Marshall Lee's Closet

Chapter 5

The duo proceeds to "escape."

Fionna pushed the closet door open.

"Let's go," she said "quietly."

They crawled out of the closet and snuck towards the door.

When they made it too the living room, a spider landed on Cake's face.

"Ah!" she shrieked "Get it off!"

"Cake!" Fionna gasped

The cat jumped into her arms and they both fell over, taking out the coffee table by the couch.

Of course the noise woke Marshall Lee, who rushed to his living room in attack mode.

"What's going on!" he hissed

It was then he spotted the duo as Fionna tried to hide behind his coat rack and Cake tried to disguise herself as the table they had just smashed...with the debris still laying on the floor.

"I can see both of you." Marshall Lee sighed

Realizing they were caught, the two revealed themselves.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked

"We came here to borrow one of your capes," Fionna explained, holding up the cape "and we kinda...hid in your closet."

Marshall Lee looked at her strangely.

"Fi," he asked "are you a pervert?"

"No!" Fionna Responded "It was an accident; we came here, and you were gone, we came through the pet door and. I needed to borrow one of your capes to wear to the party tomorrow."

Marshall Lee rolled his eyes at the mentioning of the party.

"We kinda saw...everything." Fionna said meekly "We're sorry."

"Okay then." The vampire stated

"Huh?" the duo responded

"It's cool," Marshall said "I hang around your guys' house all the time."

"Why?" Cake wondered

"Something to do." he replied

"So you're not mad at us for sneaking into your house?" Fionna asked

"I'm a little irritated by the fact you just broke my coffee table," Marshall said "but I can always fix it."

The human girl sighed with relief.

"So," Fionna requested "can I borrow the cape?"

"Sure," Marshall Lee replied "just bring it back when you're done."

"Thanks." she said

They left his house.

"He took that surprisingly well." Cake said

Back home, Fionna added the cape to her outfit.

"Now it's perfect." Fionna said

"Told ya." Cake said

"Do you really think Marshall Lee's not mad at us?" the human girl wondered

"I don't think so." Cake said

Suddenly they heard tapping at there window, Fionna opened the window and saw nothing.

"Wierd." she said

Just then Marshall Lee dropped into view and roared at them in a demonic tone.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Both girl screamed holding onto each other

Marshall Lee stopped and started laughing, while the duo looked on, still shaken.

"Ohh," Marshall Lee sighed "but seriously, no hard feelings." then he floated away

"Can we invest in some curtains?" Cake asked, still with her claws dug into Fionna's arms

I even made the ending different, I felt it needed one last interaction between the three.

I'll write a sequal where they go to the party and Fionna tries to talk Marshall Lee into going with them.