiko with a goofy look. Reiko rolled her eyes at him.

"He and I went to the same high school." Reiko answered for him.

"Really, so do you know Ranma Soatome, too?" She gave Ami a sweet smile while nodding to her. Ami couldn't help noticing how beautiful she looked when she smiled.

Wow, she is so beautiful. I wish I was pretty. Ami thought and sighed while looking down.

"I don't know, I think your very pretty Ami." Ami's looked at Reiko in shock.

"Did..Did I.." Ami couldn't seem to finish what she was trying to say.

"Did you say that out loud?" Reiko offered. Ami could only nod in response. "Yes you did, and I really do think you're very pretty." Ami began to blush, here was a super model telling her she was pretty. Her thoughts were interrupted when a beeping noise came from her pocket.

The meeting! Ami jumped around to see Makoto still dancing with her autographed catalog.

"I'm really sorry but Makoto and I have somewhere to be, it was really nice meeting you Magume-san." Reiko smiled at her.

"Same here Ami, and please, call me Reiko." Ami felt giddy inside, a super model asking her to call her by her first name.

"Okay, again it was nice to meet you Reiko-san. Come on Makoto, we need to go!" Ami yelled while dragging her off. Reiko turned to Mamoru who was nursing a headache. Mamoru just gave her an apologetic look. She, in turn, gave him a sweet smile.

"I'm really sorry about that Reiko, you have no idea. You should have seen when they found out you were coming to say with me." Reiko could easily guess what he meant by the way Makoto acted and what she asked for her to write.

"It's okay. I'm afraid about what Usagi-chan is going to do when she sees me like this. I just hope she doesn't jump to the wrong conclusions like her friends." Mamoru knew that Usagi wouldn't do that, she always looked for the good in everything.

"What do you say we get something to eat?" Mamoru asked.

"What was that about sounding like 'Genma'?" Mamoru laughed, he held out an arm for her. She smiled and shook her head as she took it.

"Lead the way, oh great 'Prince of Earth.'" He chuckled and she giggled as they walked off.

"This changes nothing boy, the schools will be united." Stated an overweight, male figure. He had been watching them from the shadows of a nearby alley.

"Not if I can help it." Came a woman's voice from behind HIM, and he turned in time to get slammed by a swell of dark, green energy that launched him into the sky. The woman turned to the departing young adults and smiled before stepping into a distortion and disappeared. Soon